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Chapter 35: The Real World Part I

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Thirty Five: The Real World Part One:

Master Splinter finished lighting a circle of a dozen candles around Leo, as his oldest son stood attentively, katanas in hand and ready for training.

“Tonight, Leonardo, the point of this exercise is to work on the synergy required for success of a true warrior,” explained Master Splinter as Leo nodded, before he prepared to battle. “All the elements that are necessary, mind, body, soul, and weapon, are implemented and must work as one in order to eliminate each and every enemy as they surround you. Enemies such as represented by these candles surrounding you. Now we begin.”

Leo nodded as he quickly and effortlessly swung around, beginning to put the candles out with his weapons.

“It is most crucial to keep all enemies within your line of sight, while moving as little as possible, keeping your options open from all sides,” lectured Master Splinter as Leo continued the exercise. “The true synergy of all the elements that I discussed will make this process as seamless as breathing.”

Leo just acknowledged Master Splinter as he continued the exercise but his concentration was broken by Mikey from the side of the room.

“I love comics,” piped up Mikey and Leo tried to continue his training, but Mikey would just not shut up. “Do you know why I like comics Leo? I know you want to know?”

“Probably because of the super heroes,” grunted Leo more in an attempt to get Mikey to shut up so he could concentrate on the training exercise.

“Ding ding, ding, give the blue bandanna wearing katana wielding turtle a prize, it’s all about the heroes!” cheered Mikey as Leo gritted his teeth as Mikey was having one of his annoying spells, at the worst possible time. “Super powers, super costumes, super…”

“Michelangelo, enough!” admonished Master Splinter sternly. “Leonardo is training, perhaps you would like to join him as it seems you have so much free time on your hands.”

“Uh, I think I hear Don calling,” remarked Mikey quickly as he sprang up to walk off, leaving Leo in peace with his training, but only for a few seconds as the ground beneath Leo began to shake.

Leo spun around, katanas at the ready as the walls began to rumble and he heard glass breaking from behind him. Seconds later, a swirling vortex of blue light appeared above the lair and Leo stiffened, as he recognized it right away. Over his shoulder, he saw Don and Harry walk over, to investigate it.

“We’ve seen that kind of energy before,” remarked Don as Leo turned to see an ominous figure come from out of the vortex before four eyes turned their attention to the Turtles, Master Splinter, and Harry.

“Drako!” exclaimed Master Splinter in shock.

“And the Daimyo’s son,” added Leo, as he watched the merged figure apprehensively as it floated in the air before he turned his head slightly towards his sensei, making sure to keep one eye firmly on Ultimate Drako. “This is what we told you about Master Splinter…”

“Yes, merged together somehow,” chimed in Harry as Leo saw that he was looking equally ready for battle.

“All into one horrible package,” added Raph as he joined the group as he exited his room.

“We told you we would return, we told you we would have our revenge!” declared Ultimate Drako in unison, as they brandished Lord Simultaneous’s time sceptre, glaring down at the Turtles, Master Splinter, and Harry with utter contempt.

“Revenge, this you whacko!” yelled Raph as he leapt up but a blast of magical energy from the time sceptre sent Raph spiraling backwards and cracking against the wall, before he landed towards the ground with a thud.

“If you could simply fight us, we can control time and space with Lord Simultaneous’s time sceptre, we are unbeatable!” taunted Ultimate Drako.

Leo opened his mouth to suggest that they make a grab for the sceptre but Harry beat him to the punch.

“GET THE SCEPTRE, NOW!” shouted Harry as he leapt in the air along with Raph, Don, Mikey, Leo, and Master Splinter at the same time but Ultimate Drako stopped them with a jet of magical energy from the time sceptre. They were suspended in mid air, frozen in stasis, unaware that time passed around them.

“Now for our revenge!” exclaimed Ultimate Drako in unison, as they looked at their helpless enemies.

“Leonardo, destroy him first!” demanded the Ultimate Ninja, remembering very well his defeat his first time on earth.

