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Chapter 79-

Mum had allowed Matt and I to have Thursday off school, so we could ‘adjust to our new surroundings’. But I think she just kept us home for the extra help. Not that I minded either way.

Mum wanted us to have our first weekend in our new home together, but since me and Mikey had already planned for us to go to this party for a long time, Mum let it pass and decided it didn’t really matter anyway.

And it was Friday. Some peoples favorite day of the week, some peoples worst. I only liked it cause it was the last day of the school week.

“Okay, so I’ll get Mum to drop me off at around seven, and then what?” I asked as I stopped at the gate and eyed Mikey stupidly as he walked off on me.

“Sorry. Forgot you don’t live here anymore. Umm… We could walk. That might take some time though. And it’s a fair walk.” Mikey said.

I groaned.

“Oh god forbid if Rachel gets any exercise.” Mikey joked.

“Shut up.” I muttered.

“But I’m pretty sure Ashley’s going, so we could just get a ride with her?” Mikey suggested.

“Just one more year, and I can get my license. One more year.” I said to myself.

“And when that time comes, you’re going to regret it.” Mikey said, implying something as he stretched an arm around my neck.

“Maybe. Maybe not. But just remember, you push me the wrong way and I’ll have a car to run you over with. So just be careful.” I teased.

I saw my Mum growing impatient in the car.

“Look, Mikes, I gotta go. I don’t live five minutes from here now, so, if you wanna, figure something out and call me or something, whatever. I don’t really care how we get there, as long as we’re out. Kay? See ya tonight Mikey.” I said quickly before sprinting off to the car.

I sighed as I closed the car door.

“Everything sorted out for tonight?” Mum asked, starting the car and throwing it into reverse.

“Yeah, yeah. Most of it. We’re just not exactly sure on how we’re getting there.” I answered.

“What do you mean?” Mum asked in that natural mother tone while throwing me a sideways glance.

“I mean, we’re either going with Ashley’s Mum, or we’re walking. We’re not too sure yet.” I explained, hoping that would satisfy her accruing fears.

“Well, that’s okay then. But I don’t want you getting in a care with anyone you don’t know or someone that’s been drinking.” Mum warned.

“Yes Mum. I know.” I sighed.

“Well, good.” Mum smiled happily.

Mum stopped the car after she’d parked the car outside the house.

“So who’s party is it again?” Mum asked curiously.

“A friend of Ashley’s. But me and Mikey know him a bit. He’s pretty cool, bit on the gay side though, but that makes him even better. I only think he invited me cause he has a bit of a thing for me, and he invited Mikey to cover up that fact. That and the come one come all factor for an eighteenth.” I answered, turning my head and watching Matt get out of the car.

“When am I dropping you off at Mikey’s?” Mum asked, starting to get out of the car herself.

“Around seven I told him.” I said, opening the door and hoping out.

“Okay. Then that leaves you plenty of time to get ready. God knows you need it.” Mum muttered.

I shook my head and headed through the almost familiar house.

Just like our other house, the walls were painted cream, much to my joy (sarcasm), and all of the rooms were tiled except for the bedrooms.

This new house was almost getting so familiar to me now that I could nearly make my way around the whole house at night without crashing into anything. Which for me, is a big ask.

I sighed and placed my heavy schoolbag on the floor next to the foot of my bed.

I pulled the hair tie out of my hair as I looked at my appearance in the mirror.

I shook my head roughly from side to side to unravel my hair a bit when I heard a soft knock at the door.

“Yesh Mum.” I said, already knowing whom it was anyway.

“Can I come in?” Mum asked hesitantly.

“Yes?…” I said, confused.

Mum then opened the door and quietly creped in.

“Mum, what the hell is up with you?” I asked, turning around to face her.

Mum stood there innocently with my makeup bag and accessories.

“Simple yes or no?” Mum asked, looking sheepishly.
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