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Brendon finds out what sounds the guys think of as turn-ons

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I can’t believe that Spencer is about to share intimate details about his love life with us. Never thought this day would come. Never thought I’d be this interested.

JON-“ok Spencer lets hear it”

SPENCER-“well when it comes to sound the biggest turn on for me is the sound of Ash’s heart beating.”

JON-“Oh how cute!”

SPENCER-“shut up and let me finish, now then I love to lay my head on her chest after having some incredibly sex.”

JON-“now we’re getting somewhere!!”

SPENCER-“dude I’m so serious shut up. I love when our hearts sync. It doesn’t really need to be after sex just when ever we lay together. It’s a big turn on for me.”

BRENDON-“Are you for real?”

SPENCER-“yeah it doesn’t have to be all about intercourse and oral”

JON-“speak for yourself”

RYAN-“me next, the biggest turn on for me when it comes to sound has to be the sound of Jams’ voice.”

JON-“are you insane”


JON-“Ok ok don’t be so touchy.”

RYAN-“it’s a turn on to hear her talk during sex sometimes it’s dirty.”

JON-“Ok I’m sorry but I have to cut in you and Jams dirty talk I would have never thought you two to be the type”

RYAN-“well we are but it’s not always dirty sometimes she gives me instructions on what she wants and where she wants it. And I obey. I love to hear her say my name right after she’s had an orgasm because her voice is really weak and her breath is short. That’s a turn on for me.

JON-“ok Brendon now that you’ve heard the little boys talk let a real man tell you what a real turn on.”

RYAN-“oh brother”

JON-“now we love to get really noisy in the bedroom. I mean really noisy I love to hear Zoe scream. But it’s not just the sounds that come out of Zoe’s mouth that turn me on. It’s also the sound of my hand smackn’ her big beautiful luscious ass. And lets not forget the wonderful sound of her sucking on my unit likes there’s no tomorrow. The best is when she deep throats. God I love her. Anyway those are sounds that turn me on.

I think of sound as a turn on. Not the way these three. It seems like they put a lot of time and effort into what sound in specific is a turn on. They know exactly what it is about their girlfriends’ heart beat or voice or screams. Listening to this is making me feel a little lonely.

JON-“ok I get to go next and I pick touch or feel whatever.”

To be continued…..
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