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If Insane is Wrong.......(FMA/Kimblee love story)Chpt 4 Curiousity gonna kill me one day

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This ones gets pretty confusing (You'll see why in the next chapter) :3

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It was bright this morning. I could barley open my eyes at first until I realized that someone was next to me. I let out a sigh of relief when I noticed it was Kimblee, but then the color in my cheeks sent a burning sensation throughout my face. It took me a while before I even moved. All I could do was stare at him; he looked somewhat peaceful sleeping.......I almost couldn't believe it was him. I sat up slowly on the bed and grazed my hand over his neck, where his mark was. I moved my hand away and placed it firmly on his shoulder so I could wake him up, only to have him roll me over so he was on top of me again.
_:You were awake this entire time weren't you?
He smirked at me, rubbing my arm in hard strokes.
Kimblee: So what if I was doll.
_:Did you just called me doll?
Kimblee: you said you didnt like kid.
_: I'd prefer kid over doll anyday. He shruged slightly and gave me his usual grin. He then brought his head down and whispered lightly in my ear.
Kimblee: Give in. He pushed his palm down gently on my arm and sent a strand of his alchemy bursting through it. I moaned out softly. He laughed to himself and got off of the bed; He was making this hard on me.
He merely stared at me over his shoulder, then headed over to his drawer.
Kimblee: You should go get dressed kid before they start beating down doors.
_: Oh....ya... I wanted to say something to him, but I found I was unable to do it. Instead I got up off the bed and walked out his door, making my way to my room.

~some 12 mins later~

I wasn't such a fan for the blue and black uniform. I decided to mix it up a little; I'm just glad they put both men and women's uniform in here. I chose to wear a long white-button up shirt (like most of the men wear here) it was small but baggy so it was comfortable. Then I dug through my own stuff and grabed out a pair of black pants, put on the normal military boots and to top it off a nice purple bandana. I pulled my hair back in a long black ribbon and inspected myself in the mirror. Tomboyish but cute.......Perfect. I walked out of my room and headed back down to Kimblee's.
Kimblee: You should go get dressed kid before they start beating down doors.
_: Oh....ya... She got up off the bed and walked out the door, probably to her room. I rummaged through the drawers and dressed up in the normal attire; These uniforms didn't suit my style. I relaxed back on the wall and looked up at the ceiling. Arron....I wonder if she really meant what she said last night. Suddenly the door shot open and she walked.
_: I see your dressed.
Kimblee:hm, I really hate this uniform. This is the third time in my life I've had to wear it. She laughed a little and came up in front of me.
_:I met the Furhur in the hallway.
Kimblee: He mess with you.
She began searching her pockets.
_: No but he gave me these. She opened her hand to show two silver rings, the tops were black onyx and the military Igsignia was carved in.
_: He said it'd be proof that we belonged with the state.
Kimblee: I guess he got bored with pocket watches.
_: They had pocket watches?
I shrugged and took the nearest one from her hand and placed it on my left hand, but she chose to place hers on her ring finger.
Kimblee: I wouldn't wear it there.
Kimblee: People with think your married.
_:Really thats stupid. Why use rings.
Kimblee: Your kidding right?
_: In Ishbal we use the cerimonial cloth and bangles......for tradition.
Kimblee:forget it.
_: I'm being serious.
I turned back only to see someone standing in the doorway, the usual military salute.
Kimblee: You are? He seemed afraid-I don't blame him. Then Arron walked over.
_: General Truesdale, right.
Truesdale lowered the salute and gave out a sigh.
Truesdale: The furhur has sent for you Crimson, as for you Arron your to run an errand with Major Havoc. I moved over in front of him only for him to move out of my way instantly, then I made my way down the hall.
Kimblee: Arron....
_: Ya
Kimblee: If they try anything don't hold back.