“No!” shouted Drako angrily. “We agreed, the rat will perish first, then your father, the Daimyo.”

“And then Leonardo,” added the Ultimate Ninja in a persistent voice.

Ultimate Drako waved the time sceptre, as it glowed a bright blue color.

“Yes, all of them will pay, all of them will learn the meaning of suffering behind time and space!” chanted Ultimate Drako as the light engulfed all six of their enemies, before they disappeared from the lair.

Leo blinked as he found himself in a meadow, off the side of a wooded area. Shaking his head briefly to clear it, Leo looked around and heard footsteps.

“Drako?” wondered Leo as he saw a shadow but it was just a medium sized lizard that was most certainly not Ultimate Drako, as it ran off without incident.

Leo pulled himself to a standing position, taking a brief look at the surroundings around him and he recognized it immediately.

“This looks like Feudal Japan,” muttered Leo as he looked around, even though it was foolish to think one of his brothers or Master Splinter would pop up from behind the tree. “The others, they’re so far away, I need to…”

Leo was cut off by the sound of approaching horse and he heard a loud thump from behind him, which startled him as the horses ran off. Quickly, Leo saw one of the figures slowly rise to her feet. Taken aback, Leo saw that she resembled an anthropomorphic cat and was dressed in traditional samurai garb.

“Are you okay?” asked Leo as he looked at the mystery samurai. “You came out of nowhere.”

She didn’t bother to answer, but rather pull out a sword and sprung to attack Leo, which caused the turtle barely enough reaction time to block her assaults.

“You will not have him assassin!” shouted the samurai angrily as she clanged her weapon against Leo’s katana. “I don’t care how many ninja clans…”

“Ninja clans…have who?” stammered Leo in a confused voice but she wasn’t listening, she continued to attempt to fight off Leo, who had pushed himself into a strictly defensive mode, in an attempt to avoid being carved to ribbons.

“You will not live to see another sunrise, so swears Tomoe Ame!” shouted the samurai but Leo managed to counter attempt after attempt with his own katana.

“Stop, listen to me, I…don’t…want…to…fight…you!” exclaimed Leo deciding to switch tactics a little bit, using a pair of expert maneuvers to destroy his opponent’s weapon. The force of which caused Tomoe Ame to stagger to the ground and fall down, as Leo stood over her, katanas still in his hands, a bit of an intimidating site for an unarmed samurai.

“Please, ninja, if you have any honor in you, you’ll make my demise quick and relatively painless,” said Tomoe Ame quietly.

“I’d like to think I’d have both honor and be a ninja,” replied Leo as he placed both of his katana out of sight revealing that he had no weapons.

“Forgive me for presuming that you were one of them, I am ashamed,” responded Tomoe Ame before she yelped as she realized her traveling companion, a small panda about the size of a human child, was left unattended. Thankfully he was safe, leaned right by the tree but also looking a bit worse for wear. “Lord Noriyuki!”

She watched as her charge managed to get to his feet.

“Just who are you people anyway?” questioned Leo, who was confused at this whole situation.

“He is Lord Noriyuki, head of the Geishu Clan,” explained Tomoe Ame quickly. “I am his retainer, Tomoe Ame.”

Something suddenly struck Leo.

“Wait, you wouldn’t know a samurai named Miyamoto…” started Leo but a rumbling beneath the ground caused him to pause and instinctively draw his katanas, as last time this happened, Ultimate Drako popped out of nowhere.

Seconds later, a group of giant humanoid moles popped out of the ground and advanced on Leo, Tomoe Ame, and Lord Noriyuki. One raised its claws and attempted to cleave Leo in half but Leo managed to block it, before he leapt up and grabbed his attacker, before he was flung to the ground. He watched as Tomoe Ame managed to take out two of the attackers, who seemed to use brute force, rather than actual skill to gain the advantage.

“What the…” stated Leo but he was knocked backwards and one of the mole ninjas leapt into the air but Leo avoided the attack and the mole burrowed straight into the ground.

