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Chapter 40: The Price of War

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Forty: The Price of War

The aftermath was perhaps worse than the battle that raged inside Hogwarts. Once the Death Eaters had fled, those left inside of Hogwarts got an accurate assessment of the damage. Many were being brought into the hospital wing, clinging onto life, hoping to get treatment from the Healers that were summoned into Hogwarts when the smoke cleared before it was too late, for others, it was much too late.

Ginny watched as a third year student was carried past her. The girl looked to have suffered many nasty injuries and her hope for recovery seemed slim at best. On the bed next to her chair, lied Harry, in a severely weakened state from the poison, several beds down laid Hailey, who had suffered prolonged exposure to the Cruciatus Curse and looked like she had seen better days. Bill had really taken a beating at the vile hands of Greyback, his face mangled beyond all recognition and hushed whispers indicated that his skull was shattered in such a way that it would be too risky to repair, even with magic. In a way, Ginny felt guilty, if she had not been so consumed with finding Harry, she would not been attacked by Greyback, and Bill would not been in this state.

“Ginny,” said a soft voice and Ginny’s eyes snapped up, to see Lily standing there, who looked like she had aged fifteen years in the last hour. “Have the others came back yet?”

“Hermione, Luna, and Neville just checked in, Ron did too, come to think of it” replied Ginny calmly. “Daphne and Theodore, no one seems to know where they’re at.”

“The castle is being checked for more injured and…” stated Lily, who seemed unable to finish her sentence. “It’s a nightmare, I remember hearing for seven years Hogwarts was safe when I went but what I’ve heard from Harry and indeed, what happened tonight, Hogwarts is not the fortress we grew up to believe.”

“Everyone thought that, and other than the first opening of the Chamber of Secrets, it was until six years ago,” said Ginny. “Everyone has it in for Harry, it’s not fair!”

“No,” agreed Lily. “Harry thought he had everything under control tonight, he couldn’t have seen Bellatrix’s plan happening, Draco was who he kept an eye on all year, all indications pointed to him being behind anything.”

“He was the one who stabbed Harry with the accursed dagger, so he might not have been behind the attack, but he planned on murdering Harry, so Harry was right in the way,” said Ginny in a tired voice. “Any luck with an antidote by the way?”

“Yes, the venom was very rare, it’s quite lucky I recognized it and the antidote is simple enough to make, but the fact that Harry was able to fight it off for so long is the real oddity,” said Lily. “All cases that I’ve heard of, is that the victim succumbs within seconds.”

“Don’t care, as long as Harry is alive,” muttered Ginny, as she held Harry’s hand, he was barely able to breath or move, the poison had done it’s horrible work and as far as they knew, Malfoy had managed to slip through the cracks.

“The antidote should be ready in about fifteen minutes,” said Lily, as she looked down at Harry in an apprehensive manner.

“Please last that long Harry,” whispered Ginny softly, as Harry gave a feeble breath, it looked like he was struggling with every second. “Hang on, Harry, I know you can do it.”

“Yes, Harry, we know you can,” added a calm voice and Ginny looked up, to see Luna standing there.

“Hi Luna,” said Ginny in a feeble voice. “Sorry if I don’t seem in the mood to socialize but…”

“Giving all that has happened tonight, that’s understandable,” said Luna calmly. “Mistakes were made, perhaps Harry should have never pushed for Draco to get reinstated. I mean, he did hit Harry with the Cruciatus Curse a couple of years ago and as much as we hold out hope for change, those like Draco aren’t going to change, ever.”

“If it was just Malfoy, we would not have been in the state, how none of us managed to catch onto Bellatrix being under our nose the entire year, looking back the signs were there,” said Ginny.

“I know Professor Trelawney’s mysterious disappearance and reappearance, her slightly stranger behavior this year, but considering the fake Moody, none of us could have imagined that Voldemort would try the same thing twice,” responded Luna.

“That’s what makes it the perfect plan with Voldemort’s demented psyche, we would assume that no rational person would use the same exact plan twice,” said Lily as she checked her watch. “I’m going to check on the antidote, I’ll come back with it, contact me right away if it’s important.”

Ginny nodded, her eyes not leaving Harry’s face for one second and just as Lily left, Ginny watched her parents come in, along with Fred, George, Ron, and much to her surprise Percy. They entered the hospital wing, and Ginny watched her mother make her way towards Bill, with a horrified look etched on her face, as she looked down at her oldest son.

