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Chapter 39: All Hell Breaks Loose

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Thirty Nine: All Hell Breaks Loose:

The look on Draco Malfoy’s face was the epitome of priceless. Even though he had planned it for quite some time, actually seeing his ultimate triumph over Harry Potter unfold before his very eye’s was well worth it. His life was complete, if he died right now, then he would die satisfied.

Dolohov pulled himself to his feet, looking from the motionless Harry Potter to the smug looking Malfoy. The veteran Death Eater shook his head, thinking he might have hit it too hard. There was no way that Draco Malfoy could have ever succeeded in the mission that the Dark Lord had set him up to fail but it looked like he had.

“Just to think, I didn’t need any help to beat Potter,” remarked Malfoy smugly before he put his wand towards his throat and amplified his voice so the entire castle could here him. “The Dark Lord had dozens, perhaps hundreds even, of Death Eaters at hand and I had succeeded where he had failed. To all, hear my voice and realize, that the Boy-Who-Lived lives no longer, as I, Draco Malfoy, have killed Harry Potter!”

The fighting had nearly come to a stand still inside the castle and Ginny, who had been dueling with a masked Death Eater, had frozen in her tracks and the Death Eater had fired a lethal curse at her which Ginny instinctively ducked before she whipped around and quickly immobilized her opponent, despite her arm shaking.

“No, no,” muttered Ginny in horror as the ground beneath her began to slightly shake. “MALFOY IS LYING, HARRY CAN’T BE DEAD!”

Several windows inside the castle shattered as Ginny looked around, she had been leading the defenses inside Hogwarts for Harry, but she was shaken up beyond all belief and didn’t think she could continue with such a high profile position. She wished she had the map, to find Harry, to prove Malfoy wrong, but something inside her felt it was beginning to fade and it could only be the bond with Harry. As much as it pained Ginny to think it, the bond could have only began to fade for one reason only.

“Malfoy, you will answer to the Dark Lord for this,” threatened Dolohov as he held his wand at Malfoy.

“The Dark Lord could never beat Potter,” replied Malfoy cockily. “Since I did, what do you think I’m going to do to him. I…”

Malfoy was blasted backwards and Dolohov stepped forward to secure Malfoy but he felt his legs and arms snap together, before he fell to the ground, with a loud thump that caused Draco to look from left to right, with a confused look plastered on his face. Whoever had helped him was not there anymore but Draco decided now would be the best time to find a way out of Hogwarts, to rethink his next move.

In the confusion, his dagger was next to the one Potter had thrown. In an instant, Draco had quickly grabbed the dagger and pocketed it, before he had quickly and cautiously made his way from the classroom. If he could only make it to the secret passageway outside of the Slytherin Common Room, he would be able to make his way to Hogsmeade and disapparate from there.

As Malfoy left, the hand of Harry Potter twitched briefly, as he slid off the desk, breathing shallowly and hanging onto life. The venom from the dagger did do its share of damage, but Harry refused to succumb to it. Crawling over, Harry looked towards the dagger on the floor and blinked. Malfoy, in his haste, had taken the wrong dagger and left the one that he used to poison Harry. Quickly, before Malfoy could realize his folly, Harry wrapped the dagger up in a piece of fabric before he pocketed it and pulled himself up. Despite the fact that he could barely breath or move, Harry managed to summon up enough determination to move down the hall. He had to help.

Malfoy’s proclamation had shaken up the complexion of the battle in Hogwarts. The Death Eaters seemed particularly disturbed, if Malfoy was telling the truth, then they would all have to explain what happened to the Dark Lord, they would all have to pay for their failure.

Daphne and Theodore looked dumbstruck, as they had been looking for Theodore’s father when they had heard the news. Malfoy no doubt believed that he had killed Harry, so something bad had to have happened.

A series of loud screams had broken their concentration and a group of Death Eaters were terrorizing a trio of defenseless first year girls, who had fearful expressions on their faces before as the Death Eaters raised their wands and Daphne and Theodore nodded, they needed to help them.

A pair of stunners blasted two of the offending Death Eaters in the back. The other two Death Eaters had turned their attention to Daphne and Theodore.

