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I sat in the courtroom next to Gerard; fear rising in me like a monster, threatening to consume me from the inside. He squeezed my hand gently and I tried to draw strength from his calm face. The phone call had come the week before telling us they had my mother in custody. She had pleaded innocent and the final day of the trial was finally being held. When she had first walked into the room I was shocked at how awful she looked; she had lost weight, her hair was greasy, her skin gaunt. Maybe it was just how she always was, but I was so used to it I never actually noticed. It looked like she’s been drinking; I guess anything to calm the nerves. He dishevelled appearance leant me confidence. She didn’t have a chance.

The defence attorney was a small man who looked like he’d rather be anywhere than here. The state had provided him as she hadn’t been able to afford her own lawyer, but that was good for me. I wanted any advantage I could get.

The trial had gone well, for me at least. There was very little doubt left in anybody’s mind at who the guilty party was. Now we were all waiting for what the jury would say. I was so afraid. If they found her innocent I would have to go back to how it was before, worse after all of this. I didn’t think I could take that. Gerard’s family were sitting behind us. I turned around and Mikey flashed me an encouraging smile. I was glad to have him there with me; after all, if it hadn’t been for him nothing would ever have changed.

After what seemed like an eternity the jury entered the room. Those twelve men and women who, with one word, would determine my future.

“And on these accounts, how do you find the defendant?” the judge called out. “Physical abuse?” One man from the jury stood, then answered him clear and strong.
“Indecent sexual attention?”
“Multiple accounts of grossly indecent sexual attention?”
“Attempted manslaughter.”

Guilty. A word that had haunted me my entire life. After all, it must have been me doing something wrong for things to continue as they had. And finally guilty had set me free; the noose around my neck had been loosened. For it was her who was guilty, not me. It was her fault, not mine. At last I was innocent, and no one could ever take that away from me.
That evening we went back to Mikey’s house for a celebratory dinner. Mrs Way was an amazing cook and always loved making something special. Mikey had invited his new girlfriend, who I finally got together. She was nice, sweet, perfect for him in every way. Seeing them together made me smile and I instinctively looked at Gerard. His eyes sparkled as he returned the glance, unspoken words passing between us.

We headed home pretty early after such an eventful day. And I guess we wanted some time alone. As I lay in bed in the warm cocoon of Gerard’s arms I turned and spoke softly in his ear.
“Thank you. Thank you for everything; for helping me, for saving me. For loving me. And I love you, I’ll love you to till the day I die.” He leant forward and kissed me tenderly, his tongue gently brushing against mine.
“You’re perfect, did you know that?” he whispered, his breath tickling my cheek. I blushed, wondering once again what I had ever done to deserve him. “I love you,” he murmured. And with those sweet, final words echoing in my ear I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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I know, the end sucks right?
it's cliche, but I couldn't think of anything else
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