“No, Bill, how could this have happened!” cried Molly. “Fred and George said…but I would have never thought…”

Molly collapsed in a chair, in utter hysterics and Arthur moved towards his daughter, before he leaned down towards her.

“The Ministry is in an uproar, for good reason, many people were injured, blame is being laid in all directions, some with Harry unfortunately as well,” said Arthur in a quiet voice, as he leaned down. “What happened anyway?”

“I was attacked by Greyback, Bill saved me, he got injured, if Harry hadn’t came in time, Greyback was about to move into the kill,” explained Ginny in a shaky voice, choosing her words carefully, leaving out the part of Harry freezing Greyback and shattering him.

“What happened to Greyback?” barked Percy in a pompous voice, not bothering to have one look at his brother. “Was he among the escaped Death Eaters?”

“I don’t know, I was more concerned with the state of Bill and Harry,” said Ginny, as she at Percy, who hadn’t bothered to give her the time of day for over two years, but at barged in and demanded answer. Now that Ginny remembered, her dad had said Percy had gotten a new position at the Ministry of Magic, another fairly high up position, which was interesting considering he had been fired not even a year.

“Well, I say that if you hadn’t been so foolish, a dangerous fugitive would not have had gotten away,” said Percy. “I was sent here on behalf of Chief Auror Thicknesse, to investigate what had happened here today, the rumors of the Death Eaters, most likely lead by the fugitive Sirius Black, who had been rumored to have been here…”

“So you weren’t here to see how your injured, clinging onto life brother was doing,” said Ginny stiffly. “Really Percy, it’s no wonder that you’re getting all these high ranking positions in the Ministry, you’re the perfect pawn! The Ministry can feed you any line of shit and you’ll believe it!”

“Ginny, please…” stated Arthur, who didn’t wish to have a fight between two of his children in the hospital wing, more for his wife’s sake, than his.

“Father, it’s obvious she has been corrupted by that glory seeking Slytherin, most likely put under some sort of enchantment to make her love him,” said Percy, as his head inclined towards Harry. “If he hadn’t been so trusting of Malfoy, the school wouldn’t have been overrun by You-Know-Who’s minions. Most likely an inside job with Black and Malfoy…”

“You know Percy, it’s really a wonder why anyone can here you talk over all those sucking up sounds you make,” said Ginny coolly and Percy looked furious. “Toe the Ministry line if you want to, but when Voldemort decides he wants Wizarding Britain, it won’t really matter, only one person is going to get any power.”

“That won’t happen, The Ministry has a plan to combat You-Know-Who,” said Percy proudly. “Now, as for Black…”

“That’s really none of your business,” said Ginny.

“I’m here on Ministry business, so it is my business if you are harboring a dark wizard!” yelled Percy as he roughly grabbed Ginny by the arm, but Fred, George, Ron, and Luna, who had just been standing back for most of the time, had held their wands out, towards Percy. “I see, all of you have fell under Potter’s spell, he’ll lead you all to your death, Ronald, I’m disappointed at you, you were the last person I suspected to blindly follow a Slytherin, I could have sworn you were going on before about how Potter was evil.”

“Percy if you got out from behind your desk and opened your eyes, I stopped thinking that about Harry along time ago, in fact, he’s a pretty decent guy, and I can’t think of anyone better for Ginny than him,” said Ron with a smile which Ginny weakly exchanged.

“Indeed, we don’t blindly follow Harry,” added George.

“In fact, we don’t really follow him at all, but we’ll happily accept his guidance if he wishes to give it,” added Fred.

“And it’s a shame you think of Harry as nothing but a Slytherin, as the Hogwarts Houses are only something we are in for seven years, a rather slim percentage of our lives,” remarked Luna wisely. “It’s rather astounding that someone who received the high marks you did during your seven years of Hogwarts, could be so naïve. Yes, perhaps the best piece of evidence pointing to the fact that our school years don’t matter as much as we think.”

