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Never Let Go

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She wakes up the next day at the sound of the water running in the bathroom. Gerard is showering, she thought to herself sitting up, realizing she was in bed but still wearing yesterday’s clothes.
She stayed there for around 10 minutes, thinking of all of what happened yesterday, wondering what Frank might be doing at that moment.

“Hey, you’re up.” Gerard said coming in the bedroom, drying his hair with a towel.
“Hi.” She replied beaming. “I’m always the last one to wake up.” She added finally getting out.
“It’s only 7 am; you still have time to sleep if you want to.” He said placing the towel aside to get his shoes on.

“So the con…” She said to be interrupted by the door knocking. “Oh my god Stanly.” She exclaimed hearing the knocks.
“It’s probably room service, I ordered us breakfast.” He replied heading to the door to open it.
“I like that.” She declared following him.

“Gerard. I’ve been looking for Lynn all over the places, have you seen her?” Brian said standing by the door. “There you are.” He then added noticing she was standing a couple of feet behind Gerard.
“What?” She replied stepping closer to them.
“Come on, let’s go.” Brian then said as she simply stood there, afraid he’d be taking her to her uncle’s, since he was looking for her.
“Wh…” She tried to speak as Brian hastily interrupted: “I don’t have all day, Lynn.”
“Where are you going?” Gerard then asked putting his arm in her way to stop her from going out.
“She has some unfinished work to do so let’s go.” Brian said to then turn to look at Gerard and add: “And your hair dresser will be at your room in 5 minutes so you stay here.”
“What unfinished work?” Gerard questioned looking at Brian closely.
“She has to go over the expenses with each member; we have to have control of that damn budget so the personal expenses are also to be taken into consideration.” Brian explained waiting for her to get out.

Gerard finally moved his hand and said: “Do you want to?”
“Gerard!” She whispered with shock. “I have to!” She exclaimed rounding her eyes.
“No you don’t. So do you want to?” He repeated looking her straight in the eyes.
“I can’t risk my job, I’m going.” She added stepping out.
“Come back here when you’re done okay?” He said as she nodded saying: “I’ll need to go over the expenses with you too so…”
“I have something to tell you. I’ll be here. Okay?” He then added as she nodded again to finally leave with Brian.

“Mikey missed his practice yesterday so Ray and Bob have to do everything all over again with him now. Frank is the only one available at the moment, you’re starting with him.” Brian explained as they were walking down the alley.
“Couldn’t Shannon just have Frank and I’ll handle the others?” Lynn asked trying to avoid meeting Frank.
“Shannon is dealing with the paper work left. B193 is Frank’s. He’s supposed to be there.” Brian finally said as his phone started ringing.
“I’ll be back to Frank’s for the updates, now go.” He added answering the phone and taking a right turn as Lynn didn’t have time to say what was on her mind as she took the left one, leading to Frank’s room.

“He…Hey.” Frank said opening the door, surprised to see her there.
“I’m here to discuss the expenses, Brian said we had to start with you, I’ll just ask you some questions and everything will be over.” She explained herself to realize afterwards she had skipped the ‘hello’ part.
“Oh...ok…” Frank replied, stepping away so she could get in keeping her distance.

“I’m just going to need some papers and a pen if you have some.” She added trying to keep it as formal as possible.
“Yeah I’ll…I’ll go get them.” He replied closing the door to then disappear in one of the rooms.

This is strictly professional, so be professional, nothing else…This is business…She kept reminding herself as she waited for him to get back.

She felt sad, like she wanted to cry again; but this time it was different, she was able to look strong without having to pretend she was, she had finally pulled herself together.

“Here, does that do it?” Frank said getting back with what she asked for.
“Yeah, this is fine.” She replied heading to the living room.

“So, we’ll start with the necessary equipment.” She then said taking a seat as he did the same.
She glanced at him to then focus at the paper in front of her as she started writing and talking: “The equipments, in your case the guitars and everything that goes with it, can be taken such as… You need expensive ones for a better performance on stage, but then again we’ll need to cut down on the cost when it comes to using them for purposes where its sound wouldn’t really be heard, only the way it looks and all… Like when shooting videos and all, do you agree?”

He didn’t reply, she looked back at him to see he was looking at her.
“Do you agree?” She repeated.
“What?” He asked trying to see what she had written on the paper.

“Never mind, I know what I should do about that…Let’s just move on.” She continued trying to somewhat to forbid herself from feeling anything for him.
“The assets you need to get…” She paused realizing he wasn’t really listening.
“Frank.” She said trying to get his attention.
“Yeah, yeah I’m with you.” He said focusing his look on what she wrote on the paper as he scooted closer to her to get an even better look at it.
“O-ok.” She added feeling her heart skip a beat at the thought of him being close to her.
“So as I said…There are things that you need to get and it is…” She started talking as he interrupted saying: “What’s that?” Pointing at a random word on the paper.
“That’s ‘for a hive’ “She answered to then add: “I’m writing quickly so my handwriting isn’t that…”
“Oh, I thought it was ‘forgive’.” He interrupted looking at her.

She started to get nervous, unable to find the proper words to answer him going like: “N…uh…no, it’s…it’s like to stock.” And then pause to take a moment to think of the situation she was in.
“I missed you.” He then admitted gazing at her, making her feel her heart race.
“I’m supposed to hate you now.” She said trying to avoid his looks.
Even though he had cheated, that didn’t change the fact that she needed someone there for her, she hadn’t even had enough time to get over him.

“I know you don’t hate me.” He added lowering his head to take a better look at her face as she was almost burying it in the paper.

“So the liabilities you will have would be under notes payable” She said trying to change the subject: “We’ll have to discuss your personal expenses right now since it affects the balance in many ways.”

“I love you.” He interrupted looking at her.
“You can’t.” She replied giving up, finally looking at him. “You cheated. You can’t love me.” She then added.
“Can I at least show you?” He said taking the pen away from her to hold her hand and stand up.
“Show me what?” She asked standing up, curious to know.
“Remember the surprise I told you I had for you when we were in the airport?” He finally said leading her to his bedroom.
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