“The Mogura Ninja have come to abduct Lord Noriyuki, we must protect him at all costs,” informed Tomoe Ame as she barely managed to fight off another assault, as the moles disappeared below ground before they popped up seconds later, to continue the fight and the two were just barely able to hold them off.

More fight and a hand appeared from underneath the earth, and grabbed Tomoe Ame by the ankle. She attempted to struggle and kick off her attacker, but another hand grabbed her other ankle and pulled her deep below the earth.

“Tomoe Ame!” shouted Lord Noriyuki in a horrified voice as he watched his retainer be abducted by the ninjas sent after him.

Leo watched in horror, elbowing one of the Mogura Ninja in the face before Tomoe Ame disappeared. The other Mogura Ninja burrowed into the ground as well and Leo got down on his hands and knees, attempting to dig into the ground to see if he could still reach them but it was all for nothing, as the Mogura Ninja looked to have disappeared.

At least for the moment, as seconds later, three of them sprung out of the ground and advanced on Lord Noriyuki who was paralyzed in fear. Leo made a movement to defend him but as it turned out he did not need to, as several arrows shot from out of nowhere.

Turning slightly, Leo spotted two figures riding on horse back and shooting more arrows, which caused the Mogura Ninja to turn and burrow deep back beneath the ground, to escape the attacks. Leo’s eyes snapped out when he spotted exactly who the two figures riding up on horseback were, the samurai rabbit known as Miyamoto Usagi and his gluttonous, greedy, samurai rhino friend, Gennosuke.

The samurai rabbit climbed off the horse, a bit surprised to see Leo standing there.

“Ah, Leonardo, welcome,” said Usagi. “Your appearance here is fortuitous as it is welcomed but it has ensured that Lord Noriyuki remained safe despite the recent complications that had arisen.”

“So what exactly is going on here anyway?” questioned Leo.

“Bah, ninja treachery,” remarked Gen before he blinked, realizing that Leo was there. “No offense, of course.”

“Lord Noriyuki here has been targeted by assassination by a leader of a rival clan, Lord Hebi,” elaborated Usagi. “Only Tomoe Ame’s skill has saved him from being the victim of Hebi’s schemes, but now with her captured, it leaves him open for an attack.”

“So it was quite a stroke of luck that you showed up when you did, because I doubt I could have held off those Mogura Ninja much longer,” remarked Leo.

“Yes, but we must hurry, Lord Hebi will not give up at a handful of failed attempts, it is off uttermost importance that we get Lord Noriyuki to safety,” said Usagi. “The Shogun is expecting Lord Noriyuki in the capital city of Edo, we must act quickly to take him there and on the way there, Leonardo-san, you can explain exactly how you arrived here.”

Leo nodded as he and Noriyuki joined Usagi and Gen on their journey, as Leo began to fill them in on what had happened that lead up to his arrival to Usagi’s Homeworld.

“Drako was the architect behind this, along with the Daimyo’s corrupt son,” concluded Usagi. “I had hoped we had seen the last of those two fiends.”

“Not only is my family in danger, but I think they might want revenge against the Daimyo,” stated Leo before he stopped. “The Daimyo, if we can somehow open up a doorway to the Battle Nexus, the Daimyo can use his war staff to find them, bring them back, no matter where they are. But the problem is actually getting the ritual to the Nexus right. I know the chant, but my brothers helped me with the symbols.”

“I know of the ritual,” remarked Usagi calmly. “I’ll do everything I can to help you find your missing family, once Lord Noriyuki is safe and sound under the Shogun’s watchful eye.”

In a heavily guarded fortress, a group of anthropomorphic cat ninjas appeared, with Tomoe Ame’s arms bound behind her and at their mercy, as they bowed to await their master, who slithered in the shadows, before he turned slightly to address his ninja.

“The Geishu Lord should be kneeling before me right now, not this girl” hissed the master from the shadows.

