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Chapter 18

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Wedding planning and the attack of the mothers.

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So, I figured there should be at least a little wedding planning. Needless to say, I got carried away, and it's all taken care of in this chapter. I'll admit it's not the best. Review and convince me otherwise.

“So, how are the plans coming along?” Andy asked, through a bite of sandwich as the guys took a lunch break during their recording session.
“Haley’s crazy stressed out. She’s got everyone she knows running around, and she keeps yelling at me that she doesn’t have enough time to do everything. She said she’s doing something with colors today.” Pete shook his head. “My mom is coming in to town to help.”
“Then why don’t you push the wedding back?” Joe mumbled, taking a bite.
“I suggested that, but she didn’t want to.” He shrugged. “But hey, I wanted to talk to you guys. I mean, you’re all my friends and I can’t pick one, so I wanted to ask if all three of you would be my best men? I know it’s really cheesy, but Haley said we have to get the tuxes fit in case they need to be altered at all.” He said in one breath.
“No, man. We’d love to.” Patrick clapped him on the back, as Andy and Joe nodded in agreement.
“We’ll be like Team-Pete’s-Wedding. It’s like we’re super heroes…we should get uniforms.” Joe stared into space, stoned.
“Thanks, guys. This really means a lot. And, you know, Giselle Bundchen is the maid of honor.” Pete grinned.
“Dibs!” Joe snapped to attention, his hand shooting in the air. Just then there was a loud knock on the door. “Cops! Hide the pot!” he shoved a plastic bag down the front of his pants. The door swung open and Tim came bustling in with his arms full of fabric swatches in different shades of purple, that all had little papers with numbers attached to them.
“Hey guys, just running a few errands for Haley. Don’t mind me. Hat please.” He motioned for Patrick to remove his hat as he went around the room holding the strips up next to everyone’s face.
“What are you doing?” Pete spoke up.
“She wants to make sure everyone will look good in the colors she picks for the tuxes.”
“There are going to be purple tuxes?” Andy gave Pete a look.
“These are for the ties that will match the bridesmaids dresses.” Tim shook his head before pulling a small voice recorder out of his messenger bag and pressing the button. “#3 is too pink. #7 washes Patrick out. 4 and 12 are definite possibilities. 9 clashes with Andy’s hair, and 16 looks like Elton John on crack. Definitely charcoal grey, maybe pinstripes.” He pulled two ties out of his bag, a bowtie and a regular tie, and held them up to each of them. “No bowties, looks like a barber shop quartet.” He clicked the recorder off and headed to the door. Turning around, he looked at them again, nodding thoughtfully. He raised the recorder again and pressed the button, still nodding. “Haircuts. All of them.” he went through the door, swinging it shut behind him.
“Holy crap, that was terrifying.” Andy sighed.
“It’s been like that for the past two weeks. They’re like a well oiled machine.” Pete shook his head, laughing nervously. “The other day I woke up, and she was trying out hairstyles on me while I slept.”

“Lick.” Haley slid an invitation into an envelope and handed it to Ryan, who sealed it and placed it on the pile. “Don’t use too much spit, the paper’s getting all wet and wrinkly.”
“If you don’t like how I’m doing it, then do it yourself.” He scowled at her.
“You offered to help. I’m just making a suggestion so it won’t be ugly. It’s only the most important day of my life.”
“What about Pete’s life?”
“Please. He’s only there for the pictures.” She scoffed. They were in Haley’s office, surrounded in wedding paraphernalia. This was not part of the deal when Ryan had agreed to stay in L.A, but he refused to complain for fear of another swirly. And Haley was freakishly strong, she could probably beat him up if she wanted to. There was a week until the big Rok N Roll fashion show, and a little over a month and a half until the wedding. Tim had taken charge of both events, stressing himself to the point that he was freaking out on a regular basis.
“Um, hi.” Kat crept up behind them, timidly.
“Hey what’s up?” Haley turned around, smiling as Ryan fidgeted nervously in his seat.
“Um, Tim told me to come help. He needs to go over some stuff for the show with you.”
“Ok, cool. Ryan, you can finish licking these, then put stamps on them. Kat, here’s a list of all the people we need to call, flower people, decoration people, people for the place settings and silverware and crap. Call them and tell them these are the ones we picked out.” She handed over two different lists. “They’re in Chicago, so remember the time’s different, they’ll close early.” Kat just nodded. “Sit. Say hi to Ryan.” Haley plopped her down in the chair next to him.
“Hi.” Ryan mumbled quietly as Kat blushed.

