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This Love Is Killing Me, But Your The Only One

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Well its a Ryden. So ryan got in a fight with his dad so here it goes....

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Title:Daughtry-It's not over

Ryan sat on the couch head hung low off of the couch. His hair hung in his face. "My head hurts!" "Well maybe if you weren't sitting upside down it wouldn't hurt!" He giggled and sat up. Brendon was trying to clean up. After having to carry Ryan to his house, the blood really sank in. "Ryan? Your sure your okay?" "Bren, I'm fine." He stood up and grabbed at the arm of the chair. Brendon ran over locking his arm around Ryan's waist. "I wouldn't walk on that foot if I were you." "Fuck off Bren! I'm fine! Your fucking freaking out. Yeah my dad hit me and I bleed a little bit. So what? So my foot MIGHT be broken. So fucking what? I fine." "Ryan!! Are you fucking insane! Your not fine!" Ryan smiled a bit and looked into Brendon's worried eyes. He shook his head to brush his bangs away. Seeing how Brendon was holding him up and he was still holding on the arm of the chair. "Bren? Can I tell you something without you hating me?" "Ryan? Who the hell are you talking to? Your best friend. No matter what you say I'll never get mad at you!" "Bren, I think....I....well....umm..." He looked down and took a deep breath. "Brendon, I love you. No not as a friend more than that." Ryan looked up and forced a smile. Trying to hide the embassment. Brendon slightly pushed Ryan down on the couch. Brendon crawled ontop of Ryan. Ryan tilted his head to the side and giggled. Brendon pulled Ryan's face to his. Brendon pressed his lips to Ryans'. "Ry, I love you too. I just don't have the guts unlike you." He smiled. Brendon rolled off of Ryan. Ryan scotted in next to Brendon and lifted his arm up. Brendon got the idea. He put his arm around Ryan. "Love you brendon." "I love you too ryan" Ryan slowly dozed off as brendon rocked him slowly in his arms. Brendon kissed his forehead and layed him down on the couch. Brendon tried not to wake ryan up as he stripped him out of his jeans. But ryan got up. "Ummm.....thanks?" "Ryan yeah i know this doesn't look like what its supposed to!" Ryan shook his head. "Babe its fine." He slipped out of his jeans and help Brendon out of his. He pulled Brendon's shirt off. "God your hot in just you boxers." Brendon blushed a bit. He help ryan up the the bedroom and layed him down on the bed. He crawled in next to him. "Thanks brendon." "Mmhm." Brendon smoothed out ryan's bangs and feel asleep with ryan next to him. 'Things couldn't get any better! I've got someone that loves me as much as i love them. I've got the worlds best band.' Brendon thought to himself. 'Life's gonna be just fine'.
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