“It looks like we found a couple of new playmates,” cackled one of the Death Eaters as his partner nodded maliciously before they moved in to the attack against Daphne and Theodore.

Daphne managed to dodge a flesh rotting curse and send a concussion hex right back at her opponent, who blocked it and sent another dark spell that Daphne did not quite recognize at her, that she could just barely block with her shield. Over her shoulder, she saw Theodore just barely manage to fight off the Death Eater he was facing but her momentarily inattention caused Daphne to get bounce up into the air. She landed hard on the ground, wincing in agony as she hit.

“Now where were we,” said the Death Eater as he turned towards the first year girls. “No need to fret, I love playing with little girls!”

The Death Eater stepped forward in a predatory manner but Daphne had managed to get up, as Theodore continued his battle with the Death Eater off to the side and she threw herself in front of the Death Eater and sent him backwards with a spell.

“RUN!” yelled Daphne frantically to the first year girls who managed to find their feet and bolt off, as Daphne blocked another dark curse. Sadly, a slicing curse at her opponent’s wand hand was avoided and the attacker faced Daphne before he shot a large grey bolt of magically energy after her, causing the wind to get completely knocked out of her.

Theodore had not spotted the activity behind him as the Death Eater he engaged in battle had backed him up a corridor as they dueled out of sight.

The Death Eater stepped forward as Daphne was against the wall, just barely able to register what was going on around her. Daphne reached for her wand but the Death Eater jabbed his wand at his opponent’s throat. She would have never been able to block it, not in a million years.

Daphne gasped, as she felt her wind pipe slowly closing, as the air left her lungs and she slumped down, gasping as the Death Eater stepped back, as the sixth year girl could no longer feel her own body, the oxygen causing her brain to slowly shut down, as she attempted to feebly breath one last time. It was all for naught and her throat had sealed shut. Seconds later, Daphne collapsed, to know no more.

The wall behind Hermione was completely destroyed, with a nasty cut on the girl’s cheek, as she just managed to temporarily incapacitate the Death Eater she was battling, but he was beginning to show signs of life. She admitted it, she wasn’t much of a duelist, no matter how smart she was. She gave it her all, helping the older students, along with the Resistance group, but her mind had been on what the entire castle had heard. Malfoy bragging about Harry’s death and the hand he had in it. Hermione wanted to believe that Malfoy was exaggerating but there was something about the confidence in his voice that unnerved Hermione greatly.

She had no time to dwell on this matter personally, as the Death Eater she had just knocked back made his way to his feet and turned to face Hermione, but the Death Eater found his arms and legs snapped together in unbreakable shackles and Hermione turned to see Tonks, who looked a bit shaken up as well.

“Thanks Tonks,” said Hermione gratefully.

“Don’t mention it, but there is a group that’s having a hell of a time two corridors down,” replied Tonks. “They need all the help they can get, so if you could…”

“Right,” concluded Hermione as she made her way down the hallway, determined look on her face.

“I’ll join you once I’ve secured this one up here!” called Tonks.

Hailey made her way towards a corridor, the floor of which was stained in blood. All hell had broken loose this afternoon and Hailey had not the slightest idea who was still fighting. There seemed to be an endless amount of Death Eaters both from inside and outside of the school that had joined in on the fight.

The next corridor looked to be even worse than the one she had left, as bodies were strewn across the corridor, both of Hogwarts students, along with a couple of Death Eaters. The motionless body of a Ravenclaw in her brother’s year, Anthony Goldstein, laid on the floor, his spine appeared to have been snapped in a crooked direction. Hailey recognized the battered forms of Susan Bones and Seamus Finnegan, who looked to still be just clinging onto life. Several others had fallen that Hailey had not recognized, on both sides.

“Glorious isn’t it,” whispered a manic voice and as she made her way into the next corridor, she saw the manic face of Bellatrix Lestrange, who had an unknown second year spinning in the air, his head flopping from side to side like a top.

Bellatrix turned as she faced Hailey, as Hailey pulled out her wand, but a fight against someone like her was something that even Hailey was not confident about.

