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Part Four, Ending Two: Just Face It. Don’t Pretend…Is It Over?

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Part two of the end. The last chapter!

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[A/N] So this here is the alternate ending to this story. If you completely gagged at the cheesiness of the other ending, then maybe this one is for you.

Part Four, Ending Two: Just Face It. Don’t Pretend…Is It Over?

He waved to his bandmates as they scattered of the bus and into their own vehicles. He sat in his compact car, gripping the wheel and feeling anxious.

In the bus, Ryan decided that he was going to ask Alex to marry him in a creative way. To him, getting down on one knee was too cliché- not his style. So being the clever person he was, he took a bright orange wristband, the sort that identified you as over or under the drinking age at venues with bars, and with his scratchy writing, simply wrote the words “Marry me?” on it.

He drove home, paying careful attention to the road as it was almost 2 o’clock in the morning. But careful driving can only get you so far. You’re not the only one in charge on the road.

Ryan was always a cautious driver, someone who counted fourone-thousands at every “Stop” sign and waited before accelerating when the light turned green. No one would imagine something as drastic as this.

It was quiet in Ryan’s car. He never liked the late-night/early-morning feeling of music on the radio at this hour, and the CDs that were usually snug in the glove compartment were at his home, waiting for him to overuse them once again. He hummed to himself to beat the silence that floated around him as he came to a red light. The street was empty, but he knew better than to run a red, no matter what time of day. The lights flicked green and he maneuvered his car to move forward. Ryan continued driving on the late night streets, paying careful attention and staying well within the speed limit. He was almost home, three-quarters of a mile away at the most.

Many things can change in an instant. Seconds, feelings, tides. But fate was not one of these factors. Fate was fate. It was there and wasn’t leaving.

So in that fateful moment as Ryan drove through the intersection at a green light, a pick-up truck going 20 miles over the speed limit collided with the passenger side of Ryan’s car, sending it toppling over one, two, three, times before it came to a halt. The first impact sent Ryan into shock. By the third turnover of his vehicle, Ryan was unconscious and wounded. Things were not looking up for him.

Within minutes, officials and medical attendants were on the scene, due to the report for assistance sent by Ryan’s car. The driver of the pick-up truck was in critical condition and died in the ambulance ride to the hospital. Ryan was pried out of his car by rescue workers and shuttled quickly to the ER. He was unstable, and not looking good.

By the time he had reached the hospital, Alex had already been notified by police that Ryan had been in an accident. Traumatized, Alex asked for the rest of the band to be contacted, and she was escorted to the hospital by the police.

She burst through the doors of the ER, frantic and distressed, and begged to see her Ryan.

“Please, ma’m I’m very sorry. I can’t let you go into the OR.”
“The OR? What’s happened to him?!” Alex wailed.
“I’m not sure if I’m entitled to tell you…” the nurse said. She was middle-aged and looked kind, with worry wrinkles on her face.
“I’m desperate. I haven’t seen him in such a long time. He was supposed to be getting home tonight. I need to see him.” Alex pleaded.
The nurse sighed and looked onto her clipboard. “’Ross, George R’, correct?”
“Yes, yes, that’s him.” She managed to whisper, wringing her hands.
The nurse sighed. “Honey… He’s punctured his kidneys. Internal bleeding...”
Tears welled up into Alex’s bright brown eyes. “Will you please let me know when I can see him?” she said, with a lack of words to say.
“I will, don’t worry.”

Soon the boys arrived, scared shitless, and pained for Alex. They did their best to comfort her and told her everything would turn out fine. She was clinging to every thread of hope that Ryan would be okay.

Hours passed, and Alex was allowed to see Ryan, who was resting. Before walking in, she held her breath. Her heart was pounding. When she saw him lying there, looking peaceful, she almost smiled. But her smile faded when her eyes saw the wires he was attached to, and the bruises and bandages sprinkled over his lean frame.

Tears were now streaming down her face, she was devastated. She walked to Ryan’s bedside and cupped his face to kiss his cheek. She sat down and squeezed his hand.

“Ry, babe, It’s me. Please, tell me you’ll be fine.” She waited for him to speak. Nothing. “Ryan, please,” she kissed his hand. “Come on. Can you hear me?” Alex stared into his face, searching for an answer.

Out of nowhere, Ryan faintly squeezed her hand. Alerted, Alex scooted closer to him and touched his face. “I’ll be here. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait for you.” She said, touching his hand again. She laid her head on his bedside, tired and torn, and soon fell asleep, if only for a few minutes.

No one really gets a decent amount of sleep in hospitals. Alex had only dozed off for less than half of an hour. She woke up teary eyed, as though she cried in her sleep. Alex sat up, and looked at Ryan. Surprisingly his eyes were slightly open, looking at the walls and the ceiling. He realized she was awake.

“I never really liked hospitals,” he said weakly, in almost a whisper.
Alex planted her face in his shoulder and cried hard. “Ry…”

“Shh.” Ryan said.

“I missed you.” Alex managed to say quietly.

“I missed you too,” Ryan told her. He closed his eyes and let his muscles relax and exhaled deeply. “You know I love you, right?”

“Of course I do. I love you too. So much that-”

“Then do me a favor, sweetie.” He cut her off. Ryan took another deep, somewhat strained breath as he winced.

More tears welled from Alex’s eyes. “Don’t forget about me, kay?” Ryan asked. He held her hand in both of his. “Find another guy that’s good enough for you, but, just, remember me.”

“Ryan, don’t talk like that. I’m not going to find another guy, I want you. No one else.”

“And please tell the guys thank you for me, and that they’re the best friends I could ever ask for and that I love them, because I don’t think I’ll be able to stay awake much longer…Don’t forget that I’ll always love you, no matter what happens.”

Alex’s eyes grew wide. “Ryan, don’t leave me! Please,” she cried. “I love you, I need you…” she stroked his face as his eyes went out of focus and shut.

“I won’t ever leave you,” Ryan assured.

But before Alex could respond, the monitor screeched the most dreadful noise she would ever think to hear.

[A/N] And there you have it. Unusually extensive, but I’ve finally completed it! Thanks so much for reading! =)
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