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Best Kept Secret

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Hey i might have to leave you on a cliff hanger. but those are always better!Until i get the next chapter back i can post it or my friend will. but no one dies but there is a little arugment betwee...

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"I don't get it!!" "Well what don't you get about it?" "Everything!" Brendon and Jon were arguing over the new lyrics. Ryan sat and watched in amusment. His head followed them left to right. As if he were watching a tennis game. Spencer tried to speak but brendon would always yell over him. "ALL RIGHT ALL READY!!!! We'll fix it! Brendon get into my room now!!" Brendon looked up from the table. Ryan was stading there with his lyric book in hand. Brendon had never seen nor heard him yell like that before. Ryan walked over grabbed Brendon's arm and pulled him into the bedroom. When they got there Ryan shut the door and slightly pushed Brendon on the bed. He crawled ontop of him. "Ummm...Ryan did Spencer accidently hit you in the head with a drum stick again?" "Nope your still looking at the normal Ryan Urin...I mean Ross. Ryan Ross." Brendon tilted his head to the side. He looked over at the clock. '10:35 pm' He pulled Ryan closer to his chest. "Ryan you were gonna say Urine? Weren't you?" "" Brendon grabbed the notebook. He had saw Ryan doodiling in it but thought nothing of it. He flipped it to the back. "Brendon! Give it back!" "No" He rolled out from underneath Ryan. When he looked there hearts drawen all over each and ever back page. Things like 'R.R+B.U=Love' 'Ryan Urine' "Awwww, Ryan thats cute!" "No it's not it's chessy!" He grabbed the notebook. Brendon kissed Ryan's forehead. "It's not chessy. That's really cute. I've never seen you like this. It's cute. Don't stop being this cute. I mean you've always been cute but this is just adorable! It's kinda like a 'newer you'." He kissed Ryan again only on his lips. Ryan giggled on Brendon's lips. He layed next to Brendon and slowly fell asleep. "Night love you." Brendon whispered into Ryan's ear. "Mhm, love you too." Ryan rolled over and yawned. "Awwww..." Spencer and Jon stood in the doorway. "It got quite we wanted to make sure everything was okay." Brendon jumped up. "Aww..Ry your turing as red as a cute little tomato!" "You better not fucking say anything." "Bren calm down! Why would we do that. We might not be the brightest of all people but we're not idiots who will ruin are friends and band mates!" Brendon sat back down. "Well we'll leave you to love birds to sleep." About an hour later they fell asleep. "Night baby." Ryan curled back up next Brendon. Brendon could only hope to think that the next day would start smoothly. But hopes are hopes what's meant to happen will happen.
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