“What’s up?” Haley asked, walking up to Tim who was pacing the hallway muttering to himself.
“What is wrong with you people!” he snapped, startling her. “You need a haircut too. You guys would look like an army of bums walking down the aisle if it weren’t for me.” He wrote a note in Haley’s wedding planner book, which he had adopted and named Walter.
“Is that what you needed me for?” she crinkled her nose.
“No.” he led her over to Ali’s area where she was wrestling with a mannequin who obviously did not want to wear her very short, very tight green dress. “These are our outfits for the show.” He pointed at a rack packed with clothes. “You need to decide the order they go in, and which models wear what.”
“Sweet.” She handed the stack of photos to Ali. “Help me pick.”
“Then you need to go find Kimmy, you have to try on your wedding dress and she’ll make any alterations.”
“Exciting!” Ali squealed.
“Models first.” Tim flicked the pile of photos. “I’m going to the airport to pick up your mother.”
“Do you want me to come with you?” Haley started following him down the hallway.
“No, you have work to do.”

Almost two hours later, every outfit on the rack had a photo pinned to it. “I’m exhausted.” Haley dropped her head to the table with a thump. “Can I go take a nap now?”
“No, we get to go try your dress on now.” Ali pulled her up, practically skipping over to the conference room where Kimmy had set up a couple full-length mirrors to fit the dress. Haley tugged the gown on as Ali and Kimmy giggled in excitement.
“Ok, what do you think?” she stepped in front of the mirror. The dress had a full skirt and a long train, with intricate beading and embroidery on the top.
“It’s even better than the picture. And it fits perfectly, just a few minor adjustments.” Kimmy grinned, pulling and pinning in a couple places.
“Where’s my little bride?” a voice called from down the hall.
“Oh no.” Haley groaned, sticking he head out the door. “Hi, Mom.” Mrs. Beckett and Mrs. Wentz bustled into the room followed closely by Tim.
“Is this the dress? You look gorgeous!” Mrs. Wentz gushed.
“Pete won’t know what to do with himself.” Mrs. Beckett added.
“Yeah, we were just fitting it. I won’t do anything to the bottom until you pick out shoes, so it’s not too short.” Kimmy turned to Haley.
“Cool, are we done?” Haley went behind a little screen to change.
“We were hoping to take you to lunch if you’re free, we have a lot of things to discuss for the wedding.” Her mother called over the screen.
“Tim will come with us.” Mrs. Wentz placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Yeah, ok. I guess.” Haley shrugged, coming back out in her regular clothes and following them out the door.
“You look thinner, have you been eating? You haven’t relapsed again have you?” Mrs. Beckett wrapped her hand around Haley’s wrist, measuring it while discreetly checking for scars.
“The medicine from the car accident makes me sick sometimes, but I eat. Just ask Pete”
“What’s this?” Mrs. Wentz took hold of her other wrist, looking at her tattoo. “Did Pete do this to you? What are we going to do with that boy?”

Once they were at the restaurant and had ordered, they didn’t waste any time bombarding Haley with wedding details. The mothers were seated on one side of the table, and Haley and Tim on the other. “Ok, let’s get to business.” Mrs. Wentz said, as Mrs. Beckett nodded and they both pulled out wedding planner books that were identical to Tim’s.
“We’ve been looking at locations by the lake, keeping in mind the weather, ease of transportation, I assume a lot of your friends will be coming from out of town, and security. You’re both pretty big stars, we don’t want a lot of photographers swarming around.” Her mom handed her a folder full of pictures.
“We weren’t sure what kind of thing you wanted by the lake, so there are a couple beaches, some parks, some indoor/outdoor venues. We thought the ceremony could be outside, then move everyone inside for dinner.” Mrs. Wentz added.
“I like that idea. And we’d have a backup in case it rained or anything.” Haley nodded, separating out those photos as Tim took notes.
“That’s what we were thinking.”
“Cool, I’ll show these to Pete and see what he thinks.” They talked about all the tiny details that Haley hadn’t even considered as they ate.

“So I talked to Pete, and he’ll meet you at home to go register for gifts in about an hour.” Tim said, checking something off in his book as they all climbed into the car.
“When did you have time to talk to Pete?” Haley asked, pulling out of the parking lot.
“We called him when you went to the bathroom.” He gestured to the mothers in the backseat. They had been in town a few days now, and had done enough sightseeing to last them a year. And in between, they had somehow found time to plan the majority of the wedding. Haley had decided to take them t the final run through for the fashion show the next day to give them something to talk about other than what color the flowers on the cake should be.
“The show looks wonderful, I’m so proud of you.” her mom squeezed her shoulder.
“Thanks, mom.”
“I’m excited to see it tomorrow.” Mrs. Wentz added.
“Oh, and when you and Pete go out, you can put the invitations in the mail.” Tim nodded at two overflowing shopping bags full of white envelopes that were squished down by his feet.
“Where were you planning on registering?” Mrs. Wentz asked as Haley shrugged.
“I’ve made a list, in order from the best to the blah according to variety, average price and your personal tastes.” Tim handed over a piece of paper. “And remember, you can’t register for hoodies.”
“Yes, it should be things for your home. Things that you will both use.” Mrs. Beckett nodded.
“We both wear hoodies.” Haley smirked, jokingly.

