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If Insane is Wrong.......(FMA\Kimblee love story)Chpt 5 My Dreams, His Amusment......

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This is pretty confusing but good all the same

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Someone grasping my shoulder, saying my name.

No.......voice not the same......
I woke up. kneeling next to me was Havoc, the car door ajar and his hand rested on my shoulder. Mytie purred and stared up from my lap. Was that seriously all a dream?!
Havoc:You worried me a moment there I really thought something was up.....especially since your neck started bleeding....
_:What? I realized his hand wasnt just resting on my shoulder but was pressing a pocket cloth to my neck; I could see the speckles of blood on it.
Havoc:It just started happening while you were sleeping and just kept getting bigger so I made a note to hurry back to hq. 'Are' you ok? I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks again, only this time I was beyond angry.
_:The next time I see him..... I gritted my teeth as Havoc stared at me half-heartedly. I can't believe he would do if he didnt have any other thing to do but annoy me.
_:Nothing Havoc Im fine. I gave him a fake smile but he seemed to buy it.
Havoc:If you say so sis. Now come on hide the cat and lets hurry up and bring these in. The sooner we finish the sooner you can get some rest ok? He smiled, his cigarette now lit and between his teeth and I couldnt help but return him a genuine grin. My anger ws still there but I couldnt help but feel happy after seeing his goofy grin. With Mytie tucked safely away and with havoc by my side we headed into hq, my mind buzzing with thoughts about Kimblee.
~Kimblee's pov~

30 Damn minutes in the furhur office with that scrawny secretary glancing up from her paperwork to glare at me every 5 secs. I kept closing and opening my hand, the alchemic insignia burning as if It had a mind of its own and the thought: Sparks.......Fireworks....boom.. I could swear seeing sparks every now and again appearing in random spots of the air around me. Damn it all and If that Bitch stares at me one more time....Talk about beyond the borders of boredem.
Sarah:.......Cr-um Crimson ....Alchemist... Her voice was strained.
Sarah: The Furhur will see you now in your office. I practically growled at her on my way in and glimpsed her anxious face become distressed. She really ticked me off......and what the Hell the Furhur wasn't even in here. That damn..... I fell into the nearest seat and stared blankly at the ceiling. No thoughts at first but then I finally thought of an idea. A wide grin came from nowhere and I chuckled to myself. Why didn't I think of it before? I sat straight and closed my eyes then placed my thumb nail on the mark on my neck and pressed it in to the point that little drops fell upon the chair. Arron......
All my desire all my needs to take her I let boil inside. And if she's asleep or daydreaming now, even better. After all, the less concious she was the more control I had over her and her imagination. Just sucked that the Furhur had to walk in 10 mins into my fun......

I was outside now, waiting for Kimblee to appear at any mooment. Havoc headed off to report to Hawkeye and decided that I should get some rest, if not for my own sake then for his. I almost did too, but just decided to run to the kitchen and steal some milk to leave with mytie and then I ended up here in the courtyard....under some skinny, shady tree. I ran my hands over my eyes and stared up toward the sky thinking about nothing else but Kimblee. I still couldn't believe he would do that to me now that we were in the military. You see Zolf and I have this connection......He discovered this by accident one day, when I became seperated from him after I was chased by some mercs. (mercenary and it was around the time Kimblee kept me near him 24/7) I guess he had cut his palm pretty bad trying to search for me and the blood had stained his hand. He said he grasped the side of his neck with the same hand a suddenly he knew where I was. I couldn't really understand it at first once he told me but then.... After some experimenting we found that If his own blood was placed on his mark then we could read one anothers minds. I felt a little concerned that he had such of a control over my dreams and thoughts but It was still nice knowing he had some way of finding me. I didn't assume he would use it now took to much alchemy and it really hurt if he got to into "detail". I laid my head back against the tree then decided to leave and search for him but (speak of the devil hehe) he appeared around the corner and just stared at me.
He stood there looking agitated or amused I couldn't tell....I think it was both.... but all the same I allowed my raqe to come to the surface and made my way over to him.
_:There you are! you damn.... His face suddenly appeared entertained and he smirked visciously at me.
Kimblee:Sweet Dreams kid. I went to slap him but he caught my hand and threw me against the wall. I realized we were in a dark corner of the building which meant he had some cover. Not good.
_:Zolf.... you ass. How could you do that?!
_:....How could you do that?! Her face was flushed as she squirmed to get free from my grip. I just stared at her, taking in every movement her body made....Damn. I could have busted out laughing if she didnt look so cute. Not to mention, I couldn't have picked a better spot.
_:Zolf Damn it answer me! What were you.... I thrust her against the wall more pinning her hands in one of my own and caressed the side of her face with my other.
Kimblee:Your one to didn't even fight back. I could of raped you in that dream and you would of just let me. That got her to quiet down. A small blush appeared and she looked down at the ground in attempt to hide her face. I pulled her chin up and brought her lips to my own. I brushed mine against her then completly dominated her, enjoying the small fight she started up again and the quick moment when I thrust my tounge into her mouth. I brought my knee between her legs and I felt her gasp and then I heard someone approaching from behind us. Pissed off, I broke away from her and stared behind me to see that man that appeared at the door this morning and I could feel the need for sparks rise in me again.
_:Gen...ral Truesdale? I let go of Arron and sprang at him catching his throat in my hand. Not the best bomb but he would do....
_:Zolf please stop it! Put him down....
Kimblee: Why the hell should I?
_:......If you dont I won't be with you tonight. Her hand rushed to her mouth to late; I allowed my hand to loosen.
Kimblee:Fine. And you, tell anyone and I promise you I'll take my time killing you. I threw him down and he stared up at me-he was terrified. I grimaced then turned toward Arron who was backing away from us both slowly so I rushed forward and pulled her in for another kiss, my hand gripping her ass.
_:Kimblee....I-I didn't.....
Kimblee:I'll see you tonight Arron. I whispered it to her stroking her back and running my hand sharpley through her hair. Then I turned and made my way across the courtyard and headed out to the city. I needed to satisfy my bomb lust....

~To be Continued
Hope you enjoyed it
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