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The House.

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The gang stock up and go to Deep Cut Road. Lei finds out something about Gerard...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2008-03-10 - Updated: 2008-03-10 - 1000 words

So me and Gee hung out, then I went home fro Shamisen, then at 7 I went to the Way’s house. When I got there, Eliza was sitting on Mikey’s lap with a playstation controller, Ray next to them, egging Eliza on. Gerard wasn’t in there. “OH MY GOD AS IF!” Eliza yelled, throwing down her controller and crossing her arms. “Hah. Hand it over!” said Ray and took it back, beginning his go. I moved over to the TV. They were playing Crash Bandicoot. Right. I rolled my eyes. “So, what are we doing?” Eliza looked my way, only just realising I was there. “Hey Lei!” she hugged me and said “I’ve got the booze, and we’re just gonna wait till nightfall then go out. Did you bring a torch? I brought a sleeping bag.” She giggled and looked at Ray. “Yeah, I brought a torch. Where’s Gee?” I said, looking around a bit. “I dunno. His room, I suppose.” I nodded and sat down at a couch, watching them play. After 15 minutes of boredom (Eliza completely sucked) I left to go down to the basement to see Gee. “Gerard?” I said, walking down the stairs. “Gerard…” I repeated. I got down to the bottom and looked around at the room I hadn’t actually been in in a long time. “Gee are you in here?” I walked over to the desk and checked out some of his drawings which scattered the area. I picked up a sketchbook and looked through it. A zombie, a tree... A portrait of Frank. It was really good, too. I turned the page. Another portrait of Frank. And then another. And another. In fact the rest of the book was mostly drawings of Frank. “someone’s got a cru-ush” I sang to myself, closing the book and putting it back on the desk. I turned towards the stairs and walked to them, and suddenly Gerard popped out of fucking nowhere. I screamed, not realising who it was. “Fuck you.” I breathed, laughing after the shock wore off. He grinned and began to walk up the stairs, I followed him. When we came up, Frank was there, playing one of Mikey’s guitars. He gave me and gee a casual nod and I glanced over to the window. It was pretty much dark now. “So, are we gonna do this thing?” Frankie looked up “Fuck yes.” So we grabbed torches, sleeping bags, blankets etc. I grabbed Gerard’s old skateboard, and Frankie had his, so we skated ahead once we left the house. “Hey, lets go to 7/11, yeah? For snacks.” I called to Frank. He nodded, and stopped his board, and waited for the others. I did the same. When they caught up, Frankie told them about 7/11, and they all agreed it would be a good idea. He jumped back on his board and skated away. I turned to Gerard. “Go skate with Frankie. I haven’t seen you skate in ages!” then I leaned in very close to him, almost so my lips were touching his ear, and whispered “I’m sure he’ll be very /impressed/.” For a minute he looked stunned, but then he shrugged and took the board, got on it and quickly caught up to Frankie. I watched them as I walked, smiling as Frankie fell off and gee helped him up. Awww… “Lei, What do you say to maybe starting a fire or something.. In the house?” Eliza and Ray were talking to me… “Sorry, what?” Ray rolled his eyes, then repeated “We should start a fire, in the house. It’d be heaps good.” I nodded slowly, still watching Frank and Gee out of the corner of my eye. “Yeah, but we’d have to be real careful and keep it way controlled.” Eliza nodded, and we rounded the corner to the gas station and 7/11. We all walked inside, and picked up what we wanted. I got a tub of ice cream, a pack of vegie chips and a big bottle of coke. I looked over at what everyone else was getting… I’d probably just share with them too. I walked to the counter and stood behind Frank, who was waiting in the line. “Boo.” I said. “Sup?” He replied. “Oh not much. What you got?” He looked down into his arms and replied “Jerky, Red Bull, Diet Coke, No-Doz and chocolate.’ I smiled “An excellent choice.” Then he said “Oh, and O.J for the vodka.” I laughed “Of course!” He stepped forward and paid, and then walked towards the door. I opened my purse and pulled out a twenty. “Thanks.” I said, and walked away with my stuff. Me and Frankie waited for the others, then we kept walking. Of course, with Gerard and Frank far ahead on the skateboards. Somehow I ended up carrying both of their bags. Nice. We walked a few more blocks and then we came to old Deep Cut Road. It was the oldest, most cracked, run down street in Jersey. The houses were old and weatherboard, and at the very end of the street, on top a lazy slant that could be called a hill, was an old abandoned house. We didn’t know who lived there, but it’s been abandoned and run down like that since before we were born. Me, Mikey and Gee used to come here when we were really little but we never went further than the front gate. It was a two story house, old, wooden, shutters over the windows, overgrown dead garden, dead trees. Cliché Haunted House, right? It was awesome. I’d only ever been in there once, and I hadn’t gone further than 3 steps into the front entry. And now here I was. I looked over at Gerard, and he looked back at me, grinning. He opened the gate and walked inside. It was gonna be an awesome night.

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