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Getting started

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Everyone has their computers out and their all ready to introduce Brendon to the site that will change his love life. If he's wiling to listen.

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I grab Ming ming (my teddy) tight and clicked on the pair of lips that said enter. Apparently we were all on the same site. I can’t believed they had this all planned out. It’s touching and creepy all at the same time. God I love these guys.

After the huge pair of lips give you a kiss it says type your name. So I type your name (I use to love doing that in school) I wasn’t going to use my real name anyway. Next screen has options on it. Asking you what your problem with women is. I never looked at it that way. I mean I’m not the one with the problem they are. That’s what they always say when they brake up with me. It’s not you it’s me. So why I’m I at these site. And if there’s a site asking men what their problem with women is, is there a site out there for women asking what the hell there problem with is. I was about to slam Toby shut when one of the options caught my eye. Ecstasy! Right before I could click it Jon rushes to my side to make sure I’m going the right way. He has this whole little adventure planed out. So I hit the option that says what turns you on. I don’t have a problem with what turns me on believe me. But Jon insists so I do it. And the next screen has and ear, eye, nose, hand, and mouth. See the five senses of sexuality says Jon with a childish smile on his face. Look I found this site and showed it to Spencer who in turn showed it to Ryan and now we’re all going to showing it to you. You may not have a girlfriend yet but once you get one you will be able to find pure ecstasy just by using your new found knowledge of your five senses. This is starting to sound interesting. That and I like the ecstasy.

Jon hurries back to where he was sitting. It seems like Jon is going to be our conductor on this wild and crazy exploration into sex and senses. “Ok little ones can you all click on the ear for Mr. Walker.” Jon says in the most prop grown up voice he has. Of course we all stare at him like he’s lost his mind so he clears his throat and says ok guys let’s do sound first. (Personal I think Jon would make a great teacher, as long it was per-school). We all click on the ear and it tells you all this stuff about your hearing stuff I learned in school. Then it gets a little more interesting when it talks about how a woman can turn a man on by blowing in his ear. And a man can turn a woman on by whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Still nothing I was all that interested in or didn’t already know. Once again I was ready to slam Toby shut when Jon tells me to click on the icon that says share an experience then Spencer says I’ll go first. Now I’m curious.

To be continued…..
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