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Nothing Is Final... Yet.

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It took Lynn a whole hour to come around... Thinking of everything all over again, trying to see everything that's happened to her lately in a new perspective.
It was as if she was in a dream. Everything had changed all of a sudden. Every fact she thought she knew was proved to be ambiguous after reading that letter from Gerard.
It would only be completely normal for her not to believe any of what he had told her, but it all made sense considering the way she actually felt.

"Hey..." Frank said walking in.
She looked at him with empty eyes, as if she was unable to find the words to reply his hello.
"Mikey told me you were here and..." Frank paused as he took a seat on the chair next to her to add: "I think we need to talk."
"So you knew about this whole thing all along!" Lynn's reply was conclusive yet careless of what the answer will be.
"Well, actually..." Frank was about to speak to be interrupted by the door opening and Shannon walking in to then hastily shut it after her.
"Am I late?" She asked dragging a chair to where Frank and Lynn were sitting. "Did you tell her anything yet?" She asked taking a seat facing them.
"No, not yet." Frank replied looking at Lynn sympathetically, watching her get angry.
"Why do I feel like some kind of a victim here?" Lynn asked looking at the both of them, sitting there, looking back at her.

There was a moment of silence for a while; Lynn was too busy back to trying to think things back as Shannon and Frank were finding it hard to open up the subject they wanted to talk to her about.

"He said you will explain the rest to me..." Lynn finally broke the silence.
"Yeah, well..." Shannon paused as Frank interrupted: "Gerard wanted us to tell you that he is really sorry that he did this and...Uh..."
"He didn't mean to hurt you..." Shannon continued.

"That's the explanation?" Lynn asked sarcastically.
"Well..." Shannon added to then turn to Frank as if she was waiting for him to go on and spare her the talk.
"He's in jail and wants to see you for the last time before he's condemned for good." Frank added barely being able to look her in the eyes.
"For good? What do you mean for good?" Lynn snapped, accidentally raising her voice.
"Oh, oh I didn't mean to say that, I meant..." Frank was suddenly blocked.
"It's not final yet..." Shannon then said trying not to make her feel as bad.
"Not final?" Lynn repeated getting even more worried as Shannon had just proved the fact that Gerard might stay in prison forever, or the worst might happen.
"Wait, he wants to see me" She then said loudly, standing up. "Take me to see him then!" She exclaimed grabbing her coat.
Her fast and sudden decision to see Gerard got Shannon and Frank to stare at her with surprise.
"What the hell are you waiting for? I want to fucking see him!!" Lynn somewhat yelled, glaring at the both of them.
"Let's...Let's go then..." Frank mumbled standing up, checking if he had his car keys in his pocket to then head outside, right after Lynn, followed by Shannon.

“Shit…” Lynn mumbled as they were driving to Gerard’s.
“What?” Frank asked, trying to look behind him as she was sitting in the backseat and Shannon next to him.
“My head!” She exclaimed, looking down, resting it in both of her hands.
“What’s wrong?” Frank asked to be interrupted by Shannon: “Your eyes on the road, Frank.” As she then reached for a pill from her pocket turning to Lynn’s and said: “Here, have this, you’ll feel better in no time”
“You always keep pills for headaches in your pocket?” Frank asked sarcastically, eventually fixing his eyes on the road.
“Shut up, that’s not a normal pill; I got it especially for Lynn.” Shannon replied as Lynn took the pill.
“Not a normal pill?” Frank repeated after her. “What the hell are you giving her?” He added giving her an angry suspicious look.
“Just take it, Lynn.” Shannon added.
“Fuck, what the hell is wrong with you! Lynn! Don’t just take it!” Frank started to get nervous.
“Focus on the road! This is just for her headache!” Shannon yelled.
“I can’t bear the headache so I’m taking it.” Lynn added making Frank turn her way saying: “Give it to me!” Forgetting all about the road, letting the steering wheel slip off his hands making the car deviate to the other side of the road, just as a truck from the other side was speeding their way.
“Frank!!! SHIT!!!” Shannon yelled, trying to take control of the steering wheels at the last second.
“Oh my God, no!” Lynn mumbled with the truck’s lights getting so close; almost blinding her.

“I think god heard you.” Frank finally said with a tired tone as they sat in the parked car, right in the middle of the road.
“That was so close.” He added as Lynn just sat there trying to realize what had happened.
“Yes. Now move, I’m driving!” Shannon added with anger, pushing him away.
“Right…” Frank replied turning the car on.
“Frank seriously, just let me drive!” Shannon tried to beg but he wouldn’t listen, he just drove the rest of the way to the prison, where Gerard was.

When they got there, and went through security and all the checks they were supposed to go through, Frank and Shannon went down the car, waiting for Lynn to do the same before they lock it.

“Come on Lynn, we’re finally here.” Shannon said looking in at her through the car window.
“We almost had an accident!” Lynn said coming down.
“But we didn’t, which is the best part!” Frank replied trying to make it sound as harmless as possible.
“I… I think I remember something.” Lynn mumbled frowning.
“What?” Frank said frowning.
“The pill…” Shannon mumbled.
“The accident we almost had is so similar to the one I had…” Lynn then said as Frank locked the car.
“You had an accident?” Frank then asked.
“Yeah… I think I'm starting to remember.” Lynn repeated.
“The pill, did you take the pill?” Shannon asked looking all worried.
“It fell off my hand when you were making the turn away from that truck.” Lynn replied.
“Shit! No! You were supposed to take it!” Shannon exclaimed having a rather scared look in her eyes.
“What is it with you and that pill, and you and that accident?!” Frank then said heading to the door, leading them in.
“We’re here to see Gerard Way. I have an acceptance paper from the lawyer.” Frank said to the first person he saw behind a desk in there.

“Look, Lynn, seriously, trust me, you need to take this pill!!” Shannon then said.
“I told you I don’t know where it is, it fell!” Lynn added starting to get annoyed.
“Oh my god! How could you!” Shannon replied.
“I couldn’t help it! It just fell!” Lynn answered raising her voice a little.

“Will you two stop it, what’s up with that anyway, the important thing is that we’ll be able to see Gerard now.” Frank interrupted gesturing them to follow him as he was going behind a guard, who was, apparently, leading them to where they can see Gerard.


This isn't the end but, I'd like to thank whoever commented this story... You guys are awesome! Thank You! the more you comment, the more motivated I become for faster updates. As for the rest, I'd LOVE to hear what you think of this story so far. The end is near...
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