“Well if it isn’t Harry Potter’s younger sister,” cooed Bellatrix as she released her hold on the second year and he flew across the hallway, cracking against the wall. Blood splattered in every direction but Bellatrix paid that development little mind. “Dumbledore fell first and then Potter, I didn’t think Draco had it in him, but I guess I was wrong.”

Hailey stepped back and aimed a cutting curse right at Bellatrix’s arm, attempting to catch her off guard but Bellatrix calmly blocked it before she hoisted Hailey off the ground and jerked her wand back, causing Hailey to fly backwards and land on the ground.

“You’ve just made a big mistake, little girl,” said Bellatrix as she raised her wand, calmly kicking Hailey’s out of her reach. “Let me teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget. CRUCIO!”

Hailey screamed in agony as Bellatrix punished her with the Cruciatus Curse, every nerve in her body feeling like they were on fire. When Darthmorth had put her under the curse last year, it was nothing compared to the pain she was feeling right now.

Sirius conjured a stone shield to block the attack, before he whipped the shield around, blasting the Death Eater that he was fighting right in the face. The Death Eater’s mask broke off and a net wrapped up the Death Eater, causing him to be unable to fight out. Quickly, Sirius moved over to help Bill Weasley and his fellow curse breaker, Conrad Peters, who were struggling against the combined forces Rookwood and Mulciber. With expert reflects, Sirius managed to distract the Death Eaters by sending a blinding blast of light into their eyes. A pair of thick ropes were shot out of the wands, but they wrapped around the air, as the two Death Eaters blasted a statue in the way before they crawled into the hole in the wall, attempting to escape.

“Those two, we can’t get them away,” muttered Conrad but a loud horrified scream echoed throughout the hallway, one that Bill recognized at once.

“Ginny,” said Bill in a horrified voice, he knew that his sister would have never been that way, unless she had been in real trouble and he quickly bolted down the hallway. The other two would have followed Bill but another pair of Death Eaters had staggered down the hallway, obviously just having escaped capture.

“Let go of me!” yelled Ginny as she swung her legs, attempting to blast her enemy in the face, but she found herself face to face with the blood thirsty Fenrir Greyback, who looked his lips at her.

“Feisty, I like that,” said Greyback in a predatory manner as he hoisted Ginny up with a surprising amount of strength by the arm with only one hand. “I bet you wished your little boyfriend would have killed me when he had the chance and it is a shame that the Malfoy boy looks to have finished him off, I would have liked to have a taste of him.”

Greyback licked his lips, his eyes glaring with menace as Ginny swung at him but Greyback was smart enough to stand back to not get hurt. Baring his teeth, with Ginny’s face just several inches from his face but a large jet of fire seared his arm. Greyback dropped Ginny in surprise as he saw Bill standing there, with his wand aimed.

Greyback crouched down on all fours before he sprung at Bill but Bill avoided his attack, blasting Greyback out of mid air. Greyback pulled himself up but his arms and legs were quickly fastened together and he fell to the ground.

“Harry’s…” stated Ginny.

“I know, I heard Malfoy,” said Bill quietly, as no one had seen or heard from Harry in an hour and they had all suspected the worst. “I’m sorry…”

“No Bill, let me finish, I think Harry’s still alive, I can feel him briefly, but he’s nearly faded out a couple of times,” answered Ginny quickly and Bill looked at her with an odd look. “I’m not going insane Bill, really…”

“Okay Ginny, I believe you,” said Bill quickly at the look on his little sister’s face, as she seemed determined to believe that Harry was still alive and perhaps she was right, Bill had no way to verify the accuracy of his sister’s story.

A loud ripping sound and Greyback broke Bill’s restraints. The nasty werewolf rose to his feet and turned to both Weasleys, with a nasty glare, bearing his yellow teeth.

“Sorry to interrupt this touching family moment, but I wasn’t finished eating,” growled Greyback nastily, as he pounced and knocked Ginny and Bill backwards. The two Weasleys hit the ground, and Greyback considered Ginny, before he looked towards Bill who reached for his wand but Greyback grabbed it out from his grasp and turned to Ginny, who attempted to aim a punch at Greyback, but he caught it. “This one looks much meatier, I’ll save you for dessert my dear.”