Kimblee: Arron....
_: Ya
Kimblee: If they try anything don't hold back. I nodded in reply and began walking down the hall with the general.
_: So what exactly are we doing?
Truesdale: Small deliveries and such. But let mewarn you ahead of tim don't be afraid to knock Havoc into his sanity, He's such a womanizer.
_:Really He didn't seem like it.
Truesdale: You'd think so but if he's not off getting drunk and lighting up a cigarette, he's flirting with the nearest woman nearby. Ah, here you go Havoc's just inside. We stoped in front of a door and then he stormed off. Personally I think he was parinoid. I knocked a couple of times, then entered to see Havoc with his cigarette and Hawkeye snatching it away.
Hawkeye: Not in Here. Arron come in, just give me a few seconds then the two of you can leave.
She began talking to him in a serious tone; I'm not entierly sure what was said I just zoned out staring out the window.
Havoc:Come on Kid we don't have all day.
Not him too.

~15 mins later~

The town outside central was beautiful to me. We had stoped at a few stores and picked up some items, the entire time Havoc and I became closer.
_:....Ya and he also said you were a womanizer too.
Havoc: Well he's not to off, the getting drunk part is highly unlikely.
_: mhm, sure....
Havoc:No kidding.
We bothed laughed, I really liked talking with him; I felt like I could tell him anything really.
Havoc: Here's the next stop. You can wait out here if you like, I'll be right out. I nodded in reply as he got out of the car and went inside. I stared throught the window and looked over a few things when I noticed a man sneaking around the nearby alleyway. I couldn't resist, I just wished I stayed in the car cause as soon as I walked up to him he grabbed me from behind and placed a knife near my neck. I elbowed him in the gut and freed myself, turned around and punched him as hard as I could in the face. I decided to walk around a bit more and came across a few other shops, only for some thugs to try and kidnapp me! Today just wasn't my day; at least I was able to use my alchemy to peirce their car with a four foot spike-that was fun. I then moved down until I found this suit store, the first thing I saw was a green and black tie. Then I heard something, like a whinning noise-it was coming from a box in the road. I went over to it and all I could do was stare at it. It was a White kitten with green eyes, The ends of his feet and tail were blackish gray. He was so Cute!
_:Hey there. I picked him up gently and he purred softly in my arms. I couldn't just leave him there so I brought him back with me to the car. I was amazed it was still in the same place; I must have been gone for 30 minutes. Then I noticed Havoc was in the front seat sleeping. I gave out a short sigh and opened the door as quietly as I could then slammed it shut.
Havoc: Oh it's you where'd you go. I told him about what happened to me when he was inside, He laughed.
Havoc: That's what you get walking alone out here sis.
_: Sis?
Havoc: Ya just think of me as an older brother K.
_: Sure thing!
He turned around and gave me a large grin then he looked down and noticed the kitten.
Havoc:What's with the cat?
_: I found him out on the streets.
Havoc:Just hope that no one finds it or they'll make you get rid of it.
_:seriously? He started up the car and we began driving back to central.
Havoc: They might. So did you think of a name for it yet?
I sat their a while as he lit a cigarette, waiting for my response. Finally I spoke up.
_: Mytie.
Havoc: Why Mytie?
_:Cause when I found him he was outside a suit store and the first thing I saw in there was a tie. He gave out another laugh.
Havoc: Strange, but whatever you say sis. Now hide him somewher and help me cary these in.

Al: Brother are you ok?
Ed just sat their in Hawkeye's office staring past the books and chairs into his own thoughts. Meanwhile Winry and Hawkeye were chatting up a storm over what had been happening in the military when the door opened and Havoc and Arron walked in. Ed snapped back and let his eyes linger over to Arron as Havoc made his way over to Hawkeye.
_: Hey there Edward, Alphonse. She made her way over and sat across from the two.
Al: Hi that a cat?
_: Ya I found him outside, His name is Mytie.
Al: He's cute. Al sat down near her and began petting the kitten behind his ears.
Hawkeye: Any small casualties?
Havoc: No it was great right sis? He turned around and grined at Arron only for her to nod back.
Hawkeye: Good then you two can go.
Ed: Hold on a minute. The room became silent.
Al: Brother don't.....
Ed: Arron....about Kimblee...
_: Ya what about him?
He looked past her then closed his eyes.
Ed: What's going on with you and him.....why are you with him?
_: Honestly he wouldn't let me leave at first but now I guess I really dont know.
Winry: What do you mean he wouldn't let you leave?
She hesitated for a minute and began stroking Mytie's back, then she looked up and opened her mouth to speak.
_: Well, I asked him a couple times about that but he never answered me. Eventually I gave up asking abut it....I guess I'm just used to it now.
Ed opened his eyes and stared at Arron.
Ed: Thats it?
She nodded her head side to side.
_:No. Why do you want to know anyways?
Ed: Arron he's Insane..... He's the reason that half of Ishbal....
_: Would you stop bringing that place up! I have nothing to do with the people there so would you give it a far as I'm concerened they can all just die!