“Master, please, there were unforeseen circumstances,” replied one of the cat ninja. “This mysterious Kame ninja helped her fight off the Morgura Ninja and then just when they had Noriyuki in their grasps, an old thorn in your side managed to arrive…”

“Usagi,” hissed the master viciously from the shadows.

“Show yourself Hebi!” demanded Tomoe Ame and seconds later, the master; Lord Hebi slithered out of the shadows, revealing himself to be a really large and extremely sinister snake, wearing a red and grey kimono. With fluid movement, he wrapped himself away Tomoe Ame.

“While it is quite an annoyance that Lord Noriyuki remains alive, you will prove to be very useful to me Tomoe Ame,” hissed Hebi. “Noriyuki will fall to me, but I will also claim the head of Miyamoto Usagi.”

Tomoe Ame struggled but Lord Hebi’s grip around her tightened, preventing any movement whatsoever. The snake warlord turned his head every so slightly to address another one of his ninjas.

“Chizu!” called Lord Hebi and the clan leader of the cat ninjas stepped forward, before she bowed her head slightly towards Hebi.

“Yes, my lord?” inquired Chizu.

“You are to take your Neko Ninja Clan and deliver a message for me to Miyamoto Usagi,” hissed Hebi venomously and Chizu inclined her head slightly in understanding. “And if this Kame meddles in my plans again, eliminate him.”

“Of course, Lord Hebi,” answered Chizu as she motioned for her Neko Ninjas to follow her.

Shortly thereafter, Gen, Usagi, Leo, and Lord Noriyuki found themselves on top of a rocky, uneven hill, overlooking a river below.

“So this is the way to Edo?” asked Leo, as he took in the terrain, it definitely wasn’t the most convenient way to travel.

“It’s a short cut,” offered Gen which caused Usagi to sigh in slight annoyance.

“Your shortcuts will be the death of us, Gennosuke-San,” said Usagi as he looked down apprehensively at the rickety hill before he turned towards a wooded area off to the distance. “We shall take the path through the woods. It may take a little more time, but it is a bit safer than that short cut of yours.”

Gen just snorted before they turned towards the woods but stopped as several Neko Ninjas made their way out of the woods, as they circled the two samurais and one ninja turtle, weapons drawn and charged into the attack.

Quickly, Usagi managed to wipe out a trio of assassins, before knocking a fourth down with a vicious kick. Gen moved over and blocked an attempted spear stab with his sword, before he sliced the spear in half and knocked the Neko Ninja back with brute force. Leaping into the center, Leo swung his katana from side to side, slicing the weapons of his attackers causing them to back off.

Leaping up, Gen plunged his sword into the jagged rocks weakening it. Before the attackers had a chance to move, the rhino stomped down, causing the rocks to crumble and several of the ninjas to plummet to their doom.

Lord Noriyuki found himself advanced on by several of the Neko Ninja but Usagi swerved in front of them, managing to fight them off, with Leo joining him and Gen a few seconds later, as they barely managed to hold off their assassins

Meanwhile, Chizu turned to one of her aides off in the distance.

“Tell the ninja on the path to begin to pull back, tell the archers to get into position,” order Chizu.

“There are too many of them,” breathed Leo as he managed to knock another Neko Ninja backwards, before he flung him into a group, as Gen used his head as a blunt object to wipe out an attacker. “We need to find a way out.”

Usagi sliced the chest of the Neko Ninja and turned slightly, as soon as he was sure his foe had fell to the ground.

“Well there is one way out,” remarked Usagi as he looked down as Gen had wiped out another Neko Ninja from behind him. “But it’s rather wet.”

Gen’s eyes widened as he realized what that implied as Leo tucked Noriyuki under his shoulder and braced himself, before he leapt towards the river below.

“Wait, you’re joking,” pleaded Gen as Usagi pulled him out of the way as a jet of arrows flew from the distance and them nudged Gen into jumping over the cliff. “I hate water!”

Gen landed in the water with a splash as Usagi just barely avoided being sliced and diced with the arrows, landing with a splash, as they swam off to avoid the barrage of arrows that flew overhead and landed in the water.

