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Guns Blazing

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captures a killer and good friends stop by for a bite

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Chapter 3
Guns Blazing
"Hay Kanashimi wait up for me" yelled Kelsey I stopped and turned around. "Sorry Kelsey" she was trying to catch her breath "idiot I said stop" she hit me on the head "lets go the other are all ready at the basketball court." She grabbed me by the hand an pulled me along with her then their was yelling. A gun shot as fast I could I shoved Kelsey on the ground a man was running towards us with a gun. I only had a second to think if he comes this was he might kill us both so no witnesses. So when he finally walked past us I stuke my leg out and he fell dropping his gun.

I jumped the guy and pined him down Kelsey pointed the gun at him and yelled "MAKE ONE MOVE ASSHOLE AND I WILL KILL YOU." Lucky for us the police came in time about ten minutes in to the thing our friends showed up. "Oh my god are you two ok did he hurt you" said Sarah " No thanks to Kanashimi pinning the guy down it made it easy to get his gun" then the police grabbed our friend and pulled our friends back in to the crowed. People started to take pictures and we smiled and waved.


"Hay Kanashimi come see this" yelled Ashley "what iam making toast right now." "You're on the news's" I finally decided to look and their me and Kelsey were talking about what happen then Ashley shoved a paper in my face "look you're on the news paper.

"Serial Killer caught
Kanashimi LongHeart and Kelsey Arens caught a Serial killer called Aaron Burring, 45 with fast thinking from Kanashimi he was able to dis arm the killer while Kelsey used his own gun against him."
"Holy crap Ashley" she looked up at me "The young man who help capture the killer was the son of a Hero Cop Ashley Baillio. "Hurry you did it kid now they now you're my kid now the guys will start to respect me." She slapped me on the back and we both laughed a little.

Then We ATE

The door bell rang and their were three of his friends Kelsey, Sarah, and Sam. Saying "did you read it did you w3atch the news."

"Ya I did" they were jumping off the wall I didn't get what was so exciting we could have got killed. "Let's have a moment of silence of all the people who finally got justice" said Sam. "So Kanashimi do you think this will make us famous huh?" "Do you every think about any thing else then fame" I said.

"Hay when we die all that is left of us are photos and what we write" said Kelsey I sighed and nodded my head. While giving them a sweet smile. "Hay Kana what about your heart is it ok."

"I am ok I went to the clinic yesterday, so don't worry" I padded her on the back "lets eat I am starving we all laughed and dug in to a leather cake i made yesterday... I have no regreats about anything.
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