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Chapter 4

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We pulled up into a nice looking neighbor about 15mins later.
“I don’t want to leave you.” Sis whined.
“Maybe mommy will let you stay. Hang on Sis I’m going to ask.” Lexi told Lys. Her and Spence made their way to the side door.
“Do you think she’ll let him stay?” I asked her.
“Not a chance unless she pleads a really good case, mom is pretty strict. I would be surprised if she said yes.” She confided in me as we saw Lexi running back down the walkway.
“Hey sis Mommy said that Spence can stay till 8:30. Can you pick him up then?”
“She that’s fine. Behave.” Lexi glared at her and we pulled away.
“Yes. But it’s only till 8:30.”
“True. Speaking of tonight, do you have any plans?”
“Nope. Why?”
“Well we were invited to this radio station party and I would love if you would accompany me.”
“I’d love to!” she beamed as we rode up a windy hill.”That’s my old high school.” She pointed out to me as we rounded the school. It wasn’t very big. Just the right size for this neighborhood. “Ok, please don’t mind the mess.” She told me as she parked the vehicle in front of the house. She proceeded to open the garage door. “Hmm…I thought they would be gone by now.” She shrugged. “You’ll get to meet my parents.” I held her hand we walked up the driveway just then her dad appeared at top.”Hi Daddy.” She called to him. “This is Brendon Urie, the lead singer of Panic at the Disco.”
“And? What’s he doing here?”
“We were going to hang out for a bit. He’s taking me to a party later.”
“I don’t think so.” He told her. Great now what?
“What’s going on?” I assumed this was her mom.
“Dad won’t let me go to a party with Brendon Urie, the lead singer of Panic at the Disco.” She explained.
“Oh isn’t he the one you met before?” she asked.
“Yes, mom. He’s standing right here.”
“That’s him?” She looked at me. “He is cuter in person.”
“Mom!” she slapped her arm. “We won’t be out too late. Have fun at bowling.” She kissed each of her parents. And I shook her dad’s hand. He had a nice firm handshake. Her parents left and we proceeded inside. Yet again she apologized for the mess. But it just looked like any regular old house to me. Lys gave me the mini tour.
“And this is my room.” We walked in to discover that her walls were covered with posters. Mostly Orlando Bloom.
“Aww you kinda sleep with us.” I commented seeing a Panic poster on the wall next to her bed. She just laughed. And what an amazing laugh that was. “Now where were we?” I pulled her into a kiss then proceeded to sit on her bed. I pulled her on top of me and we started making out. This is definitely one of the best make-out sessions ever. She’s just natural. Her hand moved down near my belt. I thought she didn’t want to move too fast. Hey I’m not stopping her if she’s in the zone. Let her be. She was about to unzip my pants when a phone went off. She kissed me one last time before hoping off me and answering the phone.
“Hey grammie…nothing just relaxing for now…the girls and I got invited to a party…I’m not sure Amanda knows…I know but that’s when all the good parties happen Gram…I’m not going to drink I promise.” Aww. That was sweet of her to promise her gram that. “No mom went to bowling with dad…yea…okies I’ll tell her you called…ok bye.” She hung up the phone and walked back into the room. “Sorry that was my gram”
“It’s ok. So where were you headed down there. I thought you didn’t want to move fast?”
“I know but just realized that I don’t know when I’ll see you again.”
“What are you talking about?”
‘You’re going on tour soon and I’ve got to go back to college tomorrow.” I stared at her. I forgot that she was in college. She doesn’t even look her age.
“Wait how old are you again?”
“20.” She sweetly replied.
“You don’t look it.” I just pulled her into a kiss. Since I didn’t know when I would see her again I let her do what she wished. And let me tell you boy was it fantastic. She could do this every day. “Babe you are amazing.” I told her when she was done. Then it was her turn.
“Oh Brendon!” she screamed. That just turned me back on. Just then her phone rang. “Hey sis…yea I’ll be there-oh-soon…nothing. Bye.” She hung up and I finished. It was amazing. I sweetly kissed her lips. “Sweetheart we need to go…I need to change for this party tonight.” She slipped her underwear back on and reached for a dress hanging on the back of her door. She then rummaged through her drawer for a white cami. She left and came back looking adorable.
“Sexy.” I went over and kissed while grabbing her butt.
“Brendon” she whined. “We’re late as it is.” With that she picked up her purse and car keys. I followed her out the way we came.
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