Several miles away, when the group felt they were out of distance, they climbed out of the water, to continue the journey to Edo.

“We must hurry, those were Neko Ninjas, they don’t give up that easily,” said Usagi as he looked over his shoulder to make sure they weren’t being followed.

“Easy, you think that was…” scoffed Gen but an arrow whizzed through the air and in a blink of an eye, Leo spun around and sliced the arrow in half, causing it to harmlessly stick to the ground and Gen to blink, before he continued his sentence. “Easy.”

Usagi made his way over, seeing a note tied to the side of the arrow. Quickly, the samurai rabbit unfolded the note, and spread it out, before he read it.

“Tomoe Ame is still alive!” exclaimed Usagi and a relieved look appeared on Noriyuki’s face but Usagi’s expression grew grave as he continued to read the letter. “But she’s as the Lord Hebi’s stronghold and to be executed tonight for crimes of treason against him.”

“No, we must rescue her,” said Noriyuki in a panicked voice.

“Lord Noriyuki, I may be a stranger in your land, but this sounds like a trap,” inputted Leo.

“Leonardo-san is correct, your safety is of most importance,” added Usagi. “If Tomoe Ame were here, she’d tell you the same thing.”

“I do not care, I am the Lord of the Geishu clan, I am giving you an order,” persisted Lord Noriyuki stubbornly. “If you don’t come with me, I will free her myself.”

Usagi sighed; he could most certainly not allow that before he turned to Leo.

“Leonardo-san, your family may very well be in grave danger, it would be best if you find them but…” said Usagi before he trailed off.

“No, I’ll help you, after all, what are friends for?” asked Leo with a slight smile, as he readied himself.

After several more hours of travel, it was nearly nightfall, as Leo, Gen, Usagi, and Lord Noriyuki peered down a hill to a large campsite with hundred upon hundreds of Neko Ninjas, as lightning whipped across the sky. On the other side of the campsite was the fortress of Lord Hebi.

“We should have stayed in Edo, this is hopeless, there are way too many ninja out there for any samurai to fight his way though,” remarked Gen before adding as an after thought. “Or even get paid enough to try.”

“Maybe we don’t have to fight,” said Leo as he looked down, with Gen and Usagi looking at Leo like he had lost his mind. “If we can’t beat the Neko Ninja clan, maybe we can join them.”

Down in the Neko Ninja camp, two ninjas paused as they heard a slightly rustling within the bushes. Moving over to investigate, spears at the ready, a lizard shot out of the bushes.

Shrugging, the ninjas turned their backs slightly, allowing a pair of green feet to swing out of the bushes, cracking them each from behind and they were pulled into the pushes, before they were silently knocked unconscious.

Seconds later, Usagi and Leo made their way out of the bushes, completely disguised in Neko Ninja garb, with Leo waving his hand in front of his face, because of the stench.

“Whew, I guess doing laundry isn’t a Neko Ninja skill,” remarked Leo as Usagi looked at his attire, with a small amount of disgust.

“Hmm, ninja garb, I am cloaked in dishonor,” muttered Usagi, before he turned to Leo. “We shall speak of this to no one.”

Without another word, they crept off, watching as a group of Neko Ninja passed them, before they saw the prison wing of the building. In a blink of the eye, Usagi and Leo began to scale the walls.

Off to the side in the woods, Gen ate pork rinds around a fire, as Noriyuki sat quietly right across from Gen.

“So, you wouldn’t be interested in a small wager on the outcome of today’s adventure, hmm,” remarked Gen casually, as he was always ready to make a quick few pieces of gold, even if it would have been at the expense of the clan leader he was to be protecting. Seconds later, slight tremor was felt from beneath the ground and Gen leaned forward. “Hey, did you hear…argh!”

The Morugura ninja sprung out from underneath the ground, grabbing Gen by the back of the throat and pulling the samurai deep beneath the ground, with a pained grunt.