“All of you are treading down a dangerous road,” said Percy stiffly. “Harry Potter will be the death of us all, all these things didn’t happen until he entered the Wizarding World. He would have been better off left in New York, where the Americans can deal with him…”

“Percy, if you’ll not here to visit your brother, please leave and don’t come back, until you’ll willing to have a more open mind,” said Arthur who looked to be straining to keep his patience and looked to be seconds away of doing a good imitation of his wife.

“Sorry, father, but I am not departing until I bring Black back to the Ministry,” responded Percy in a pompous voice.

“Do you have a written warrant?” asked Luna calmly.

“What does that have to do with anything?” demanded Percy as he stared down Luna with the trademark Weasley temper, who didn’t blink “I am here on the orders of the Ministry of Magic, that should be enough to find Black.”

“If you bothered to look over Ministry law, there was a clause that stated that any fifth generation pureblood can’t be brought in to the Ministry, unless the full Wizengamot court gives a majority vote for a written warrant,” said Luna. “I believe this law was sponsored by Lucius Malfoy, after too many purebloods were…unjustly…accused during the first reign of Lord Voldemort.”

Percy didn’t know what to say and he looked around for confirmation, but everyone seemed as confused as he did and they looked to Luna, who smiled, before she addressed them.

“Daddy studied Ministry law before he decided to start up the Quibbler,” confirmed Luna. “And I thought you also might like to know that any Ministry of Magic official found bringing a fifth generation or higher pureblood without a warrant will get a year in Azkaban and a five hundred galleon fine.”

“How do you know you’re telling the truth?” challenged Percy.

“It’s true, I may be lying, not too much unlike the Ministry,” agreed Luna. “But, considering the possible consequences, are you willing to take the chance and bring in Black?”

Percy turned, nose in the air and stormed off, no doubt back to the Ministry of Magic, and Ron turned to Luna.

“Luna that was brilliant, feeding Percy that line, he bought it one hundred percent,” praised Ron but Luna shook her head, with a slightly amused smile.

“Actually, I was telling him the truth, it isn’t very nice to lie,” said Luna calmly.

“Still, covering for Black of all people, I mean he did kill thirteen people,” responded Ron and Luna and Ginny exchanged looks.

“That’s right, Ron doesn’t know the secret, does he?” asked Luna as Ginny shook her head. “About Sirius Black really being innocent…”

“Wait a minute, Black is innocent, exactly how long have you know,” said Ron in surprise.

“Yes, I am rather curious to find this out myself,” added Arthur, as he surveyed his daughter.

“Second year, Harry and I managed to help Sirius escape a hundred Dementors, when the person who framed him showed his face that night,” responded Ginny.

“Dumbledore said you two were in the Hospital Wing and…” stated Arthur, remembering the letter that Dumbledore had sent them at the end of that year. While Arthur didn’t trust Dumbledore as much, given the events of the diary, he felt that this particular incident didn’t really give the Headmaster any reason to lie about this particular incident. “Forget it, I really don’t want to know.”

“We were in the hospital wing when we were saving Sirius on the grounds as well,” added Ginny. “So Dumbledore was technically right and technically wrong at the same time about what had happened on that night.”

“Wait, you said the real criminal showed up on that night, who was it?” asked Arthur slowly.

“Peter Pettigrew, and before you say anything, yes he faked his death, he was an animagus, a rat, he sped down the sewers, after cutting off his finger and speeding down the sewers, after firing the spell that killed all those Muggles” explained Ginny. “He also goes by the names of Wormtail and Scabbers the rat.”

It took Ron ten seconds before a horrified look appeared on his face when he realized that he had been harboring a murderer for all those years.

“Wait…Scabbers…Pettigrew…” stammered Ron in a horrified tone, as his eyes bugged out wide. “Merlin, I thought he was just eaten by Hermione’s cat…all those years…I owe her an apology, why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Well, it’s not exactly one of those things that come over dinnertime conversation,” said Ginny dryly, as she checked on Harry and wished that Lily would hurry up with the antidote, she absolutely hated seeing Harry in miserly.

“I just talked with the healers, poor Bill, he isn’t in good condition,” said Molly in a shaky voice. “They’ll do all they can…but…”

“This is my fault,” said Ginny. “If I hadn’t walked right into Greyback..”

“No, Ginny, Greyback is the only one who is responsible for what happened to Bill,” said Molly firmly before her eyes widened, as she got a good look at the pale, almost lifeless face of Harry.