Greyback flung Ginny to the side with raw power before he made his way on top of Bill, who attempted to fight him, but Greyback dug his fingernails right into the oldest Weasley brother’s face. Blood dripped from Bill’s face as Greyback prepared to rip Bill’s skin off of his face and bounced his head off the floor once to prevent him from fighting.

Greyback licked the blood off of his fingernails, as Ginny grabbed her wand, ignoring what felt like a couple of slightly bruised ribs, and aimed it at Greyback but Greyback gave a loud shriek of agony before it appeared he had been frozen in solid ice. Another few seconds and Greyback’s frozen form shattered, as pieces of the vicious werewolf flew in every which direction.

Ginny slowly pulled herself to a standing position and looked, before a mild bit of relief spread over her.

“Harry!” cried Ginny but Harry staggered forward, wand held in his hand, as his legs buckled, barely able to stand up with the support of the wall and he looked up with Ginny with only the barest amounts of recognition.

Lily bent over the Marauder’s Map, Peter had kept on the move rather quick but she managed to locate him again, he was making on the fifth floor, and looked to be making his way towards the seventh floor. If he had made it to the Room of Requirement, there would not likely have been a chance to capture him again. The worry of what happened to Harry was evident in Lily’s mind, but once she had seen Harry move on the map, her fears had been slightly put to rest. Besides, Harry would want her to go after Wormtail at all costs.

As she consulted the map one final time, Lily froze in her tracks and made sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her but the horrifying truth was staring out at her in her face. Hailey and Bellatrix were in close proximity with each other and that fact alarmed Lily to no end. Her daughter was moderately talented in magic but as much as Lily loved her daughter, she didn’t have a prayer against one of the most dangerous Death Eaters that ever served Voldemort. Quickly, Lily bolted right towards that location, as fast as her legs would allow and vowed that nothing else would stand in her way.

Theodore looked up, having finally caught up with the Death Eater that he had followed towards several corridors.

“Impressive,” remarked a calm voice as Steven Nott walked into the picture and looked at his son, with a slight bow of his head and motioned for the Death Eater to stand back.

“Father,” said Theodore with thinly veiled disgust, as he stared up at his father.

“Yes, Theodore, I must say that your abilities here show much promise,” said Steven Nott. “They would show much more promise under the watchful eye of the Dark Lord, so I give you one last chance, join the Dark Lord, you could be great.”

“Yes, exactly how great is a group of people who ruthlessly torture those who are weaker than them,” retorted Theodore dryly as he faced his father, never breaking eye contact.

“It’s sad that you’ve been blinded by Potter’s rhetoric,” said Steven Nott and quickly, an organ explosion curse was sent right at his son’s heart, but the shield Theodore put up had absorbed much of the brunt of the curse.

Theodore aimed a bludgeoning curse right at his father’s skull but the elder Nott dodged and sent a bone shattering curse right back. The curse blasted Theodore right across the top of the head and a loud sickening crack signaled the shattering of the younger Nott’s skull. Theodore dropped, unable to move as Steven Nott turned to face his son, with a sneer on his face as he raised his wand.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” yelled the elder Nott callously as a jet of green light had caught Theodore in the chest. The life exited Theodore’s eyes as he dropped to the ground, dead, as Steven Nott stepped away from his son, not with the slightest amount of remorse.

Harry shakily made his way over towards Bill and Ginny, as his legs began to buckle and Ginny quickly moved over, catching Harry, before he collapsed to the ground.

“Malfoy…poisoned…dagger,” rasped Harry before he looked at Bill. “Help him…forget me.”

“We’ll get someone to help Bill, I’ll stay with you, I’m not going to let anything happen to you,” said Ginny in a shaky voice as Harry looked up at her. “You would have done the same for me, after all…”

“No, poison…consuming…no time…can still save him…” muttered Harry, who looked absolutely delirious, his eyes flickering madly and Ginny wondered if Harry even knew what he had done to Greyback, as Harry’s legs dragged under him, with Ginny being the only thing holding Harry up, as he shifted, Ginny saw a handle sticking briefly out of Harry’s pocket, wrapped in cloth and her curiosity was picked. “Harry, exactly what is that thing?”

