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I Never Liked You

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Chapter 75-

“GO!” I hissed, looking behind me one last time as I pushed Scarlet forward as we ran silently through a dark, carpeted hallway, successfully completing stage one of Operation Kara.

“Okay, you get in there, and when she goes in, I push her and lock the door?” Scarlet confirmed.

“Exactly. Wish me luck!” I whispered excitedly as I leapt into the small, concreted room.

I took a small peak out the door and saw Scarlet, her back turned to the opposite side of the hallway, acting as casual as possible. I then squeaked softly when I saw a figure walking towards us slowly.

I positioned myself, sitting calmly on a table with my legs crossed professionally as I leant back on my hands behind my back.

I heard footsteps approach the door, before a tall black figure stepped into the small, cold room, and switched on the light.

“Hello Kara.” I smiled smugly, jumping of the table and taking a small step towards her.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Kara hissed.

“I just came to talk. Just a nice friendly talk.” I said calmly.

Kara looked at me distastefully.

I then smirked when I saw Scarlet come from behind Kara, push her further into the room and slam the door shut.

Kara turned around quickly and started bashing on the door screaming for someone to help her, when she heard the door being locked from the outside.

I jumped at her quickly and covered her mouth with my hand.

“Shh… Just be quiet, and shut up, and no one will get hurt, too badly...” I whispered.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Kara muffled loudly against my hand.

“There’s a lot of things wrong with me, but why we’re here today is to discuss your problems.” I said slyly, slowly removing my hand away from her mouth, taking all precautions.

I slammed Kara into the wall.

“Now, we’re going to think back a few months ago just before Gerard broke up with you. Do you remember a certain conversation we had?” I asked, lightly wrapping my hand around Kara’s throat.

“You said if I ever hurt Gerard, you would make sure I get what I deserved.” Kara said plainly.

“Good. Now do you remember our little conversation I where I said if you ever tried anything on Gerard I would break your fucking neck?” I said through gritted teeth, tightening my grip on her throat.

“And do you remember what I told you when Gerard broke up with me? That I would get you back?” Kara said smartly.

I stared at her, remembering that conversation quite well.

“Well ha, ha bitch. I got you back. You’re alone now whore, no Gerard to protect you or take care of you.” Kara teased spitefully.

I pulled Kara away from the wall quickly before slamming her back into it.

“You think this is funny bitch? You think it’s fun to toy with peoples lives?” I hissed.

Kara smirked slightly.

“He never really wanted you. It was me all along.” Kara said calmly.

“Will you just get the fuck over yourself?!” I screamed.

“Don’t need to get defensive about it Rachel.” Kara smirked.

I slapped her hard.

“Have you actually realized that Gerard hasn’t come running to you?” I said in Kara’s ear.

“Who’s to say he hasn’t?” Kara said smugly.

“What?” I asked, shocked.

“Man, that boy puts some lies in your head. The first night you’s two broke up, he came to me at my house and begged for me to take him back.” Kara smiled.

I laughed at how pathetic she sounded.

“Begged? Please.” I laughed.

“Just cause you can’t handle the truth.” Kara said lowly.

“I know for a fact that he didn’t do that. And I know even more about a few certain, hurtful things that he said to you not too long ago when you went round to his place when I wasn’t around.” I said babyishly.

Kara stared at me evilly.

“I told you to back the fuck off. I told you to stay away from him. I told you he doesn’t want you.” I said, my voice getting louder with each word.

“And I fucking meant it.” I muttered in her ear, gripping her hair tightly and yanking it down.

Kara let out a surprised and painful squeal.

And before I knew it, I was on the ground.

We stared into each other’s eyes with Kara gently leaning on me, as the hatred in the room was so thick that either of us wasn’t daring enough to look away because of the sudden advantage that would bring.

I so badly wanted to hit her. To start something and finally finish it this time. But something inside me told me not to throw the first punch.

“Since I seem to have the upper hand here, I’ll let you take the first shot, but just be warned, whatever you do to me tonight, I can do three times as worse.” Kara threatened.

I looked at her, unfazed by her what seemed to be empty threat.

“And that goes for your friend out there as well.” Kara smirked.

“You touch her and I will kill you.” I said lowly.

“Oh, it won’t be me that will be touching her, someone much, much stronger. So she better watch out.” Kara said.

“I’m serious Kara. If anything happens to her, it will be your head on a platter.” I said through gritted teeth.

Kara just looked down at me and smiled.

I had enough.

I took the chance at the brief sidetrack Kara was fulfilling and threw her on her back.

“You know, I can kinda see why Gerard liked you. It’s cause you’re easy. He could get a fuck out of you as easy as flicking on a light switch.” I laughed.

Kara growled and swiped at my face, digging her long nails into my once flawless cheek.

I told a tight hold of her wrist mid-flight, and pinned it over her head.

“I may be easy, but at least I actually know what he wants.” Kara said in a bitchy tone.

“It’s not that hard to give a guy what he wants Kara. And I’m guessing you’ve done it so many times that you’re like a natural at it now.” I shrugged, holding my evil smile.

“Well Gerard seemed to like it.” Kara spat back.

“I’m sure he did.” I agreed sarcastically.

I dug what little nails I had into Kara’s wrist that I still had a hold of.

“Especially at the lake that one time. Don’t pretend you don’t know about it. I know you went home and asked him about it, and I know he told you.” Kara teased.