“Malfoy stabbed him with a poisoned dagger,” supplied Ginny. “From behind most likely…”

“Poor boy, he doesn’t look too well,“ fretted Molly as she looked down at Harry.

“There’s an antidote of course,” prompted Arthur and Ginny nodded in confirmation.

“Yes, Lily should be coming back with it, any second now,” said Ginny, who feebly wished to wake up from this nightmare, after what happened to both Bill and Harry, but it was all too obvious that this was reality.

“Charlie should be coming soon, he’s having a difficult time getting away from the work he’s doing at the dragon preserve right now,” said Molly, changing the subject, with Ginny nodding calmly.

“Any progress with Harry,” said a voice and Ginny looked up to see a very tired looking Hermione standing in the doorway.

“Lily’s making the antidote, she should be here,” said Ginny, as she looked towards the doorway. “I thought Daphne and Theodore would be with you.”

“People are looking for them right now, they might have gotten severely injured in the fighting and are isolated, unable to get to the hospital wing,” responded Hermione and it was rather disturbing that this was the most hopeful outcome, but it was strange that they hadn’t heard from either of them right now.

Right then, Tonks and another member of Harry’s resistance group that Ginny didn’t recognize off hand, made their way into the Hospital Wing, with extremely grave expressions on their faces.

“Tonks, what is it?” asked Hermione.

“We found Daphne and Theodore,” said Tonks in a shaky voice and Ginny knew right then that something bad had most certainly happened.

“You mean, they’re…” stated Hermione in an alarmed voice.

“I’m sorry, but it looks like the Death Eaters got them hours ago,” responded Tonks.

“They’re bringing them in right now, with the others who have perished,” said the other member of the resistance group. “Their families will be contacted.”

Hermione sobbed, along with Harry, Daphne and Theodore had been her first friends ever and now, they were dead. Seconds later, she watched them being gently carried in, she gasped and she wasn’t the only one. Daphne’s throat was crushed, no doubt the victim of the asphyxiation curse, as her rigid body was carried past. Theodore seemed to be a bit better off, no doubt the victim of a well placed Killing Curse. Hermione wanted to look away, but she could not look away at her fallen friends.

“It’s horrible,” whispered Hermione. “They can’t be dead but…”

“It’s only begun,” said Lily who had arrived in the hospital wing, with a vile containing the antidote in her hand. “They shouldn’t have died but the price of war is staggering. Those who remember the last war know what happened and Voldemort isn’t likely to change.”

Both of the Weasley parents nodded, reluctantly agreeing, the last war had been bad, Voldemort and his Death Eaters had run over everyone in their path, they lost many close to them and many others were injured to the point where their lives were never the same. The shadows of Voldemort’s last attempt for to gain control of all of Magical Britain still loomed years after his campaign had been concluded, the world at large wasn’t ready for this. There only hope lied in a boy who wasn’t even of age, the only one who was willing not to let Voldemort roll over him and that was of course Harry Potter.

“So, the antidote and not a moment too so,” muttered Lily darkly as she popped open the vile, and gently opened Harry’s mouth, helping him swallow the antidote with a charm, as he was too weakened to do so himself. “Now, it will be able to fully counteract the poison.”

“Exactly how long will it take?” asked Ginny quietly.

“It will take a few hours before the antidote completely eliminates the poison, but further spread of it will be contained,” said Lily. “Harry will be weakened for about a week after that and will be limited on exactly how much he can physically do.”

Lily paused, she didn’t really want this for either of them, but much like her generation, the mistakes of the previous generation had caused the current one to suffer. If they had worked harder to finish Voldemort off the first time and not relied blindly on Dumbledore’s plan, they would not be in the situation they were currently in.

“On a more happy note, I did manage to get Pettigrew,” said Lily and Ginny’s eyes perked up. “The Ministry already did clear Sirius on the charges that he betrayed us to Voldemort, but without Peter, it was difficult to get Sirius cleared…”

“Now with Wormtail, the Ministry will be forced to give him a trial,” concluded Ginny who wasn’t able to enjoy this news as much as she would liked to with all that had happened today.

“Pettigrew nearly made sure that Sirius didn’t live long enough, with that accelerated appendicitis curse that he struck him with earlier,” remarked Lily, as she craned her neck upwards to a bed slightly removed from everything else, that a rather weakened, but still alive Sirius was laying, recovering from having his appendix removed.