“Dagger…that Malfoy…poisoned…” stated Harry in a weak voice, breathing heavily as his eyes flicked out of focus. “Pocketed it on a whim…don’t know…no use.”

“Harry, if the poison is in the dagger, then an antidote can be made,” said Ginny in a half-reassuring, half-worried voice, as she bent down to check on Bill as she sent her Patronus down the hallway, hoping to attract the attention of someone who would be of help.

“Get…Bill…help…don’t..worry,” gasped Harry as Ginny opened her mouth to protest, realizing that if she was in the same position and one of Harry’s brothers or Hailey, were injured, she’d also insist that Harry would get them help first.

“Ginny, are you…” stated Sirius as he raced into the scene before he stopped looking down at Bill, who looked viciously maimed from Greyback and then gasped when he saw Harry who looked very pale, as he clung onto Ginny to just allow his feet to drag across the ground. “Merlin, what happened?”

“Greyback, Sirius, listen, get Bill out of here, before someone finishes him off,” said Ginny in a panicked voice. “I’m going to stay with Harry, he’s been poisoned by Malfoy, now go Sirius, this is important.”

Sirius nodded slowly, casting a worried eye at his godson but he knew that Harry was in good hands with Ginny. Levitating Bill up, Sirius cautiously transported him to the hospital wing.

“Everything burns, hurts to move,” muttered Harry in agony.

“It’s alright Harry, I’m here, everything’s going to be fine,” said Ginny but just as those words were spoken, a pair of Death Eaters made their way out of a secret passageway and moved towards Harry and Ginny, with menacing looks upon their faces.

Harry couldn’t even lift his arm to defend himself at this point, as the poison still attempted to put Harry out for good, so Ginny raised her wand and animated a suit of armor off towards the side. The armor sprung out and attacked the two Death Eaters. The Death Eaters yelped, as the attack caught them off guard but in a blink of the eye, they teamed up and blasted the suit of armor into pieces.

“We’re getting out of here, hang on Harry!” yelled Ginny as she waved her wand right at the stairway off to the side. The stairs snapped together and formed a slide, before Ginny grabbed Harry by the arm and quickly sat both of them down, before they slid down to parts unknown, with the curses of their Death Eater adversaries sailing high above their heads as they made their way down and out of sight.

Sirius walked off, just barely managing to get Bill to the Hospital Wing without being seen. It was the only part of the castle that didn’t seem to be swarming with Death Eaters but now that the oldest Weasley was safely in the care of Madam Pomfrey, Sirius could rejoin the battle.

A squeak was heard and Sirius spotted a very familiar rat streaking by on the floor. Instinctively, Sirius stepped in front of the rat, that quickly turned into the form of Peter Pettigrew, who stepped back.

“S-s-s-irus, fancy meeting you here,” stuttered Peter. “His followers, they’ve gone too far, only meant to get the young Malfoy boy, but too many…I’ve realized now the mistake I’ve made.”

“Wormtail, I’m not in the mood for your games,” replied Sirius coldly as he raised his wand. “If I didn’t need you to clear my name, you’d be dead, is that clear?”

“Yes, Sirius, please don’t hurt me…” stated Peter, cowering slightly which caused Sirius to back off, with his wand raised but the second Sirius took his eye off of Peter slightly, the sneaky wizard caught Sirius right in the side with a vicious curse. Sirius dropped down to the ground, in agony, it appeared as if his appendix was on the verge of bursting and Peter turned back into a rat, before he scurried off as quickly as he came, leaving Sirius for dead.

Hailey breathed heavily, blood dripping from the girl’s mouth as Bellatrix broke the Cruciatus Curse before she found herself flung from one side to the room to the other, causing her to crash into pieces of furniture in the corridor, as Bellatrix just slowly and casually battered her, with the all too real indication that Bellatrix could end it at any time.

