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How am I supposed to be happy with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price

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Marie has to be the coolest person ever! She needs to be on this tour with us! My god it would be nice to have a normal girl around. Not that Ashlee isn't normal, well actually she isn't. She is a celebrity and she isn't a bitch for no reason either. No wonder Joe is madly in love with her. She is funny and jokes around with the guys almost more than I do.

We all arrived at the hotel and went to our rooms to get ready. I put on green eyeliner, a cute green top that hung slightly loose from my body and some dark skinny jeans and converse. My hair was down and slightly wavy. Damn I looked good. I walked down the hall and knocked on Patrick's door and Marie answered.

"Hey! You look cute!" She exclaimed.

"Thanks! You do too!" And she really did. She was wearing a deep green dress and some of those shamrock antenas. I never really worn a pair in my life. I can't stand headbands, so those would probably piss me off!

I looked around the room and everyone was already here and all dressed in green. Everyone looked good, especially Pete damn it! I walked over and put my arm around Patrick's shoulder.

"So are we ready to go yet?" I asked. Pete and Ashlee were standing across from Patrick and I. It was 9 o'clock and I was so ready to get into a crowded room and not see Ashlee hang all over Pete. And I wanted to tell Patrick what happened.

"Um, no one goes out anywhere until like, 11." Ashlee stated as if I have never gone out. It was a holiday and we had to get up early, so we should go earlier.

"We'll leave soon, Ashlee and Pete can go later if they want," Patrick said as a response to Ashlee's rude comment.

"Good because I am ready to have some fun!" I walked away and over to Marie, Joe and Andy. "Um... Ashlee is a bitch," I whispered and they all nodded. Hmmmm, no one likes her.


We arrived at the club/bar at about 9:45-10 o'clock. It was already pretty busy. All I wanted to do was get my mind off of Pete. That kiss had ruined all the work I had done to forget about him. Ashlee and Pete would be coming later and I wanted to be already toasted and talking to someone else. We sat down at our VIP table, which felt super cool by the way, and our waitress came by and got our drink orders. This place was really more of a bar and I liked that. I only liked to dance when I was drunk, which wasn't too often. It did have a dancefloor though, but it was small.

The lights were pretty low, which was usual for a bar. It had a dark wooden bar that wrapped along most of the back wall and part of the side wall. Bottle were all along the mirrored wall and there were taps directly below those bottles. And of course, they were serving green beer. The idea of drinking green beer made me paranoid that it would dye my lips, teeth and tongue.

When our drinks arrived, a round of shots arrived with it. Scooby snacks, how sweet especially since they were green!

"I thought we could kickstart our night," Patrick said as the shots were handed out. We all held up our shot glasses and Patrick gave a toast. "To St. Stumpy Day!" We all laughed.

"To St. Stumpy Day!" We all said in unison and downed our shots.

About an hour into our night, Marie had decided that she was ready to dance and Joe of course didn't want to so I got dragged to the dance floor. She and I were a little drunk by this point and we kept giggling at everything. After some rap song ended, we walked up to the bar to order more drinks.

"Two long islands please," I said to the bartender. Wow, we were going to get pretty messy tonight. I went to hand the bartender money and was interrupted.

"I got it," a very hot and very well dressed gentleman handed the bartender money and turned to us. "His ladies, I'm Jake," he held out his hand.

"I'm Hayden, and this is Marie," we both shook his hand.

"You girls here with anyone?" He questioned. Either I was drunk or he was really REALLY good looking.

"I am, but she's single," Marie said and winked at me. "It was nice to meet you," she said and walked off. Thanks Marie, just leave me alone. Oh well, I didn't really mind.

"So are you from around here?" He asked me making small talk.

"No, I'm from LA. I'm here for work," I said and took a sip of my drink. We continued to talk for about a half hour and I decided to get back to the group. We exchanged numbers and I walked to the table. Ashlee and Pete had arrived and Pete seemed a little agitated. Probably Ashlee being annoying or something. I plopped myself down in Patrick's lap.

"I got a phone number, yay! But I'll never call him, don't really plan on coming back here," I giggled and Patrick laughed with me. "Marie, do you need to go to the bathroom, I REALLY gotta go," I smiled and stood up.

"Yea, I do actually. Time to break the seal," she said and kissed Joe before she stood up.

