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Chapter 6

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“Spencer are you honestly going to tell me that you have thought about me for these years we’ve been apart?” she asked.
“Yes I have.” She look taken back by his response. “Haven’t you?” Please say no Lys! You’re a great thing to happen to me!
“Occasionally Spencer, but how do we know if we have that same chemistry.” Without any hesitation Spencer kissed her. I saw the sparkle in her eye as they pulled apart. But she hung her head.
“Spencer I like Brendon now. But you’ll always be in my heart.” Oh boy do I know how to pick the girls! She’s amazing!
“Ok Lys…besides I really like Lexi.” They laughed and I interrupted them.
“Well I’m glad we squared this all up.” I said taking Lys’ hand. “Oh look Limo!” I called as it pulled up. We jumped in to see Amanda and Kayla attached to the hips of Ryan and Jon, no surprise there.
“We ready to party?” Lys asked as the limo stopped in front of a football stadium.
“Yea!” We excitedly exited the vehicle and I felt a small tap on my shoulder. “What?”
“You didn’t say it was at Heinz Stadium.”
“I didn’t know,” Was my reply. “But what’s so great about it?”
“It’s where the Stillers play.”
“The what?” I asked again.
“She means Steelers. They are a football team,” Explained Amanda. Oh so I have a football loving almost girlfriend. Sweet. I can live with that. We walked through the doors and up the elevator to be greeted by fellow label mates.
“Hey Gabe, Patrick, William, and Alex,” Ryan greeted them.
“Aww, hey guys didn’t except to see you here.” Gabe stated as we all exchanged hugs.
“Hey Gabe.” My girl told him like she met him before.
“Hey, and you are?”
“I’m Alyssa and this is Amanda.”
“Oh right the girls from the DVD.” He beamed. What DVD? “Thank you again by the way.”
“No problem. We hope you enjoyed watching it because we enjoyed making it.” This came from Amanda. Just how many famous people did Lys meet?
“Oh and William.”
“I never got to thank you for the birthday wish that you said to me on stage during the Sleeping with Giants tour.”
“You’re welcome,” he extended his hand. “Alyssa right?” she just nodded. Ok So she met Two out of the four, are we going to go for three?
“Patrick, I’ve always wanted to meet you.” Make that a no. I saw her eyes glaze over. She was in la la land.
“Well it’s nice to make your acquaintance” he took her hand and led her to the punch table.
“Just let her go.” Spencer calmed me down. “She’s just mingling.” I hate to say it but I was the jealous type; especially when a great girl like that comes around. “Besides you didn’t ask her to be your girlfriend, did you?” I shook my head no and I knew what he was getting at. I sighed. If it was meant to be and she really liked me then I’d ask her at the end of the night. We’ll see how the night goes. Just then Lys rushed away from Patrick and over to where Amanda, Ryan, Gabe, Alex, Spencer and I were standing.
“Amanda!” she called and pulled her off to the side but still in ear shot.
“He’s here!”
“Who’s he?” she asked.
“Jeff Reed!” Who’s Jeff Reed?
“Ah, are you going to talk to him?”
“What should I say?” she looked toward the direction of the crowd. “Oh and there’s Ben Rothoelisberger! I must say hi and get a picture and maybe a date with him…”
“Why a date?” she asked. Yes, Lys please do tell.
“Well I told Dan, the one who goes to Penn State, that I would try to get a date
with him because he didn’t believe me.”
“Well what about Brendon?” Amanda asked. What about poor little old me?
“I like him I really do Amanda but…” Oh I hate buts. “I just have to talk to Jeff and Ben. I’ll see what happens with them. But I wouldn’t mind dating Brendon.” Alright score. Now I’ve got to find out who my competitors are. I spotted Kayla by the sandwich ring, I’ll ask her.
“Hey Kayla.”
“Hi Brendon.”
“Enjoying yourself?” she nodded and took a bite of her cheese. “Got a question.” She looked intently at me to continue. “Who are Ben Rothe.- however you say his name – and Jeff Reed?” She laughed a little.
“Jeff Reed is the kicker of the Pittsburgh Steelers. And Ben Rothoelisberger is the star quarterback.” She smiled. “Why do you ask?”
“Well they are here and Lys is excited.” Again, Kayla laughed.”I just wanted to know who my competition is.”
“Well…”She turned around to face the dance floor. “The tall gentlemen by the bar, well that’s Ben. And where’s Jeff…”she scanned the room for him. “And Jeff is talking to Lys.” My eyes darted in that direction. Their arms were linked and she was laughing.
“Thank you Kayla.”
“No problem.”
“Hey man, gotta problem with hanging on to your own women?” Jon joked with me as he put his arms around Kayla’s waist. I just shook my head and left. I sat down in one of the sofa’s facing the dance floor to keep an eye on Lys. I saw her exchange numbers with Jeff and Ben. Then she made her way over to Patrick and Alex.
“Hey Brendon,” Amanda approached me. I just nodded. “I’m sorry about Lys. She can be a little flirt sometimes. But trust me it’s harmless.” I half smiled at her. Lys approached us at that moment.
“Brendon!” she called then kissed me on the lips. “Why are you sitting down here? Let’s dance!”
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