“That wasn’t actual sex Kara, incase you had forgotten.”

“But it would’ve been, if Gerard hadn’t lost the condom. It would’ve happened, he would’ve been inside me just like the way he wanted it to be.” Kara whispered.

I got up even before she finished her sentence and dragged her up to me.

“A condom is nothing to you Kara, no, I think it’s just a thing that gets in the way for you.” I hissed.

I lurched her back and she crashed down onto a chair, causing it to collapse underneath her.

“Where’s this tough Kara one now? Now that you have no one to protect you and save you from this, you’re as weak as piss, and you know it.” I said loudly, leaning my head down at her.

I wasn’t quite sure what hit me, but whatever it was, it was hard and had caused a strong stinging throb to well up in my mouth and cause my lip to split open.

“I’m sick of your fucking bullshit! Since day fucking one you’ve given me nothing but crap! I’m fucking sick of it! And I’m sick of you Rachel Cummings.” Kara screamed.

“Kinda weird how YOU STARTED IT!” I yelled.

The back of my head came into contact with something hard and cold. I was guessing the cement wall.

“I’ve never liked you. And I never really liked Gerard either, yeah, there’s something about him, but not good enough for me. I only fucked with him cause I knew it would fuck with you in the long run.” Kara confessed.

“You little slut.” I muttered, swiping my foot across until it came in contact with Kara’s shins, which caused her to buckle and fall to the ground.

I took this as my opening and kicked her forcefully in the ribs.

Kara cried out in pain.

She tried to get up, placing both hands out in front of her, before I smirked and slammed down on one of her hands.

“It’s not so nice when the pains inflicted on you is it Kara?” I asked smartly, taking another hard shot at her ribs.

“My life has been a living hell thanks to you, moving to this crappy town was the worst decision my parents ever made for me!” Kara hissed.

“That’s kinda weird, cause as soon as you got here, my life’s been hell as well!” I said sarcastically.

I stood over Kara as she curled up into a slight ball and clutched her ribs.

Just by looking at her, I could tell she was going to have a lot of bruising around her ribs, and a few scratches on her face. So far.

I was ready to end it here, just walk out of the room, and put all of this behind us.

So I turned away from Kara’s grimacing body and went to knock my secret code for Scarlet to let me out.

I then suddenly felt my legs give way underneath me.

Kara growled and climbed onto of me.

She managed to take hold of both of my wrists with one hand punch me rapidly in the face and arm before moving onto my stomach.

I struggled against her, trying to break free.

“See, I’m stronger than you think.” Kara laughed evilly in my ear.

I yelped out in pain as Kara slammed her fist into my already sore stomach.

I noticed Kara’s grip on me had loosened slightly and I took that to my advantage as I rolled over forcefully, taking her with me.

It worked, but Kara still had a tight hold of my wrists.

I smiled and did the only thing I could think of, I leant down and sunk my teeth into the flesh on the hand that was holding me.

Kara screamed before swearing and jolting her hand away from me.

“What the fuck?! What are you?! Like four?!” Kara screamed, holding her now bleeding hand with her other.

Kara’s eyes slid to her right, and she smiled before she threw her foot out and it hit the large plastic wooden table that was hanging over us.

Kara tried to slide out from under me, but as soon as I realized what she was doing I took my hands and pinned them securely to her shoulders.

The table Kara had knocked then fell on top of us with a loud crash.

I felt the crappy table splinter and break around us, some of the wood slightly piercing my skin.

We looked at each other for a long time before Kara tightly wrapped her hand around my throat.

I gasped for air.

Out of pure instinct, I wrapped my hand around Kara’s throat, mimicking her actions.

One of us would let go soon enough.

Kara’s hand tightened even more around my throat, crushing my windpipe and making it almost impossible for air to reach my lungs.

With my other free hand, I grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled until I felt a few strands come off her scalp.

Kara barely gasped and grimaced in pain before mimicking my actions.

I shut my eyes in pain.

I could fell myself starting to get a little lightheaded.

Crap, that can’t be good.

I did what my survival instincts told me to do and swiped at Kara’s hand that held my throat firmly.

Kara’s hand didn’t budge.

My vision started to get hazy, Kara’s face was all just a blur to me even though I was right on top of her.

I clawed desperately at her hand, thinking maybe it was time to let go of her throat and actually do something before I passed out.

I tried to take slow and calming breaths, which didn’t work at all, and I moved quickly as my body would allow me. I removed my hand from Kara’s throat and punched her in the side of the face as hard as I could.

Kara’s hand finally gave some resistance, loosening just enough for me to use the remainder of my strength to pry her away from me.

“I… Don’t… Ever… Want… To… See… Your… Face… Again.” I gasped out at Kara.

I crawled towards the door, looking back to make sure Kara was still down as I tapped lightly on the wall for Scarlet.

I heard a key being shoved in a hole and a knob turning before Scarlet suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Scarlet couldn’t help but gasp at the sense in front of her.

“Come on! Hurry up! We have to get out of here!” I panted.

I tried to stand up when Scarlet wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me up.

We walked out of the room and closed the door with a slight gap.

I leant on Scarlet as we walked as quickly as I could manage to the back door of the house.

I put my hood over my head, just incase someone noticed before we walked out into the crisp air of the night…
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