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When it was time for the naming ceremony, however, neither Lucia nor Sochi had thought of a name for their daughter.

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The Oracle
Chapter Fifteen
Lucia Ryukei was a demon. She looked human, but the people said of her that she was the lover of the devil himself. She only smiled when they would tell her such things. Anyone who knew anything about the devil knew that ‘he’ was a she. Her beauty was unmatched, unparalleled by any other woman’s in the small village she called home, and the people said of her too that she was a goddess. To this, she only smiled and told them to make up their minds. As a demon, her principal ability was to manipulate vibrations in the air. To speed them up, made things burst into flames. To slow them down, the object would figuratively freeze; it would completely stop moving, though it was not cold to the touch. She used it to manipulate sound.

Men were not a problem for her. She could have any man she desired, within her line of thinking, her body and her voice ensured that. The only thing she needed to do was to adjust a strap on her DD size bra that cupped the luscious mounds of her breasts and she drew eyes like faeries to honey. She fancied herself one of the fey folk, an elf perhaps, as her ears did have a slight point to them, and her hair would fall effortlessly perfect always. A large blue stone always adorned her throat, a fine specimen of lapis lazuli. The choker it attached to was heavy; it had been a gift from the goldsmith of the town, made from the purest, finest gold and crafted exquisitely. Her head was always held high, despite the weight. All her finery was from the townspeople, the clothes she wore, her jewelry, even the house she lived in the people built for her. Good or bad, whatever opinion they had of her, they were afraid to enanger her. Since the day she had arrived in the town, things were prosperous, and when she was angry, crops burned. Winter came early when she was saddened as well, and the town became superstitious. She had arrived alone, an orphan at the age of five, and since then had been the figure of worship/hatred to the people when she had burned to death the former leader of the small village. The despot had levied taxes unfairly, led tyrannically, and had a fondness for fondling young children. Lucia was not a child that you could do such to and come away unscathed.

As is the way of all such things, she fell in love at the age of seventeen with a newcomer to the village, one who knew nothing of what she was or what she could do. As hard as she tried to get his attention, none of the usual gambits would work. Sochi was in idealist, uninterested in sex for sex’s sake or even before marriage, and the more she knew about him, the more besotted she became. The young stranger made use of himself around the village, working as a jack-of-all-trades within the small community. He worked hard and never complained about anything. He repaired plumbing, assisted the smithies, performed menial tasks, even took care of the elderly and knew remedies for many illnesses.

The fact that she was besotted with him became obvious rather quickly, and those wishing for her happiness arranged a way for them to meet. Things went well, and they eventually married and had a lovely girl-child. When it was time for the naming ceremony, however, neither Lucia nor Sochi had thought of a name for their daughter. A child, one not from the village came up to the cradle, with another non-villager child in his arms. The male, appearing to be about twelve-thirteen, looked into the cradle, then to the baby in his arms. Her eyes were the same shade of brilliant green as the eyes of Lucia’s child. She smiled.

“She’ll sing like a songbird, look like light, and live among the trees. Lyanvis is what I would name her.” He said. “Lyanvis-Mitsuko Moriko and both of your last names would suit her...” He turned around and walked away, leaving the parents both baffled and with a newly named child.


Okay. So.... This chapter is really only blunt randomness for the sake of it. I was wondering what kind of background Lyanvis would need to be the way she is, and This is what came to mind. Being spoiled was in her nature, just like her mother. I tried to keep one thing consistent, and that was that both Lyanvis and Lucia were regal type people, but also strangely impulsive and ambitious. In case you were wondering also, No, you have not seen the last of my Oro/sasu evilness. [insert evil laugh and cowering Sasuke here] I'm just thinking right now. I realise this chapter is all ooc's in an undeveloped land, but I couldn't resist trying to figure out the roots of my character. It's weird, but I figure that The characters dealt with currently in this chapter, the only ones that will show up later are the boy and the two babies. A cookie to anyone who can figure out who the boy and the baby he's carrying are.


Amaterasu Tsukiyomi Uchiha-Aki-Marise, The goddess of the sun.

There is no escaping insanity. It will find you, where ever you are and create disharmony whithin your life. Insanity reigns supreme, it is in your blood. It flows through your veins freely, unstoppable as the tide. Everyone has it, perhaps to a different degree, but still, it is there. We live in a time of insanity, where the code of the land is law. But what is law? What does law mean for those who do not let it rule them? Law is an insane man's way of trying to create Order in a disordered world. But his laws are flawed. Let us create new ones, that they may continue to expand and grow as the years go by and bring peace to a world perverted by malice.


No, this is not a spoiler for the story. I have another storyline in which Amaterasu is Sasuke's child [go figure] and this is her basic mindset. something I just noticed. Almost all of my story chapters have some kind of sexual undertones to them.... Hmmm.. I guess I'm just overy sexual myself.

...Or totally deprived, lol.
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