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To Pretend is The Best Defense

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Introduction to the Training Room. Things get steamy and a bit more confusing afterwards.

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A revolution has begun today for me inside.

The ultimate defense is to pretend,

r-evolve around yourself just like an ordinary man;

the only other option to forget

Does it feel like we've never been alive?

Does it seem like it's only just begun?

It's only just begun...

R-evolve- 30 Seconds to Mars

The body can get used to a lot of things; almost anything, really. I didn't think I could, but I got used to living underground, despite the awful humidity and stench that always seemed to fill places that had a lack of fresh air. I got over the fact that what we were breathing was recycled air, over seeing nothing on the ground but dirt and the stone floor inside the building, over having barely enough light to see clearly, thanks to the dim torches.

I could handle all of that, although some with more difficulty than others. What I couldn't deal with was the growing feeling I had inside of me. I couldn't get used to it, whatever it was. I couldn't get used to the stomach aches I had because of that strong unexplainable feeling. But most of all, I couldn't stand how awkward the relationship had become between Gerard and I. A week had passed since we had had our chat about Alyssa and I couldn't feel weirder about it all. Every nervous glance I shot at him was returned to by an equally nervous reaction, such as looking away quickly, pretending to be busy doing something or even leaving. Being in a permanent state of tension was driving me insane. Icouldn't even enter a room or leave the building without worrying about bumping into him and having to stand the awkward comments, or what was worse, the silence we always held as a sort of defense to not screw things up even more.

Despite it all, we still had to face each other; eating, in our little get togethers at the wooden table, even sleeping, since my bed was still in his room. Even so, we still managed to avoid each other and he always went to bed before I did. Whenever I would enter his room to go to bed, he would be fast asleep - or at least pretending to be.

Had it been wrong for me to say what I had said during our little chat? That the kiss had meant nothing? I thought it was best, I thought it was what he was going to say, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe I did it in an act of selfishness, to protect myself against him and what he was going to say. But if it had meant nothing to us both, why the hell had our relationship rotted into this? I was afraid to face him, not knowing what he was thinking inside, and yet, when we were together I had the crazy urge to just reach out and /touch /him.

I tried to keep myself occupied with other things; I found a new friend in the Training Room, or as Kat called it, the KSA Room.

"What does that stand for?" I had asked her when they first took me to the enormous room.

"Kick Some Ass Room," she replied, with a devilish grin on her face.

I had grinned back at her. "That's lame, Kat. Really, I expected so much better from you."

She had laughed. "I know! I'm losing my witty abilities, Frankie! Wait, how about calling it the Practicing Practical Powers Room? Or the Kick Ass Time? Then we could call it the KAT room!"

We had fooled around and laughed about that until we received stern looks from Ray who thought we needed to practice our powers. I had spent a lot of time with Kat this past week. Who would have thought I would get along so well with the girl I thought was the biggest bitch in the world not too long ago?

I was back in the Training Room; I found it a very useful place to go and relieve stress. The room itself was a wonderful place. When you walked into it, it didn't look like much; it looked simply like a huge square room with a very high ceiling. The walls, floor and ceiling were made out of square metallic plates, making the room seem way out of place in the stone building. The room was filled with the latest technology; I guess that's where Stratton's money came in. One of the four walls had bomb-proof tainted glass, where the control room was.

"Ready, Frank?" Ray's voice echoed in the room through the hidden speakers from the control room.

Standing in the middle of the room, slightly crouched and with a daring grin plastered on my face, I said, "Turn her on."

Immediately, some of the large metal squares on the floor turned upside down, bringing into the room objects; a sofa, a large cube of some kind, chairs, and a net, among others.

Before I could ask what all the crap was for, a large black bazooka-looking-thing came out of each wall. "Fuck," I barely got out as they turned towards me and started shooting red rubber balls about the size of tennis balls.

