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New Life Old Scars

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About a boy with a evil murderus brother, a rotten father, a died mother, and a person who saves the boy from a life of misery.

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Chapter 2
New Life Old Scars
By: EriksBlue
Rating: in this chapter more close to pg-13 but don't give your hopes up.Done
Name: Savage life blood
It's been five years since that day they said because of the scar any over stimulation to my heart will cause my body to go in to shock and I will star having heart spasms. Also the lack of oxygen and blood to my brain caused me to them. I didn't now who tried to kill me so they didn't push anymore than they could. So the case went cold a became another case file to clutter up New York.

Now I live with a Judges 30 year old daughter she's what you would call a hero cop or detective she doesn't really care but I am proud of her. I don't call her mother its not that I don't love her I do its god she's more like a sister iam only 14 years old now in high school. After I got out of the hospital the women I live with now said my father was unfit to take care of me so she offered to take me in. God I fell more like her boy maid she just needs to put me in a dress.

"WAKE UP Ashley its 6:20a.m you're going to be late by this rate" I hit her on the head with on of her shampoo smelling pillow. "What are you my mother go away 5 more minutes?"
"GRRRRR now" I snarled "ok ok get breakfast ready." "All ready done" her head shot up "why didn't you say so dummy." I sighed she loves my cooking I started practicing after she always came home late. After I got really good at it she would always drool over every thing I make. "So Kanashimi why are you dressed it's a Saturday you should be laying front of a TV rotting your brains out."

"Should I pulse who cares anyway" I said as I was shoving pancakes into my mouth.

"Don't you have to go meet your girlfriends you sly fox you heehee." "Ha-ha very funny old hag." As I chocked down my food. "Ha-ha very funny you midget iam still hot as I ever was in all my life." "So did you find your knight in shinning armor" I giggled "oh shut up Blondie?" She said as she lifted her leg and poked me in the head with her foot.
DING-DONG went the door bell.

"Hummm I wonder who's that can you get that hun." I stode up whipping the pancakes from my mouth. I opened the door "Can I help you,oh its you sir sorry is Ashley that late."

"Don't worry Kana I'am just here to drive her to work" "Chief iam sorry I totally spaced let me get ready." She went to the bathroom and I went to clean up our mess "Let I help Kana, you know you're pretty lucky to be living with a women like her."

I laughed a little "what's so funny" "Sorry it's just, if you were cleaning after her" I look up at him and smiled and said "Women are pains" "Why do you say that kana?"

"Say what?" said Ashley as she stepped out of her room in her uniform with her favorite hat tilted over a part of her elegant face "nothing Ashley" "Well we better get going" he smiled.
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