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Chapter 3

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I reached my hand across the table and held hers. All we need is a little candlelight and would be a romantic dinner, well luncheon.
“So tell me about yourself?”
“I’m a sophomore communications major with a minor in marketing at Saint Vincent College. I love to write, dance, hang out with my friends and family, shop and sleep.” She told me. Nice start.
“What do you want to do with communications?”
“I want to work for a music company as like a publicist or advertiser.”
“So you like music?”
“I love music. Our first speech in my public presentation class was a self introduction speech and I gave it on music. Like how it influences my life and stuff.”
“How does it influence your life?” I shot at her.
“What is this twenty questions?” she asked me and just laughed.
“I like to get to know a beautiful woman.” Aww, I made her blush again.
“It started when I was 3 yrs old. I took dancing lessons. Then in 5th grade I learned to play the drums. Then in 7th grade this one pop group –Dream Street- introduced me to writing. I love attending concerts and meeting celebrities as you, and I want a career in music.” I was impressed. I didn’t expect her to say all that. She was an amazing person. “So Mr. Urie…tell me about you…and leave out what they say in the papers.” Oh now it’s my turn. I told her about my parents and how I started in the music business and stuff like. By the end of the lunch I didn’t know I could feel so much for someone I just met. We really hit it off.
“Would you like to go back to my hotel?” I asked her. I took her by surprise again.
“Brendon aren’t we moving too fast?” she looked at me. Her big brown eyes sparkled as the sunlight hit them through the window.
“No babe. I wasn’t planning on doing anything just wanting to spend more time with you.”
“What about my friends? I’m their driver.” She told me. We received the check and she went to grab it see how much she owed but I pulled it away from her.
“No worries, I’ll pay for it.”
“Are you sure?” she asked again and I shook my head yes. I took out my debit card.
“Ready to leave?” She took one sip more from her water and gathered her things. I took her hand and led her to the front of the restaurant to pay. There she looked through her purse to find her keys. She was successful and we walked out the door. Yet again, she opened my side first then hers.
“Thank you for lunch.” Alyssa leaned over to hug me. She softly kissed my cheek. Her lips felt so soft I just needed to kiss them. Before she backed away I enclosed my lips on hers. She tasted so sweet. Just as soon as it happened she backed away. I was confused but she scooted closer to me and just kissed me with more passion. We just started to French kiss when I heard “When the moon fell in love with the sun. All is golden is in the sky. All is golden when the day met the night.”
“Sorry.” She reached in her purse to pull out her phone. “Hey Amanda Jean what’s up?” I wonder how she got that ringtone. “Ok I’ll pick yinz up there.” She put her phone on the seat and looked at me. “I’m sorry to cut this short but Sis needs to be home by 6 so she can babysit.” I looked at the clock it was 530 now.”If you want you can come back to my house for a bit. My parents should be going to bowling around 6 as well.” I thought about it. I was supposed to go to a party around 9 tonight. Maybe she can come with.
“Yea that’s fine.” I smiled at her and she moved over and positioned herself in the driver seat once again. “Wait.” I moved over and just kissed her again.
“Brendon” she squealed. “save some love for later.” I went to move back but she stopped me. “You can sit there… we need to fit the others.” So I did. We drove back to the mall. Around the food court I believe. There we saw her friends and my fellow band mates.
“Hey enjoy your lunch?” Ryan asked me when Kay opened the door.
“Yea I did.” She proceeded to climb in the back. This meant for me to lean forward so that they could push the seat in the same direction and climb in. Then Lexi followed her.
“Hey dude aren’t you going to get out?” Spence asked.
“Nah man, I’m going to Alyssa’s for a bit.”
“Sis that’s not fair! I want Spencer.” She exclaimed.
“You have to babysit.”
“Are you coming Amanda?” she latched on to Ryan.
“Only if he can come.”
“That’s fine. Let’s go or I’ll be in trouble with mommy.”
“Yes Kay?”
“Can Jon-“
“Fine panic boys get in…but you need to squish back there and no human seat belts.”
“Wait why are we squishing?” Jon asked, “We have the limo.” At the sound of that everyone head ran out of the truck.
“Sis, I need to take you home. Mom would kill me if you didn’t come with me.” She pouted and got back in the car. “Spencer can come if he wants.” She beamed then and Spence hopped the back. “Seat belts?” she told everyone. I heard the click of theirs in the back and then kissing noises.
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