With quick movements of my hands, I sent them all flying away from me, but then I realized the problem: rubber bounces. I ducked as 3 balls bounced off the wall in front of me and came zooming back at my head. I ran and dived behind the sofa, making a bunch of balls crash into it and bounce back the other way. It became obvious that the balls, besides bouncing around everywhere, had to have some type of device in them that makes them follow a determined target; in this case, me. After bouncing off the walls, they all came flying towards me again, as more were being shot out of the small canons on the walls. Standing up, I made the net fly up and around the room capturing all the balls I could. Holding the net full of lively balls up in the air, I used my powers once more to grab the metallic cube off the ground and throw it against one of the canons, destroying it and making sparks fly out. Seeing as my plan worked, I did the same to the other 3 canons, ducking and blocking balls every few seconds with what I had at hand. I threw the full net into a corner of the room and placed two chairs on top of it. As I smiled happily, thinking I had won, a ball hit me hard on the back of the neck, sending me crashing to the floor with barely enough time to place my hands in front of me. I rolled around so I was facing upwards, breathing heavily, and saw the remainder of the balls bounce into a whole that had formed in the wall where a square had moved up, allowing entrance."Dammit..." I muttered, rubbing the back of my head.

Ray came into view standing above me with a smile plastered on his face, as his curly fro fell around his face. "You know, Frank, you didn't have to destroy the canons. This exercise was about using your brains as well as your powers. If you would have looked around you for two seconds before going all Rambo on us, you would have seen the canons all had a red button that would have switched them off. You could have simply sent a ball against each one and it would have been over... and you wouldn't be here laying flat on the floor." His smile turned into asmirk.

I groaned. "Yeah, well, I /did /switch them off though, didn't I? Just a little differently."

"You switched them off Frankie style," said a sexy female voice through the speakers.

I sat up grinning. "Hell yeah, Frankie style is the best way to go." Ray rolled his eyes, still smiling.

Kat's laugh sounded like a purr through the amplified speakers as it filled the room.

"Why don't you come out here and have a little practice with me and we can see whose style is better, /Kitty Kat/?" I teased.

"I'd love to, honey, but while you were busy dedicating yourself completely to your role as Sleeping Beauty this morning, I was in here working my ass off. I'm off for the rest of the day."

"Quit the crap, you two," Ray cut in, offering a hand to help me up, "Bob wants the room now."

I accepted his hand, and he pulled me up easily with one quick movement. I walked out of the room after following Ray to the control room and saying bye to him and Kat. Bob bounced gleefully into the room just as I was leaving, nearly running me over.

I walked down the hallways towards the room I shared with Gerard thinking about my power and the different ways I could use it. My powers were practically under control but I noticed they had a kind of life of their own when my emotions were strong. I'd have to learn to control that to perfection or else anyone could simply piss me off and I'd no longer have full control over my powers.

I wiped my forehead with my t-shirt sleeve; I was sweating from the training. I'd just go into the room and get clean clothes, then head to the showers. I noticed the flaw in my plan when I opened the door and walked in, stopping dead in my tracks as I saw the person crouching in front of his closet. Gerard quickly stood up as he saw me in the doorway.

He ran his hair through his beautiful black hair as his eyes darted around the room for an escape. "Hi..." he finally managed.

Without answering him, I let my head drop backwards so I was looking at the ceiling rolling my eyes, and let out an exasperated sound. "This is ridiculous..." I said mainly to myself.

"What's ridiculous?" He asked with his hands in his pockets. I looked back at him; he looked like a nervous little school boy with his hands stuffed into his pockets like that. As he tried to avoid my gaze, he turned his head slightly to one side, making a lock of his hair fall over his incredibly gorgeous eyes that made me want to /melt /when he looked at me. Through his partially opened mouth I saw his tiny baby-like teeth and I remembered how smooth they were when I explored them with my tongue and how /perfect /it all had felt in that moment. Without the fucking complications.

I took a few steps into the room, motioning all around the room with my hands, my eyes wide in annoyance. "This! This whole situation, it's fucking ridiculous."

He took his hands out of his pockets and dropped them by his side, his face and voice imitating my annoyance. "Yeah, well, what do you want me to do about it?"