“Gennosuke!” yelled Noriyuki in horror but seconds later, the Morugura Ninja got their hands on Noriyuki and pulled him deep below the ground.

Usagi entered the prison wing through a slightly opened window, with Leo following. Motioning for Leo to stay on the ceiling, Usagi dropped down, before he saw a guard step over threateningly.

“Halt, ninja, how dare you enter Lord Hebi’s fortress?” demanded the guard as he took a few threatening steps towards Usagi.

“I am no ninja,” replied Usagi as he pulled down his hood and stood his ground. “I am samurai!”

Fluidly, Usagi took the guard down, knocking him unconscious, before swiping the keys and moving over to the cell where Tomoe Ame was being held. Quickly, he unlocked the cell.

Tomoe Ame looked up and saw Usagi standing there

“Usagi!” exclaimed Tomoe Ame in an alarmed voice, her hands still bound behind her back. “Please tell me you did not bring Lord Noriyuki here.”

“Relax, your lord is perfectly save,” answered Usagi as Tomoe Ame shakily got to her feet. “Now, we need to get out of here, we don’t have much time…”

“Less time you think, samurai,” interrupted a vicious voice, and Usagi turned, before he was faced down by several guards, who pointed the sharp tips of their spears right at himself and Tomoe Ame. “Hands in the air, now!”

Usagi did as he was told as two of the guards checked him for any weapons, before removing them. In an instant, Usagi’s hands were bound behind his back, before they viciously nudged the intruders off.

Moments later, Tomoe Ame and Usagi were brought before Lord Hebi. Already there were Lord Noriyuki and Gen.

“Lord Noriyuki,” muttered Tomoe Ame in a horrified tone.

“Those with honor are so pathetic, so predictable, so easily manipulated,” hissed Lord Hebi as the snake warlord slithered around Noriyuki.

“Lord Hebi, it’s me you want!” cried Noriyuki. “Please spare the others.”

“Silly child,” remarked Hebi in a sinister tone as he slithered around Noriyuki with his fangs bared. “With you out of the way, I will be able to pillage your clan’s land and steal all your treasures. It will be beautiful.”

Just as these words escaped Hebi’s mouth, Leo sprang down into action, leaping on Hebi’s head before he knocked down the guards with a few quick assaults.

“You know, it’s people like you that give us honorable reptiles a bad name,” remarked Leo as he stepped backwards.

“The Kame,” hissed Hebi angrily, baring his fangs as he lunged towards Leo, who managed to dodge his attacks. “You will pay for this affront.”

As Hebi and Leo went face to face, Usagi took advantage of the distraction by elbowing the guard in the face, before slicing himself free with his weapon. Quickly, Usagi disarmed the guard, before he attacked another guard, before he sliced Tomoe Ame free.

“I hate to point this out but you have no arms,” remarked Leo as Hebi lunged at him but Leo dodged out of the way. “This isn’t going to be a fair fight.”

In a flash, Hebi wrapped himself around Leo, before he flung the ninja halfway across the room. Leo fell to the ground with a thickening thud.

“Note to self, arms are overrated,” dead panned Leo as Hebi circled him but Leo managed to pull himself up.

“Do not worry, Leonardo, you don’t fight alone,” remarked Usagi as he knocked an attacker backwards and Gen shouldered the attacker, before he pushed himself backwards, crushing his opponent underneath his weight, before expertly using it to slice himself free and join in the battle.

“Nor do I ronin,” taunted Hebi and the doors slid open, as a group of Neko Ninjas entered the room to join the battle.

Tomoe Ame leapt up, taking a couple of the Neko Ninja out with kicks, while Usagi moved into battle, clashing his swords against one of the ninja, drawing him back.

Hebi circled Leo, baring his fangs as Leo looked over his shoulder, before he knocked one of the Neko Ninjas out, which gave Hebi a chance to spring into action, knocking Leo backwards and to the ground. Hebi opened his mouth but Leo swung his katana. The snake caught it in his mouth and flung the sword to the side, away from Leo, before he circled Leo, avoiding a decapitating shot with the sword.

