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Last but not least the sexually look of love

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We're at the end of our story and Brendon hasn't really learned anything

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JON-Ok times up.

BRENDON-(oh shit) Just one more minute (I gotta clean up and fast)

RYAN-Dude close the door.

SPENCER-Yeah did you forget the rules?

BRENDON-Shut up it doesn’t even smell. I didn’t even take shit.

RYAN-If you weren’t in there dropping a deuce what were you doing?


RYAN-Oh god don’t tell me you’re having prostate problems.


RYAN-Than what?

JON-Come on are you really that interested in his bathroom business?

SPENCER-Yeah that does seem wrong.

RYAN-Oh yeah.

BRENDON-Can we get back to what ever it is we were doing?

JON-Rightly oh! It my turn and there’s only one left your sense of sight. Hands down it’s got to be the faces she makes during an orgasm.

BRENDON-(my eyes widen please keep this clean please keep this clean. I forgot Ming Ming)

JON-She makes the cutest face when she climaxing. She thinks she looks like and idiot but

BRENDON-How does she know what she looks like?

JON-We have mirrors on the ceiling the head of the bed and the foot of the bed.

BRENDON-Wait! Why?

JON-We like to watch our selves. That another big turn on about Zoe she loves her body no matter what.

BRENDON-Why don’t you just record yourselves like so many others?

JON-I don’t think the world is ready for me. Ok back to me. I like to watch her climax build. It starts with her biting her bottom lip. Then her cute little nose begins to twitch. She never has to say to a word. When the nose twitches she almost there, finally she cuts lose her back arches eyes roll to the back of her head and she screams. Seeing her bit her lip, twitch her nose, arch her back, eyes roll back is like a sign of job well done. Alright Ryan let us hear it.

RYAN-I’m going to have to say the look of her body. Weather I’m undressing her or she’s doing a little striptease for me.

JON-WOW! Striptease you say does she do private parties?

SPENCER-What if Zoe heard you talkn’ like this?

JON-Who do you think the striptease is for?

(Horny smiles all around)

BRENDON-(Great my joy stick is getting happy again. After that last comment I wonder what the other guys are thinking.)

RYAN-(Mmmmm I wonder would Jams be up for something like that?)

JON-(Wait till I tell Zoe how dirty, freaky, and kinky Ryan and Jams are in the bedroom. Makes me wonder what Spencer is holding back. I wonder how down and dirty Ash get.)

SPENCER-If they only knew!

BRENDON-Ryan are you going to finish?

RYAN-Yeah I love to see her piece by piece. Then when she’s completely naked she looks perfect. She thinks she has flaws, but all I see is perfection. Ok Spencer sip it out.

SPENCER-A turn on for me is the way Ash looks when she sleeps. She looks like an angel. Come to think of it she looks like an angel all the time. So sweet and innocent.

JON-HOLD THE PHONE! You’re turned on by sweet and innocent angels?

SPENCER-Yeah! Why? What’s wrong?

JON-You sure you’re not a pedophile?


(Strange looks all around)

JON-I’m just saying my niece was an angel for Halloween.

SPENCER-So was my youngest sister.

JON-My niece made the sweetest most innocent looking angel.

SPENCER-So did my little sister she looked like a doll.

JON-Well they looked like sweet innocent angels did they turn you on. You sick pervert.

SPENCER-I’m not the sick pervert here you are.

BRENDON-I don’t know, you did say sweet and innocent angels turn you on.

SPENCER-dude that’s gross she’s my sister.

JON-My niece isn’t your sister does she turn you child touchier.

SPENCER-NO! And I don’t touch children.

JON-So what is she not sweet enough for you or not innocent enough for you?

SPENCER-Neither err I mean both err you know what I mean.

JON-Yeah I know I just wanted to see you get all frustrated. Did I succeed?

SPENCER-Yes you dirty bas

JON-I find angels to be a turn on too. As long as they have long legs and short robes.

RYAN-YAY! We’re all done (grabs phone and runs to bunk)

SPENCER-Brendon I hope you learned something’s.

BRENDON-Oh yeah I’ve learned guys’ gossip just as much as girls if not more.

SPENCER-That was not gossip that was a short sexually education class for you I might. So ungrateful.

BRENDON-That wasn’t really educationally.

SPENCER-You didn’t learn anything did you. That’s to bad butternuts (turns around and walks to the back of the bus)

BRENDON-(Now I’m alone with Jon let me make a brake for it before he starts with the smart ass comments)

JON-Oh Bren I heard you had to register.

BRENSON-Uh register what?

JON-You know register.

BRENDON-No I don’t know what to fill me in.

JON-As a sex offender for what you did to that bear.

BRENDON-Shut up that bear has a name Ming Ming.

JON-Well excuses the hell out of me. Where’s the bear right now?

BRENDON-Ming Ming and she’s in my bunk.

JON-Are you for real. You just registered as a sex offender your not suppose to be with in 500 feet of any stuff animal.

BRENDON-Shut the hell up.

JON-I’m just tryn’ to help out, what would the band be without you.

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