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If You Thought I'd Leave, Then You Were Wrong [EXPLANATION]

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IMPORTANT! THIS IS NOT A CHPATER. This is only an explanation to help you understnad better, Hopefully.

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This is just an explanation about Gerard being 'Imaginary' and the situation Frank and Gerard are in.
First of all, I’m really sorry about this being so confusing.
Honestly, I’m still trying to figure it all out myself.

Ill try my best to explain,
Gerard was not real to begin with.
When Frank was young,
As you know Frank had no friends
so he 'made' up a friend Gerard
Frank would pretend that he was playing with this boy Gerard
And that they could touch and that Gerard could do all the same things like any other child.
Although Frank was pretending,
He didn’t realize this, Frank thought Gerard was real, when he wasn’t.

But Years Later Frank still thought that Gerard was Real.
The people in Frank’s life would go along with it,
Because they were just happy that 'Frank' was happy.
Eventually something happened to Frank and although Frank was unaware of what was happening,
It caused Gerard to actually become real.

Seeing as Gerard became real,
When Frank touch's Gerard, Frank is actually touching someone.
He's not just pretending anymore.
Although No one else can still see him
Because Gerard is Frank's Creation.

Now the thing is that when Frank eventually 'Figured' out that Gerard wasn’t real,
Gerard should have just become a memory, He should have disappeared.
But seeing as Gerard strangely became Real because of that something that happened,
Gerard can’t leave.

Frank and Gerard both don’t understand though,
They don’t 'know' why Gerard cant leave.
Only I do and eventually you will too.

Also although Frank could prove that Gerard is real,
He doesn’t because nobody would believe him, whether he proved it or not.
He's also scared; that if he did they would do something that could take Gerard away.
Frank deep down doesn’t want Gerard to leave, Even though sometimes he says he does.

Hope that helps you understand a bit better,
If not I’m seriously sorry.
I never thought writing about an 'imaginary' person would be so hard haha.
Still got Questions? Ask away.
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