Hailey collapsed to the ground, as blood dripped from her mouth. She attempted to pull herself up, but her wand arm was broken and it was very difficult to pull herself to a standing position.

“Ah, did that hurt, well I just make it worse,” cooed Bellatrix in a mock voice. “CRUCIO!”

Hailey shrieked in agony as Bellatrix punished her, with a smug look on her face. It would only be a matter of seconds before she would be driven completely mad by the pain.

Bellatrix was suddenly struck in the back by a curse and flung across the corridor, just barely bracing herself before she landed right on her head. Like a blur, Lily rushed in and blasted Bellatrix backwards with pure raw magic, causing Bellatrix to nearly be put through a stone wall, the force of which rattled the entire school. Blood dripped to the ground, Bellatrix clutching her eye but just barely managed to deflect another attempt and quickly sent a spell back at Lily, before she scurried down the hallway.

Lily turned her attention to her daughter, who could barely move and she rushed over.

“Hailey, please speak to me, say something,” said Lily in a worried voice.

“Mummy, I’m fine,” muttered Hailey in a slightly childish voice. “Don’t worry about me…”

“I do Hailey,” replied Lily softly. “Both of you, you’re both so headstrong, you won’t sit back and not help and I’m afraid that something will happen one day…”

“Harry, is he…” whispered Hailey.

“He’s moved on the map, Ginny’s with him,” said Lily.

“Good,” murmured Hailey quietly and at that moment, Luna, Neville, and Hermione made their way into the corridor, looking a bit battered. They stopped and gasped when they saw the state of Hailey.

“What happened?” asked Hermione in a hushed voice.

“Bellatrix Lestrange,” replied Lily darkly, which caused Neville and Hermione to both narrow their eyes. “She’s been allowed unchecked for too long and…”

“We understand,” said Luna with a calm nod. “We’ll look after Hailey, won’t we and you do what you need to do, Professor Potter.”

“Thank you,” said Lily quickly as she left, wand in her hand and her eyes filled with absolute anger and she made her way down the hallway, leaving Luna, Neville, and Hermione with Hailey.

Bellatrix staggered down the hallway, she could barely see out of her right eye and the effects of a concussion were evident. Placing her wand to her throat, she amplified her voice so the entire castle could hear her.

“ALL DEATH EATERS, GET TO THE SEVENTH FLOOR NOW!” shrieked Bellatrix loudly.

“Wait a minute, I thought we were supposed to stay until we got our hands on the Malfoy brat,” protested a Death Eater, but Bellatrix turned at him, her right eye nearly swollen shut.

“That was before the Mudblood lost her mind and attempted to murder me!” screamed Bellatrix in a manic voice and she spotted Lily making her way down the hallway, wand raised and a murderous rage in her emerald eyes.

With a shove, Bellatrix pushed the Death Eater in Lily’s path, causing him to shriek out in agony as he was ripped in half, blood splattering on Bellatrix’s back as she retreated. Bellatrix made her way towards the passageway, knowing all too well that the Mudblood was on her tail and not caring how many of the Dark Lord’s followers she murdered in her quest.

Ginny and Harry were at the bottom of the slide. As she looked into her eyes, Ginny reasoned that he didn’t look too well. He needed to get an antidote as soon as possible.

“Harry, do you have the Portus-Amulet,” said Ginny, nearly kicking herself about forgetting about it, but the obvious answer had slipped her mind in all of the chaos.

“Yes,” muttered Harry weakly, as he managed to summon up enough strength to pull it out. By all rights, he should have died by now, but it was almost something was keeping him anchored to the physical world.

Ginny gently grabbed Harry by the hand and tapped her wand to the Portus-Amulet, to pull both of the teenagers towards the Hospital Wing.

A group of Death Eaters made their way to the Room of Requirement, filing in one by one, as Bellatrix attempted to push her way through.

“Out of my way, that psychotic bitch is going to kill me!” cried Bellatrix. “I’m the Dark Lord’s most valued follower, let me through…”

Most of the Death Eaters seemed very interested in departing.