“I don’t think I can take another surprise today,” said Ginny weakly.

“Yes, this day has been unfortunate and way too long, it seems like no one comes through that door without bringing bad news,” said Luna, who projected her usual calmness but if one looked closely, she was as shaken up with what happened today as was everyone else.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN DUMBLEDORE WAS KILLED?” demanded the voice of Professor McGonagall who sounded absolutely horrified and this unexpected outburst had caused Lily to rise to her feet, and step outside to see what was happening. “No, of all the people…”

Lily stopped and saw several people stepping forward, the motionless body of Dumbledore levitated above them and Lily’s eyes widened in shock. While she didn’t trust Dumbledore and for good reason after what he had done, he was one of the last people who she suspected to see dead after the carnage of the castle, but there his lifeless form was, flopping in mid air, no movement present.

“How did this happen, Minerva?” asked Lily.

“I don’t know,” said McGonagall. “After all the students were killed today, word is that the Ministry will already shut this place down, the Board of Governors is meeting about it, but with Dumbledore no parent will want to sent their children here…”

“Yes, it does look bad,” admitted Lily. “We can’t let one death defeat us…”

“But the problem it isn’t just one death, there are many and Dumbledore might have just been the straw that broke the Hippogriff’s back,” said McGonagall stiffly. “I don’t know what future we’ll have at Hogwarts…”

“I’ll stay here and I know others will, as long as we are able to maintain control of the school,” responded Lily and McGonagall nodded slowly, as the future of Hogwarts seemed a bit uncertain without Dumbledore. While the younger generation were the one’s for the most part felt Harry was their only hope, many still looked at Dumbledore as the shining beacon of hope, the one who would pull an amazing solution out and rid the world of Voldemort for good, but now his death might throw most of magical Britain into a panic, which would only serve to benefit one person.

Lily returned to the Hospital Wing, as the others looked at her.

“Someone killed Dumbledore,” responded Lily as the others gasped, even though many of them had learned that Dumbledore was not the great man he portrayed himself to be, it was still shocking.

“Without Dumbledore, as questionable as some of his more recent actions are…” muttered Molly under her breath and Arthur seemed beyond all words.

“Like him or not, Dumbledore’s mere presence kept Voldemort’s plans in check,” said Lily sadly.

“A more dangerous Voldemort then ever before, as there is only one person who may be able to stop him,” said Hermione as she looked at Harry.

“If anyone can, Harry can,” voiced George, as the others nodded in agreement.

“Still, it’s not exactly the most pleasant position to be, to know that you’re the only person between a mad man and the safety of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people,” said Luna. “Most would fold easily when put in that kind of position, but it is fortunate that Harry isn’t like most.”

“Thankfully,” said Ginny.

At the empty Malfoy Manor, Draco Malfoy pushed open the doors to allow himself inside and quickly made his way up the stairs, towards his room, with a smug look on his face. Not only had he been able to finish off Potter once and for all, but he avoided being captured by all sides, whether it be Dumbledore’s, Potter’s, or even the Dark Lord’s, making it out of the school and to Hogsmeade, where he was able to travel home easily. Sure, it was more than likely that everyone would be after his blood for the death of Potter, for different reasons, but if he was hit with the Killing Curse the next time him blinked, he could die happy as above everyone else, Draco Malfoy was the wizard who had finished Harry Potter.

Entering his room, Draco flicked on the Wizarding Wireless sitting on a table, to hear of the latest news, no doubt everyone would be talking about Potter’s loss.

“Word from Hogwarts is that Albus Dumbledore has been found, murdered within the own school,” declared the announcer and Draco stood up rigid, it was an unexpected bonus that Dumbledore had been killed, no doubt all the blood traitors and Mudbloods would be in a state of panic because of both of their heroes being struck down. “The Board of Governors is having an emergency meeting, at this latest death, as we wonder exactly if Hogwarts is the safe haven it has been rumored to be. Uncertainty continues to reign, as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named no doubt orchestrated the grisly events of this evening that left several students brutally murdered and others injured, including the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter, who will make a full recovery being poisoned with a deadly venom by Draco Malfoy, who is wanted by the Ministry, a five thousand galleon fine for any information about his whereabouts. In other news…”

“Potter lives!” shouted Draco angrily, as he blasted a hole through his wall with the wand, there should have been no way that Potter would have survived what happened, even someone has powerful as he was would have been killed within five minutes at the most and as far as Draco could gather, the battle raged on for an hour to about ninety minutes.

