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Gatherer of Souls

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Harry's world ends as everyone he loves is killed when the Death Eaters attack Bill and Fleur's wedding. When he finishes his revenge and takes the next step, what waits for him on the other side o...

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This chapter comes from Clell65619 with permission as the starting point for my story. I don't own Harry Potter or Tir Allain.

Four Hundred Sixty Two. That was how many Death Eaters he had killed in the last three months. Three months since his reason for living had been extinguished. Three months since he was human. Three Months since he could die.It had started easily enough. The Wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. He still recalled that he had for some reason expected the wedding to be at the Burrow, and how the gentlest response to this was Hermione’s “Honestly Harry.”

He had never been to a wedding. He hadn’t known that they were traditionally conducted by the brides family. Harry had never left the United Kingdom before that day, when he had taken hold of the length of chain that was an international portkey. With the ‘hook behind the navel’ feeling he made his first trip out of the nation of his birth.

And vomited all over his shoes when he arrived. His problems with portkeys got worse the longer the trip it seemed.

He was again treated to Hermione’s“Honestly Harry” as she cleaned him up. He would kill a thousand Death Eaters to hear her “Honestly Harry” just one more time.

Bill had said “I do” when aal the sudden the temperature dropped as the Dementors arrived and the first of the Death Eaters apparated into the wedding party.

In less time than it took him to draw his wand, the wedding party was dead. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley fell next never to rise again. Hermione shoved him out of the way of a Killing Curse, to be hit by it herself. From the ground he saw Neville and Luna fall to the Dementors.

He snapped. A cold black fury engulfed him, and something happened to his magic. From the ground he raised his wand to cast a reducto at the nearest Death Eater when his magic leaped from his body and devoured the life of the Death Eater, and Harry’s magic increased. Then his magic leapt to another Death Eater and did the same. Again his magic increased. Unbidden his magic killed all 35 of the Death Eaters, and added their magic to his own. The Dementors fled, unable to affect him.

It took almost 2 minutes for Voldemort to make his appearance with his inner circle. By then Harry was in full control, he put up anti-apparition and anti-portkey wards with athought and dismembered the Lucius Malfoy right in front of Voldemort’s eyes. Then the Lestranges. Then Dolohov, then Snape, then the rest. Only Voldemort remained. He screamed threats at Harry, who ignored him. Harry used his new level of power to sever Voldemort’s connection to his horcruxes before taking 6 hours to kill him, and added his magic to his own.

Harry set out to kill all the Death Eaters that remained. He accessed the magic that controlled the dark marks and hunted them down.

It had taken three months. The Death Eaters were gone. The Weasleys were gone. Hermione was gone. Neville, Luna, everyone he cared for gone. His reason for living was gone. His heart broke when he had seen Ginny fall. His universe imploded when Hermione died. He hadn’t known he had loved her until she was gone.

The remaining forces of the light were frightened of him.

He was frightened of him.

He was alone.

Yet he still had one thing left to do before he joined those he loved. He got his permission from the Minister and, using his now near infinite magic, herded the Dementors to the Veil in the Department of Mysteries. He would take these abominations with him to the next world. He forced them through then took a breath and followed.
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