Sorry, Lestrange, but The Ministry’s arrived,” informed one of the Death Eaters, before he entered the Room of Requirement.

“The Ministry is nothing!” yelled Bellatrix but she saw several Death Eaters staggered forward, before they dropped right at their the ground, razor sharp arrows implanted in their back. Bellatrix attempted to move towards the Room of Requirement, but a magical force yanked her backwards.

Bellatrix dropped down to the ground and attempted to pull herself up.

“CRUCIO!” yelled Bellatrix, desperately, aiming her wand at Lily but Lily screamed in agony for a few seconds, before she pushed forward and sent Bellatrix right into a suit of armor, with blood splattering upwards as Bellatrix’s head cracked against it.

“You just attacked someone I care about for the last time, you bitch!” yelled Lily as Bellatrix felt a foreign emotion, a bit of fear as she looked up and no Death Eaters seemed to want to be able to help her.

“Look, please, you can’t kill me, what would James say if he realized the woman he married had turned into a murder?” asked Bellatrix, attempting to get the Mudblood to see reason.

“CRUCIO!” cried Lily, losing her temper, how dare Bellatrix attempt to bring up James just to save her skin and Bellatrix screamed in agony, the curse she had favored so many times being brought back at her. “Doesn’t feel nice, does it?”

“Please, show some mercy,” begged Bellatrix.

“Oh like the mercy you showed Frank and Alice, like the mercy you showed my parents, Hermione and her parents, Harry, Hailey, Ginny, Sirius, and everyone else you’ve attacked!” yelled Lily angrily. “You deserve no pity, no remorse. CRUCIO!”

Bellatrix once again screamed in agony.

“Lily what are you doing?” asked calm voice and Lily turned only slightly enough to see Snape standing right there in numb shock.

“I’m doing what the Ministry doesn’t have the guts to do,” replied Lily in a chilling voice.

“Stop before you do something you regret,” said Snape and Lily just angrily glared at him. “Lily, you are better than this and…”

“I suppose I should just let Bellatrix run off, attack more innocent children and commit more murder,” said Lily in a dangerous voice. “Don’t you dare tell me what to do, Snape, it’s not like you give a damn anyway.”

Snape stepped back, he had only seen Lily this angry once before and he had been the unfortunate victim of her anger.

“If you continue to do this, you’ll be only as bad as her,” said Snape softly.

“And if I allow her to go, I’ll be worse then her, Severus,” countered Lily in an equally soft tone as Bellatrix looked to be barely conscious from the two Cruciatus curses.

“What happened to that sweet eleven year old girl that wanted to learn about magic, but wouldn’t hurt a fly?” asked Snape calmly.

“She died a long time ago when her best friend shunned her to join up with more acceptable friends, pity you didn’t care enough to notice,” said Lily coldly. “Now don’t you have to you kiss your master’s robes or something, Snape.”

“The Dark Lord isn’t the issue here,” answered Snape. “It’s about doing the right thing…”

“After all you’ve done, you’ve got a lot of fucking nerve telling me to do the right thing!” cried Lily hysterically, black sparks shooting out of her wand as she pointed it at Snape but she turned her back as Bellatrix, the dark witch bolted straight to the Room of Requirement.

Lily swooped in, knocking Snape to the ground in a burst of raw emotionally charged magic and aimed at Bellatrix. Bellatrix’s agonized screams filled Lily’s ears, as the dark witch’s wand arm was sliced off, just seconds before she made it into the Room of Requirement and Lily turned her attempt towards Snape, it was his fault that Bellatrix had escaped. Lily would have finished her off. Snape had wisely decided to slip away when Lily had her back turned.

Seconds later, Lily saw a rat scurry towards the door of the Room of Requirement, she recognized it at once and the rat suddenly froze in his tracks, being struck with a stasis charm. Lily bent down, picking the rat up by the tail and pulling it up, before she conjured a small cage and charmed it against the transformation back to human. In an instant, Lily placed the rat inside before she walked off.

Bellatrix Lestrange might have escaped with her life, but another Death Eater was about to answer for his crimes.
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