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That Was Unexpected

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She was aware that his behavior the day before wasn't to be easily forgiven.
She knew she was supposed to be mad at him at that moment but the fact that she was just longing to know what that surprise was, somehow made her overcome everything else and follow him in the bedroom.
Knowing it was still unrevealed, she desperately hoped it would be something that just, magically fixes it all…The problem with her uncle, with Gerard, her and Frank.

They got in the bedroom, windows closed, curtains down, it was dark in there even though it was still 8 am.
He let go of her hand to head to the closet in the corner, leaving her by his bed.

“So what is it?” She asked watching him open the right side of that closet.
“What’s the surprise?” She repeated stepping closer, trying to peek in.
“You know what?” He said, suddenly turning to face her, covering the closet’s contents.
“I know what can make this even better, stay here!” He then added closing it.
“Are you going somewhere?” She asked trying to get him.
“I’ll be right back, stay right there!” He then said heading to the door.
“Frank!” She shouted hoping to stop him and get more information on what he was on about but he had just rushed his way out he didn’t even hear her.

“God, what am I still doing here!” She mumbled to herself in distress, standing there in the middle of his bedroom, waiting for him to come back, thinking she was stupid enough to accept to even keep on talking to him.

It was too dark for her in there, and darkness always depressed her.
She didn’t like sleeping in darkness, she just didn’t like it.
She headed to the window and opened the curtains, trying to lighten the room up a bit.

Little drops of water on the glass got her attention, the room didn’t get any brighter, it was doing worse outside.
Rain was pouring down heavier than ever.
No storms or thunders, simply rain and black clouds… Leaving her in an even deeper depression.

Rain never really affected her before, but lately, not only has it been giving her the chills, it was also leaving her with a certain feeling… As if she had this unexplainable, empty hole inside.
She always thought it was weird, how all of these emotions stir up in her because of simple drops of water… She’d usually feel this way once in a while, for about 5 seconds, then it simple goes away leaving a trace in her, leaving her wondering.

“Frank!” Gerard’s voice coming from the front door interrupted everything, making her feelings, out of nowhere, go up high as if his voice just made everything go back to normal again.

She ran to the door to see it was left open by Frank while he was going out and Gerard standing in the lobby…
“Hey, I just…” He said looking at her as she interrupted excitedly: “Hey!!” giving him a random hug.
She didn’t really know why she did it, it only made sense the second she felt it, it just felt good.

“That was unexpected.” He added with a smile, softly wrapping his arms around her while she just took a deep breath, enjoying the moment.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” She finally said letting go of him. “I just feel so weird sometimes.” She added looking at him as if she was expecting him to explain it all, knowing he knows so much about her.

“Is Frank here?” He asked, avoiding having to comment on what she had just said.
“He just left; he said he’ll be right back though, why?” She said ignoring the whole ‘feeling weird’ subject herself.
“Did he show you the surprise?” Gerard then asked looking at her closely.
“No but… you know about it?” She replied frowning.
“Yeah, come with me.” He added as she interrupted: “Where? I’m supposed to wait for him, for the surprise.”
“Honey, please listen to me this one time and come.” He said hoping she’d finally accept.
“What’s this all about? What’s the surprise?” She questioned unwilling to leave.
“You don’t need to know, now let’s go, please.” He replied pulling his hand for her to take it and leave.

“You come in, besides, I have some work to do here I can’t just skip out on that or Brian will have my ass kicked.” She explained taking his hand to pull him in.

“Forget your work, there’s nothing Brian can do if I want you here, will you leave with me now?” He added as she stopped in the living room to say: “Why are you insisting on me leaving with you this way?”

Conversation was finally interrupted by Frank walking in with Stanly right after him.
“Hey man.” Frank said looking at Gerard to then add grinning: “Couldn’t miss that surprise could you.”

Lynn, on the other hand, froze at the sight of her uncle. She stood there and stared feeling her heart race as if it was the end of the world.

“Frank, don’t…” Gerard was going to say as Stan interrupted looking at Lynn, beaming: “Hey pumpkin!”
She didn’t know what to do, unable to let a simple ‘hi’ out since all the thoughts in her head were going around the words murdered, liar, drug dealer… she just felt so weak being in such a position where she was facing a person she thought she knew.

“No hug for old uncle Stanly?” He added with his beam getting wider, opening his arms, waiting for her to jump in and hug him, just as she would’ve usually done before.

Though this time was different knowing what kind of a person he really was, unable to just hug him, she knew she shouldn’t show him she knows who he was. For Gerard’s sake, and maybe even for hers. A criminal like him could be unstoppable, she thought to herself unable to decide what she should do, turning to look at Gerard who was standing right behind Stan.

Gerard looked her straight in the eyes, nodding slowly, giving her the courage to walk up to him and get that hug over with.

“Come on, haven’t you missed your uncle Stan?” Stanly added still waiting for her.

She knew she had to pretend to know nothing so she slowly walked towards him giving him one of those light hugs where she barely touched him before she then stood back.

“That was unexpected.” Stan exclaimed, noticing something was wrong with her.
“She’s just so tired at the moment; she’s been working hard lately.” Gerard explained knowing she wasn’t going to be able to say anything.

“I looked all over for you pumpkin, good thing there was Frank.” Stan then said wrapping an arm around her as she looked at the floor with disgust, wishing she could just snap at him telling him to get his arm off her.
“Maybe we should just give her some time to rest.” Gerard said trying to find an excuse for her to leave, noticing she was feeling uncomfortable.

“What are you talking about? I have a surprise for her, remember?” Frank added as Stan then said: “So show us that surprise you got me here for.”
“Maybe we should leave it till after the concert tonight it would…” Gerard tried to say as Frank interrupted: “No, I can’t wait till tonight.” Heading to the door leading to the bedroom to then turn and add: “Just so you know, Eliza gets the credits for that so…”

”You know Eliza?” Stan interrupted looking at him closely.
“Yeah, you can think she’s a bad person but after what she’s done with me I think she’s ok.” Frank explained turning to leave.
“Bad, as in what?” Stan questioned Frank suspiciously, glaring at Gerard.
“Drug dealing things. But don’t worry; I don’t let her get near Lynn.” Frank said looking at them from where he was standing.

Stan kept glaring, this time closer at Gerard, getting his arm off Lynn.
Gerard looked back at Stan unafraid of him as Frank then said: “What’s wrong?” remembering then that he wasn't supposed to say anything about the drug deal. He glanced at Lynn who was looking at him, slowly shaking her head regretting she ever told him about Eliza, knowing she and Gerard were now, most probably, in big trouble.
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