Ed: Arron he's Insane..... He's the reason that half of Ishbal....
_: Would you stop bringing that place up! I have nothing to do with the people there so would you give it a far as I'm concerened they can all just die! I could feel the tears swell up in my eyes again. Why'd he have to comment on that place everytime he talked with me? Mytie stared up at me and meowed, lifting his paws up so he could jump on my shoulder. I scratched under his chin.
Winry: Ed leave her alone....
_: Listen what happens between me and Zolf doesn't concern you. Now can't you just be normal and actually talk instead of shooting him down Ed? And yes I do know he was in the war and quite (sp?) frankly I don't care. So can you please just stop. I started to cry, so I picked up Mytie and carried him to the door.
_: It was nice seeing you guys again.....and Havoc thanks for today. With that I walked to my room.

My tears had finally dried up as I stared up at the ceiling. I had lied down on my bed with Mytie curled up on my stomach sleeping. I had given him some of my food and played with him for awhile, It really helped me out a lot. I wish Kimblee was here- it was already 8:35 pm. It was nice and dark outside and the table lamp gave off a dull light. A knock came from the door and Kimblee walked in.
_: There you are.
He walked over and sat on the bed.
Kimblee:Why you missed me. He smirked then looked down at Mytie.
Kimblee: You got a cat?
_: I found a cat, his name is Mytie. Kimblee reached over and pet him on the head, he purred softly as he woke up and rubbed up against his arm.
_:You like him? I sat up and began to pet him to. Kimblee just kept petting him then stoped and grasped my chin, lifting my face up. He knew there was something wrong.
_: It was Edward, he just kept mentioning Ishbal is all.....
Kimblee: Just Ignore him.
_:So what about you? are you ok?
He sat back.
Kimblee: I'm gonna be gone for a couple of days.
_:Why? I stopped petting Mytie and stared Kimblee in the eye. He smirked and picked up Mytie placing him down on the floor.
Kimblee: Don't worry about it.
_:Zolf.... He pushed firmly on my stomach so I was laying down and forced his mouth down over mine. I gasped and tried to pull away, but he pinned me in. He slided his hand under my shirt and rubbed hard at my stomach and side. I moaned into the kiss as he bit my bottom lip begging to get in. I opened up to him and it became more intense. He broke away and trailed down my neck to my collarbone the sting of his teeth leaving me breathless. I ran my hand through his hair, enjoying the feel of his touch as he progressively stroked my arm again. He bit sharpley into my neck again and laped at the blood, then he came back up and smirked at me again. My eyes were glazed over from the feel of him, and I moaned out as he sent small waves of his alchemy through me. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss as I grasped his shoulder with my free hand. We were locked for a good 5 minutes when we both pulled back for air. Then I brought my mouth to his neck and suckled there softly trailing past to his chest. He moaned lightly then pulled me back.
Kimblee: Not yet. We locked lips again. Then he pulled back away and layed down beside me. I was happy and dazed- I wanted to be with him more than anything now. Mytie meowed softly trying to climb his way up the bed. I leaned over, picked him up and placed him on the pillow then turned back to Kimblee. I layed down too and buried my face into his chest as he wrapped his arm around me. The last thing I heard as I fell asleep was the sound of Mytie cooing as he curled up into a ball.
Luvs thanks for reading My peeps!!! I haven't decided the next chpt title yet bet the story will be great See yas!!!!!
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