"I'll go with you girls," Ashlee stood up and followed us to the bathroom. Great, I hope she really had to go and not to just be bitchy. Ashlee walked up to the mirror and Marie and I to the stalls. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out. A text message, maybe it's that guy already?

Pete: you look amazing

Shit shit shit! Not now Pete while I'm drunk.

Hayden: yea yea, what about little miss ashlee?

Pete: she's not you

What the? Dude, dump her then! Hello?!

Hayden: then leave her

Pete: its more complicated than that

Hayden: well then why are you kissing me

Pete: i can't help it

Hayden: bullshit

I put my phone back in my pocket and walked to the sink to wash my hands. Ashlee was still fixing her hair and makeup. Man I didn't like her, but I still felt guilty. Marie came out of her own stall and we all made our way back to the table. I noticed Pete's eyes on me and I avoided eye contact. I really needed to talk to Patrick.

"Can I talk to you alone," I whispered in Patrick's ear and he nodded and we walked over to the bar with Pete watching.

"What's up?" Patrick said and ordered us two more drinks.

"So, um... don't say anything to anyone, especially Pete. Well um, Pete kissed me earlier today and he kepts texting me. What do I do!?!" I whispered loud enough for Patrick to hear.

"What!? But Ashlee's been here the entire time! I will not have him fucking with your head. I'm gonna say something to him." Patrick looked angry.

"Don't tell him I told you anything, please!" I begged. I didn't want Pete knowing that I had told anyone.

"Ok, I'll wait to say something and make something up. But it is pretty obvious that he has a thing for you. I mean, he's looking over here right now," Patrick said and kissed the side of my head. "I just don't want him hurting you."

"Thanks Stumpy," I hugged him. "I think I'm ready to go home, so whenever the group is ready I'll go."

"We can leave now if you want. I a getting tired too," He grabbed our drinks and we went back to the table. "Hey guys, Hayden and I are leaving after we finish our drinks. You guys going to come?"

"Marie and I will," Joe said. Marie looked so sleepy! Too many drinks I guess.

"Yea, I wanna go too. I don't wanna drink too much," Andy said. He didn't drink too much yet, I knew exactly how he felt. The more you drink, the more you want.

"Well I guess Ashlee and I will go too then," Pete said looking directly at me.

"But I don't wanna go yet," she complained.

"I have things I need to do tomorrow Ash," he said to her. She pouted.

"Stay with me for a little longer, please," she kissed his cheek. Ugh she made me sick.

"For a little bit," he said sounding irritated.


Back at the hotel, I decided to spend some time with Patrick. We both sat on my bed watching TV and eating from the mini bar. Drinking always makes you hungry! We were watching South Park and laughing our asses off.

"That is my favorite line! 'You killed Kenny, you bastard!' It gets me every time!" I laughed and so did Patrick. There was a knock on the door. "Damn it! If it's Wentz then I'm going to scream!"

"Probably is him, that love sick puppy," Patrick teased.

I peered through the peep hole.

"AHHHH!" I screamed and Patrick laughed.

"It's seriously him?" He said and I opened the door. Pete had the most confused look on his face.

"Are you ok?" He said.

"I am fine, I told Patrick that if it was you I was going to scream."

"What? Why? And Patrick is here?"

"Because you are driving me crazy and Patrick and I are watching South Park if you want to join us." I turned and made my way back to the bed and laid on my stomach next to Patrick. Pete closed the door and hopped onto the bed next to me. This bed was huge so we all fit. And the fact that these two weren't much bigger than I.

We watched South Park for the next hour or so before Patrick fell asleep and I was starting to drift to sleep when I felt those warm lips on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw Pete's hazel ones staring back at me. My alcohol had worn off and I still wasn't thinking rationally. He pressed his lips to mine softly at first. The kisses were tender and with each one the pressure of his lips increased. What was I doing? I needed to stop this. I pulled back from Pete and he looked at me confused.

"I think you need to go Pete," I whispered.

"Ok, but I want to talk to you tomorrow," he stood up and put his shoes on. "What about Patrick?" It was obvious that he was wondering if Patrick got to stay the night.

"He'll be fine here," I walked Pete to the door and closed it behind him. I walked to Patrick and shook him gently. "Hey Stumpy, climb under the covers and sleep comfortably."

Patrick didn't say a word but did as I said. I climbed into bed next to him and drifted to sleep within a few minutes.
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