“FREEZE!” Haley jumped around a corner, pointing her stuff scanner at Pete like a gun.
“These things are cool. I wonder if they’d let us keep them?” Pete laughed.
“Who says we have to ask?” Haley tucked hers inside her hoodie. “Oops, lost it.” She shrugged.
“I’d say this was a little suspicious.” Pete poked the giant lump over her stomach. “So what are we supposed to pick out?” he looked around the home decorating department of Bloomingdales.
“I don’t know, like plates and stuff.” Haley shrugged, scanning a random candleholder and giggling.
“But we have plates.”
“But those are your plates, these will be our plates.” She wrapped her arms around his waist, kissing him lightly.
“What’s the difference?”
“Your plates are ugly.”
“You have a point.”
“I know I do. Now which of these do you like best?” she pulled him over to a display of china.

“What about this?” Haley called out. They were in their third store, and were getting progressively more bored and silly, which annoyed the sales people.
“It’s a crystal giraffe.” Pete wrinkled his eyebrows, picking it up and inspecting it.
“Yeah, but it costs $300. We could return it and get shoes.” Haley whispered. Pete stared at her for a moment.
“Maybe we need two.” He scanned the bar code.
“We both wear shoes.”
“In that case we need this candy dish also.” Pete smiled, taking her hand as they walked through the store scanning random stuff.
“Do you want me to change my name?” Haley looked up at him, suddenly.
“What?” he asked, confused.
“When we get married. Do you want me to change my last name to Wentz?”
“Whatever you want, Baby. As long as you’re mine, I don’t want to force you to do anything.” He leaned down, kissing her.
“I think I might want to.” She smiled. “That way everyone knows you’re my bitch.” She smacked him lightly on the butt.
“Not in public!” he gasped, laughing.

By the time they got home, their mothers had cooked dinner and had it waiting on the table. They all ate and talked, telling embarrassing stories from their childhoods. “…And she came home crying, all covered in mud.” Mrs. Beckett smiled, as everyone laughed.
“That wasn’t me that was Bill.” Haley shook her head.
“Are you sure?” her mom wrinkled her eyebrows.
“Yeah, I was the one who pushed him in the mud.”
“You were MEAN when you were in kindergarten.” Pete slung an arm around her shoulders.
“He stole my popsicle!” she yawned.
“Is it that late already?” Mrs. Wentz looked at her watch. It was past 11:30
“I should get to bed, I have to be up real early to set up the fashion show.” Haley stood up.
“Of course, you two go. We’ll clean up, and we already have our rooms.” Mrs. Beckett waved them out of the room.
“Are you sure?” Pete asked, they just nodded and shooed them away.
“I’ll try not to wake you up in the morning.” Haley said, as Pete wrapped his arm around her waist, guiding her towards the bedroom.
“You know, if you abstain these last few months, it will make the wedding night that much better.” Mrs. Wentz called after them.
“Your father and I didn’t have sex for almost six months before we got married.” Mrs. Beckett added.
“Gross!” Haley squealed.
“Goodnight, mom.” Pete called sarcastically as he shut the door.
“Eew. I can’t believe my mom said that.” Haley shuddered, sitting on the bed.
“I guess that means we just have to be quiet.” Pete smirked, leaning into her and nipping her neck as she giggled.

Later that night, Haley laid in bed staring at the ceiling. “Are you awake?” she rolled over, tapping Pete.
“What’s wrong?” he blinked, sleepily.
“I was just thinking about something the Panic guys said the other day.”
“If it’s about man soup, that’s just a joke.”
“No. I don’t want to know what that is.” She shook her head, stifling a laugh. “They said something, joking, about us having moody little emo babies.”
“Yeah.” Pete rolled over towards her, looking into her eyes in the dark.
“Do you want kids? We’ve never even talked about that.”
“Um…” he sighed, rubbing his eyes. “I guess so. I always imagined I’d have a kid some day.” He shrugged. “Do you?”
“Yeah.” She smiled. He pulled her into his arms and she rested her head on his chest. “Sure, if it’s meant to happen it will. If it’s not, we’ll just have to get a lot of dogs.” she shifted to avoid leaning on her broken ribs.
“Right.” Pete chuckled. “Wait, where’s Ryan?” his voice picked up a hint of panic.
“He and Tim’s assistant were getting awfully friendly when I left the office.” Haley shrugged. “Did he leave a message or anything?” Pete reached over for his Sidekick on the side table. He flipped it open and smirked, showing it to Haley.

don’t wait up

“Looks like he made a new friend.” Pete chuckled.
“He’s a little man-whore.” Haley giggled.

btw - this is the dress:
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