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Pens And Needles

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Well Brendon's fighting for ryan! And Brendon final pops a question!!

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Title-Hawthorne Heights-Pens And Needles

Ryan sat, arms held close to him trying to keep Brendon's warmth with him. The room was dark. The only sound was Brendon screaming. He's father screaming horried words back. Brendon tried and tried so hard to get Ryan out of that house. But nothing worked. Brendon wasn't going to give up that easily. Ryan knew he was unwanted from everyone except Brendon, Jon, Spencer, and the fans. The screaming of 'faggot' and 'emo mother fucking wrist cuter' killed Ryan. To know that his own father could be so cold hearted. He covered his ears. But it didn't work. Everytime he tried to hum himself to sleep or cover his ears everything just got louder. Brendon fighting, his father screaming, and his mother. How could she? She always said no matter what Ryan did she wouldn't care, she said she would support him. 'SUPPORT! I'm in my room alone. Having to hear this hatred agurment! And all she does is sit there. Sit there and laugh at how "pathic" Brendon is.' He though to him self. She didn't care. She never has never will. Brendon open the door and shut it behind him. He pushed the rim of his glass back on the top of his nose. Brendon grabbed Ryan and held him close not even letting go of him. "Bren, what the hell happened?" Brendon looked down. Ryan grabbed his face, looking at the blackend eye which wasn't there to begin with. "Babe what the fuck did he fuckin' do to you?!" "He hit me thats all." Ryan pulled up Brendon's shirt his chest was battered and burised. Ryan sat down and began to cry. "Ryan don't! I'm fine! He just hit me. Thats all. I rather me than you." Brendon breathed deeply. "Bren, please don't cry. I upset that the people whom raised me could do this. They always told me that no matter if I was gay or not they would act like you were apart of the family." Brendon picked Ryan up and laughed in his hair. "I'm only crying a little. Come on get your stuff your coming home with me." "Really?" "Mhm." Ryan grabbed everything he thought was really needed. They went out the back door. Ryan pushed Brendon against the wall and kissed Brendon passonatly. "You don't know how much I love you bren." "You either." "Spenc and Jon are waiting at the house for us." Ryan shook his head. "A bet?" "Yeah." "Are you gonna tell 'um what really happened." "Nah, this is a secret best kept between you and me." Ryan nodded and they drove to Brendon's house. "So what happened?!" "Nice black eye Brendon! Explain that one to everyone!" Ryan jumped up no see if Jon and Spencer would notice him. "RYAN!!" "You got Ryan! Great job Brendon, I thought you lost him!" Brendon laughed. "I'm gonna go take a shower, let Ryan get sictuated." "Okay. Ryan just tell us if you need help." "Alright." Brendon went upstairs and Ryan followed. "Bren if you want I'll come in with you." Brendon smiled and placed his glass on the counter. "Okay. I haven't seen your hot body next to mine in a while now." Ryan giggled. After the shower Ryan fell asleep next to Brendon as usal. "I love you Ryan. And I need you." "To do what?" "Nothing I'm just saying that everytime I'm with you the air gets thin. I almost seem to stop breathing. Everytime I kiss you, my heart skips a beat. Everything you do makes me laughed and just love you more. Everytime your gone I miss you." Ryan covered his mouth trying not to cry. "Ryan will you.....ummm....marry.." Ryan pulled Brendon close to him and kissed him long and hard. "Yes! But how are we goning to get married?" "Like one of those run-away-to-Las Vagas marriges! That way no one knows! But we won't be in a chapel just exchange rings and then it won't look like that big of a deal." "Baby your a genis sometimes." Brendon giggled. "I love you Ryan." "I love you too, I can't belive I'm gonna be Ryan Urine!" "Yep know go to sleep we gonna have to tell Patrick,Pete,Andy,Joe,Spencer,Jon,Gabe, and so on and so forth." "You can do that." "No we're using your hand not mine!" They fell asleep in eachothers arms. Not knowing what to expect next morning.
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