Quickly, Draco waved his wand, gathering up all of the possessions he could, along with a stash of Galleons that he had left in a bag under his bed for emergency purposes. He had no choice but to flee. The Dark Lord, the Ministry, Potter, and maybe even Dumbledore’s associates, would all be after his head, he was a wizard with no friends, no allies, and until he plotted his next move, the only choice would be to keep on the move.

With everything gathered, Draco bolted from Malfoy Manor, where he did not know or care, just somewhere far away from the chaos of Wizarding Britain.

In Hogwarts, it was late at night and Lily walked through the hallways, the teachers were to do one last sweep for injured or dead, as there were still a few students that were unaccounted for. While the possibility was voiced that those students might have joined the side of the Death Eaters and fled when they did, McGonagall still wanted to search and Lily agreed, as she wanted to get away from the Hospital Wing for a few hours, as it was becoming a rather morbid place to be in.

At the sound of footsteps coming in an otherwise deserted corridor, Lily’s body stiffened and she held her wand out, as she saw Snape step out of the shadows, his wand drawn in a threatening manner, as he advanced on Lily, his face full of conflict.

“I suggest you don’t fight, your death won’t be as painful,” said Snape in a calm, emotionless tone of voice.

“So, you are supposed to kill me,” responded Lily coolly as she stared down Snape. “Your Master put you up to this, didn’t he?”

“The Dark Lord has nothing to do what I’m about to do,” responded Snape.

“I wasn’t referring to that master,” said Lily and Snape looked surprised. “I did find it peculiar that you would blindly follow Dumbledore, as when you were a student at Hogwarts, you didn’t trust him at all.”

Snape just remained standing there, the Killing Curse was on the tip of his tongue, but he just couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“Dumbledore forced you under an oath for your freedom, I’m guessing an Unbreakable Vow,” said Lily and Snape didn’t move, afraid to do anything that would break the vow. “Judging by your body language, Dumbledore really isn’t dead, is he? He faked his death tonight, otherwise you would be free to do what you please, regardless of the vow.”

“I can’t confirm or deny anything,” responded Snape stiffly.

“All the pieces fit together well enough with you having to,” said Lily. “You didn’t have the money to buy your way out of Azkaban like others, so you had to turn to Dumbledore, you were scared, you didn’t want to face the mistakes you made, you were nothing but a pathetic coward.”

“I’m not a coward!” yelled Snape, breaking emotion for the first time.

“You are a coward of the worst kind, you joined Voldemort because it was the easy thing to do, because you just couldn’t stand up to people who were only befriending you because of how skilled you were in the dark arts and then you turned to Dumbledore to escape Azkaban,” added Lily. “I’m ashamed at you and I’m most certainly ashamed at myself, because I thought you were decent at one time, but I guess I was wrong.”

“Like you were perfect, you spewed every bit of venom you could at Potter for six years and then you ended up dating and then marrying him, because he changed or to be more accurate, he put on an act and you fell for it just like everyone else,” said Snape.

“Well, at least James cared enough to talk to me, to make sure I was okay after my parents died and don’t you dare give me that excuse about how you couldn’t be seen talking to me because of your little Death Eater chums!” snapped Lily as Snape held the wand, his hand shaking. “Go ahead, Snape, prove that you’re a coward and can’t do the right thing, kill me. It’s two simple words Snape and I won’t try to defend myself.”

Snape just stood there, staring at Lily with a dumbstruck look on his face.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” demanded Lily.

“You know what, I’m not going to kill you and with my last breath, I prove you wrong by doing the right thing,” responded Snape. “Dumbledore did remove memories from your head the night that the Dark Lord lost his body, they are in his office along with two of the Dark Lord’s Horcruxes and…”

Snape just managed to get those words out quickly enough before a black light engulfed him and he collapsed to the ground, as Lily leapt back in surprise.

Severus Snape had been killed for the backlash of breaking the Unbreakable Vow.

And we end on that note with five more chapters to go in Heart of the Warrior Book VI.
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