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Mikey's Dare.

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Eliza and Mikey are found last. What will happen now?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] [V] [X] - Published: 2008-03-12 - Updated: 2008-03-12 - 635 words

I was still making out with Frankie when I heard a loud knocking on the door. “FOUND YOU FRANKIE AND LEI!” We stepped out, giggling and wiping out mouths. That is, Frankie did. I refrained myself when I saw the look on Gerard’s face. “How did you find us?” said Frankie. “Well besides the fact we could hear you two from downstairs” said Bob laughing. I blushed and tried to laugh it off. “What did you two get up to?” said Frankie to Gerard. He grinned and said in response “Ray is… scared of the dark, sleeps with a teddy, is a compulsive masturbator and has a huge crush on Lei.” Everyone present laughed until Ray cut back with “Yeah, well Gee likes Frankie!” Then, silence. Gerard looked hurt, Frankie didn’t seem too fazed, and Ray looked guilty, knowing he’d just made a mistake. Then suddenly his face changed and he blurted out “Pfft I was so kidding, he likes Lei too.” Everyone laughed again then I said “hey lets go find Mikey and Eliza!” Everyone agreed and walked out of the room to the stairs, but I hung back with Gerard, nudging him. “Good call by Ray eh?” He nodded “He shouldn’t have said anything in the first place.” We walked down the stairs “Yeah I guess so. Does he really like me?” Gerard looked at me, grinning “Only a little. He lovesss Eliza though, so don’t get your hopes up.” I rolled my eyes “Shut up.” We were both then told to shut up by Frankie, as him, Ray and Bob were in stealth mode. We snuck around, till we heard shuffling and noises from a distant room. It was an old office or something. Bob very carefully opened the door open a tiny fraction, trying not to make noise. We slipped in, the noises getting louder. And I did not like the sound of them. We edged closer until we saw the near naked figures of Eliza and Mikey, who were actually fucking, on a rug under the desk. At first they didn’t notice us, till Eliza opened her eyes and said “Mikey, stop…” pushing him off her, pulling some clothes up from the floor. “Oh my god…” said Gerard. Ray looked like he was about to cry. “Ray…” said Eliza, but he turned and ran out. “Eliza!” I scolded. “What the Fuck?” Gerard nodded “Yeah… Mikey?” Mikey shrugged and looked at the floor. Frankie walked out with Bob, to get Ray, and I tapped my foot impatiently. “Well.. I’ve actually liked Mikey for ages.. And we did truth or dare, and I asked him if he was a virgin, and he asked me truth or dare.. and three guessed what I dared him to do…” I rolled my eyes. “What about Ray?” She stamped her foot “Lei, Ray likes you! We were fighting a lot recently anyway. It was time.” I sighed and looked at Gerard, who shrugged. “You two get dressed, we’re gonna find Ray.” We walked out together, both muttering about those two and their antics, when we heard a yell from upstairs. We looked at each other then started for the staircase, running upwards “That sounded like Bob…” said Gee. I said nothing but kept running, skipping stairs. “Bob?” called Gerard. No reply. I ran to the first room I saw and threw open the door, then to the next and the next, Gerard doing the same, till We saw Frankie and Bob, both standing, staring at the limp figure on the floor. “Oh my god…” I whispered, clutching onto Gerard in horror. What lay before us was… What was our friend Ray… and now something horrible and inhuman…

Yeah this is turning to Frerard.
And deathfic :o

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