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Honey, cotton candy and sweet cream milk this is what sex taste like

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Brendon is starting to feel the effect of these sexually stories.

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A/N I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has followed our four fabulous friends to this point. I hope you enjoy this chapter it’s a little more detailed so it may be a little longer then the others. A special thank you goes out to Mooniexmisfit you are my new found muse.

BRENDON-“Yeah I can take anything you guys throw at me I’m not a little boy I’m older then Spencer for crying out loud.”

JON-“Yeah but your no where as experienced as him.”

BRENDON-“Ok Spencer go ahead”

SPENCER-“I stand at attention when I taste her skin. Doesn’t matter what part it is she’s delicious all over. Her skin is so silky soft and smooth. Like sweet cream milk. I love to use my tongue to “


SPENCER-“Claim down you totally ruin the moment you know that right? I like to use my tongue to trace hearts on her chest circles on her tummy and stars on her bottom. Then play connect the dots.

BRENDON-“Connect the dots how do you play connect the dots?”

JON-“Well you start at A and work your way to Z. Sometimes you use numbers so you start at 1”

BRENDON-“I know how to play connect the dots just not with a girl’s body you fool”

JON-“You know the name calling is never necessary.”

SPENCER-“If you two are done I’d like to continue, I start with a small peck on the nose”


SPENCER-“Shut it! A small peck on the nose just big enough to make her giggle. Then my tongue circles around her lips before licking them and planting a deep but sweet kiss on her. I then continue to lick down her neck paying close attention to her ears and lower neck there are sensitive nerves there it drives her crazy just absolutely divine to me. I nip at her collar bone. From there I proceed to her nipples which are already hard now. Giving each one a suck a bit and a lick. I slowly make my way to her navel I put my tongue in and stir it around mixing together her sweat and my saliva. Yummy! Kissing down her hips I finally make to my destination point her love button.”

JON-“Her what”

SPENCER-“Her love button you know her clit”

JON-“Yeah I know I just wanted you hear you say it. I happen to like that word.”

SPENCER-“You sick pervert, anyway I hit all my dots, nose, lips, earlobes, lower neck, both nipples, navel, hips, and love button. That’s it.

BRENDON-(wow that was actually sorta hot in a Spencer and Ash way)

SPENCER-“Go ahead Ryan tell us what you like to taste”

RYAN-“Ok I’m going with the taste of her lips.”

JON-“Yeah now where talking.”

RYAN-“Her lips are thin but perky and sweet. They are a natural shade of pink so she never wears lipstick she never needs to. They taste the way they look like cotton candy. Jams’ lips are not what most men would consider sexy but there perfect for me.”

JON-“tear (wipes his eye)

SPENCER-“That was so beautiful man.”

RYAN-“You can all go to hell what Brendon you have no smartass comments to make?”

BRENDON-No (I didn’t have any smartass comments to make I thought that was really beautiful and that did sorts bring a tear to my eye. I want that kind of relationship sexy simple but still sweet)

RYAN-“Ok Jon let’s hear it”

BRENDON-(was I ready for this? To late now.)

JON-“Well the taste of Zoey’s lips they taste like honey thick and sweet. There’s no other way to put it.”

BRENDON-“WOW! Jon that’s exactly what Ryan said and it’s so naughty I don’t know if my young butter nuts can take it. I think there going to explode. NOT!

RYAN-“Apparently young butter nuts is unaware of what pair of lips you’re referring to.

BRENDON-“Come on Ryan not you to. Can you all please stop the young butter nuts thing it’s getting old fast.

JON-“That’s too bad”

BRENDON-“What, what’s to bad”

JON-“You know having old butter nuts”

SPENCER-“Yeah dude that’s worst then having young butter nuts”

BRENDON-“Not you too Spencer, can we please just get back to the taste of Zoe’s lips. Jon was going to explain a little more.”

JON-“You mean use little boy terms. No problem the taste of her juices sweet like honey. There’s no other way to put it. How about an example would that help you Brendon?”


JON-“It’s all starts with the foreplay. You don’t want to go down on a dry pussy. It’s like eating a dry orange or a dry peach.”


JON-“Doesn’t sound to good does it? So you have to start with foreplay no matter how hungry, horny, or eager you are you have to take your time. So give soft kisses on the lips and neck both high and low. Say little things in her ear.


SPENCER-“You really do that; you’re a regular Romeo Jon.”

JON-“Shut up who’s interrupting now?”

SPENCER-“Sucks doesn’t it”

JON-“I’m going to be the bigger and better man and continue with my story. You all might want to take notes. Say things you’re going to do to her ask her what she wants you to do to her. Tell her you love her.”

SPENCER-“Oh Romeo Romeo for where aren’t thou Romeo?” (A/n I’m pretty sure I screwed that line up but I can’t remember how it goes. I know that’s sad.)

JON-“Anyway then pull out some warming oil and give her a nice massage. Be gentle rub slowly up and down in a rhythmic motion.

RYAN-“Ok I’m sorry I have to intrude but I refuse to believe that you’re the real Jon. So go ahead and tell me what you did with the real Jon. I won’t be mad.”

JON-“Tell be why it’s ok for Ryan to secretly be a freak in the bed room but I just happen to know a lot about pleasing my women you guys attack me. You’re a bunch of haters.”

BRENDON/RYAN/SPENCER-(laughs all around)

JON-“Ok ok Zoe and I have all these books and videos point is they work and as far as I’m concerned I’m the sex master and you are all my little puppets. (Long pause) I don’t think that came out right.

SPENCER-“No, no it didn’t”

JON-“But you get my point now as I saying after the massage start kissing your way down till you reach her navel. I like to linger there for a bit it really gets her hot. Then I go to work I blow lightly up and down her landing strip I like to plant small kisses and then slowly slip my tongue in as if I was giving her a French kiss. But only a little and only for a minute. Then I pull away. I can taste her heavenly honey already. She jostle her hips towards me I look her dead in the eyes and can see she’s dying for more. I give it to her a full on French kiss. But only for a while because my main objective is to find her pleasure point. Her CLIT!”

SPENCER-“What a cute word pleasure point, I’m going to have to use that one.”

JON-“As soon as I find it I suck like there’s no tomorrow and lick like I’ve only got today.”

BRENDON-(I sit here stunned I’m really turned on by this. I close Toby and sit him to the side. I replaced him with Ming Ming. She is nice and soft and would feel a lot better on my half erect member. Hold on am I raping my teddy? As Jon continued to talk about the taste of Zoe’s climax I had to take my chances with the possible rape charges I was facing. I had a full hard on now and Ming Ming was hiding it for me. I had her back facing my chest, bottom firmly pressed against my lap and I begin to rock back and forth. Oh god I know I’m going to hell for this.”

JON-“Do you have to take a piss I can wait?”

BRENDON-(I made a sudden stop I didn’t realize how fast and hard I was rocking my hips.)-No I’m fine. (Jon smiles an evil smile I think he knows what I’m doing oh god please don’t let him say anything)

JON-“I’m proud of you Brendon you didn’t have to use ear muffs at all. So tell me how are your young butter nuts doin’ over there?”

BRENDON-(I gave a faint smile and a low chuckle. How I wanted to tell him my nuts felt like there were about to erupt. I needed to shoot my load and fast but I was afraid to stand up)

JON-“Well there’s only one left sight or look and I’ll go first. That is unless anyone needs to take a break. Maybe make something to eat use the bathroom.

BRENDON-(I wanted to die but everyone got up to do something so I grabbed Ming Ming as if I was putting her away and headed towards the bathroom.)


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