"Well maybe you should have thought about it before you decided it was a good idea to kiss me!"

His mouth dropped open, hearing the mention of the kiss, and his cheeks turned slightly red. "Oh, so now it's all my fault! You were the one that said it didn't mean anything anyways!"

"For Christ's sake, Gerard, you kissed me and then fucking /ran away/! What the hell was I supposed to think?" We were yelling, but I didn't care if anyone else could hear us. Without letting him answer, I continued, "I was thrown on the floor, bawling like a baby, you came along, kissed me and ran away leaving me confused but wanting more!"

Gerard's features softened as he heard that last part, and shy smile crept onto his face. "You... liked it?"

Without listening to him, I continued rambling. "I think I know what your problem is; you think too much. Sometimes you just need to do what you feel is right, and not be afraid! Because now I don't know how I'm supposed to act around you and this is all-"

"What do /you/feel is right?" he cut in, asking softly enough for me to not hear.

"What?" I was still fed up with the whole situation but his tone of voice caught me off guard and shut me up.

He took a step forward, as he looked at the ground, and then brought his eyes up slowly, meeting mine. My heart pounded in my ribcage and I was seriously afraid he could hear it. "What feels right to you, Frankie?"

My throat closed as he said my name, after so many days of not even looking at me, making it difficult for me to swallow. A ball of fire was growing inside of me as Istood looking at his perfectly pale face; I wanted him so badly I couldn't stand it.

Without amoments thought, I closed the space between us in two quick steps and said,"This." I grabbed his face with both hands and pulled it down to mine, crashing my slightly parted mouth against his. I held his head messily as he placed ahand on the back of neck and the other on my lower back, pressing himself against me. He moaned into my mouth as we continued to attack each other with passionate kisses, turning me on even more.

"Fuck..." he murmured against my lips, holding me closer, if possible. I grinned slyly as Isaw I wasn't the only one losing myself in the moment.

"Frank...?" I heard a voice call from what seemed like far away, but I was too occupied to pay too much attention to it.

"Frank! Where the hell are you?" the voice called again, but this time much louder. We broke apart violently with wide eyes. I looked at Gerard as we stood paralyzed a few feet from each other, waiting for the voice again, trying not to make a sound which was difficult because of our heavy breathing. As I looked at him, Ithought he looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car; his eyes were wide and panicky, and I assumed mine looked similar, but it still saddened me... the way we had to act.

"Frank!" Kat called again. Gerard's eyes shot to the door and then back to me; the message was clear: do what you want but she can't find out.

I quickly ran my hands around my body trying to fix my hair and my clothes. Without a second thought, I practically ran out of the room and slammed the door shut behind me, scaring Kat who was just about to reach it. She stopped where she stood looking at me. After frowning and shaking her head a bit, she put her hands on her hips. "Here you are! Ray twisted his ankle while training with Bob, so you can come practice with me if you want to. What were you doing? I was looking for you, but I went to the bathroom first hoping to catch you in the shower," she teased, a grin plastered on her face, showing her perfectly white teeth. Itried to smile back at her, but failed miserably as I thought about a way to get her away from the room.

She stretched out her neck and examined my face closely. "Dude, you're still sweating and breathing heavily? You left training 20 minutes ago! You should seriously consider training more, your endurance is in the pits."

"Yeah, okay, lets go." I grabbed her wrist and lead the way.

"Hey! Wait!We're going the wrong way!"

I stopped and looked around; she was right. I was heading towards the main entrance when Ineeded to head the opposite way. I laughed nervously, trying to throw off any suspicion she may have.

She narrowed her eyes at me. "Are you okay? You're acting all weird."

I nodded and smiled falsely, heading the other way.

Everything was perfect... perfectly screwed up.

Mmm, Frerard passion. They just can't keep their hands off each other even though they're weirded out by it all. Isn't that yummy? Hahaha.

In the next chapter you all will hopefully be shocked with what happens. I'll have it up when I can. Sorry it took me so long to write this chapter, the next one won't take so long, I think.

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