Gen charged, knocking one of the attackers through an opened window. A couple of the Neko Ninjas snuck up behind him but Gen placed the wooden part of the spear on his nose, before he jolted himself backwards, knocking the Neko Ninjas down, allowing them to be finished off by Usagi.

Hebi went for Leo but Leo used his sword to slash at the roof of the mouth. His attacker gave a painful hiss, but would not relent and continued to move in for the attack. Hebi stalked Leo and Leo just managed to barely keep a step away of his powerful enemy.

Tomoe Ame was knocked backwards by one of her adversaries. The ninja attempted to stab her in the throat, but the samurai just barely managed to hold back. Seeing a helpless Noriyuki who was being advanced on by a couple of Neko Ninjas, Tomoe Ame managed to kick her attacker off. He flew across the room right into his fellow Neko Ninjas.

Hebi sprung at Leo. The warrior turtle was knocked backwards and attempted to use his other katana to defend himself but Hebi yanked the weapon out of his mouth, before he attempted to bite down on Leo’s head, who barely managed to block the snake’s powerful jaws with his hands.

“Nice breath,” muttered Leo as he found his grip weakening, but seconds later, Noriyuki, with one of Leo’s katanas in hand, stood face to face with Hebi. The katana was tucked underneath the chin of Hebi, ready to slit his throat.

“What?” demanded Hebi as he was surprised at the young Geishu lord’s gall.

“I will not allow you to harm them, Hebi,” declared Noriyuki in a defiant voice. “Look around yourself villain, you are defeated.”

Despite the fact that his Neko Ninjas and guards had been knocked unconscious, Hebi just answered Noriyuki’s claims of his defeat with a high cold laugh.

“You think me defeated,” taunted Hebi. “Even if you do find a way out of my fortress, you will then meet thousands of my ninja. I will decide who is defeated, Noriyuki.”

Just then, a sound of approaching horses caused Noriyuki to get a triumphant look on his face.

“Do you hear that Hebi?” asked Noriyuki. “It looks as if the Shogun would like a word with you.”

Hebi slithered and looked outside the window, his eyes bugging out in absolute horror.

“The Shogun’s army,” hissed Hebi in an irritated voice. “No, no, NO!”

Hebi turned towards Noriyuki with a murderous look in his eyes.

“The tables have been turned Noriyuki, but you will not be leaving this place alive!” hissed Hebi as he charged him but Leo caught Hebi in the face with his foot. The snake flew halfway across the room and decided it would be best to leave.

Leo made his way across the room to give chase but was halted by Usagi.

“Allow him go Leonardo-san,” said Usagi calmly. “With the Shogun’s army out there,

“Lord Noriyuki, thank goodness you’re safe, I thought I’d never see you again,” said Tomoe Ame in a relieved voice.

“Well I would have been destroyed if it had not been for Usagi, Gen, and Leonardo,” replied Noriyuki. “Without them the Geishu clan would have been destroyed, I am truly in their debt.”

The scene in the room was quiet for a few seconds until Gen spoke up.

“Bah, that’s enough adventure for me for one day,” grumbled Gen as he walked off. “I need food.”

“And now Leonardo, it is now the matter of your predicament,” said Usagi.

Sometime later, Usagi stood before a tree, with the symbols to open the portal to the Battle Nexus drawn upon it. Clasping his hands together, Usagi began the chant and water appeared from a nearby pond, swirling up, before forming the ever present portal, leading to the Battle Nexus.

Leo moved towards the portal and was a bit surprised that Usagi stepped forward to fall him.

“Usagi, I can’t trouble…” started Leo but Usagi waved off his concerned.

“It’s no trouble at all Leonardo, especially after all the help you offered me today,” said Usagi. “After all, that’s what friends are for.”

With that, the samurai rabbit and the ninja turtle stepped through the portal, moving from Usagi’s Homeworld right into the Battle Nexus to meet up with the Daimyo.
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