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Double-Edged Sword

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Are you ready for this? This infinite abyss of nothingness. Where white is black and black is white. Up is down and down is up. We can lie forever; hiding beneath perfectly plastic masks. We can si...

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The Oracle
Chapter Sixteen
Double-Edged Sword

As long as they are together, they will never be alone. This is elementary, obvious, deadly fact. There is no way to change it. And if the change does not come, we will not feel its lack. Without one, the other cannot exist. A Little less screaming, please, if you do not mind, some people are trying to rest. We are all interconnected on the Tree of Life. Do not be surprised when you hear this deadly fact.


Her lips curve into a sadistic smirk. In the world she lives in, she is a child. A child, a child, a child. That is how HE sees her. That is how they see her. But in her mirror… her wonderful mirror, she can see someone else. Her best friend looks back at her, and they teach each other. And they meet, and they talk about such lovely things. She never knew how to seduce. She never knew about sex, and physical pleasure. Lyanvis was an expert. They would never see her as innocent. She did not know how to be innocent.

Are you ready for this?

In their minds, she was a harlot, a whore, nothing more than a toy for their imaginations. And when she did not comply, she was the wrong one. The bitch. She never felt comfortable in her own skin. But her best friend, her best friend in the mirror, they had their talks. And whenever Lyanvis needed strength, she could see Amaya’s eyes in the mirror. Whenever Lyanvis needed to trust in herself, she had Amaya to help her through. Amaya was an expert. They would never treat her as though she were inferior. She did not know how to be inferior. And they were two sides to the same coin, the same coin, the same coin.

This infinite abyss of nothingness.

Two sides of the silver half-dollar. Amaya wanted to learn less innocence, Lyanvis wanted to lose cynicism. And the lesson they could only learn from the other. And Amaya thought Lyanvis so beautiful, Lyanvis was so beautiful, and Amaya was not. Not to herself, she did not see beauty, her own worth without her brother there to tell her it. Alone, Amaya could not see that she was beautiful. Her eyes lied to her so frequently; she did not know the truth of her own beauty.

Where white is black and black is white.

And the coin in the air lands heads down and it is Lyanvis’, Lyanvis, Lovely Lady Lyanvis, Orochimaru’s beautiful goddess of sound, it is her turn. And her lips curve to think of him now, her master that she has accepted. And she wanted to be less cynical, and Amaya wanted to be more sexual, and the world knows that Lyanvis is good at what she does. Silver, because Amaya is so graceful, so graceful, she knows who she is and is not afraid to show the world what she has and everyone knows that Amaya is good at what she chooses to do.

Up is down and down is up.

And between them, it was easy to see that they could hold the whole world in their thrall. Lyanvis was perfect. Amaya was perfect. They were both perfect examples of a Kunoichi. Beautiful, powerful, invincible, and they held the world in their own little thrall, their own little thrall, their own little thrall. Because Amaya's grace comes from her self-confidence and Lyanvis' beauty comes from her own perception of the universe, and together, they can change the world with their madness, their folie-a-deux, their madness of two.

We can lie forever; hiding beneath perfectly plastic masks.

And Lyanvis at least knows the realities of this world they live in. She knows how the world can be just so cruel. And Amaya is sheltered, protected, but she knows there is cruelty as well. She is not cynical. She is not like Lyanvis. She sees more than the pain in the world. When people focus on their pain, she focuses on the beauty of the pattern the blood has made. When others are horrified, she turns her face to the sun and smiles to see the beauty the earth has granted her.

We can sing forever, screaming while nobody hears us.

The world wants to sever the bond between them. It is too strong. Lyanvis knows this. And she holds on tightly. She needs Amaya the way she needs the air she breathes. Her best friend, her sister, her twin. As much as they fight, as much as they argue, now, in the life she leads, Lyanvis would die without her sister. Would die without her, she needs her to be whole, sane .She needs her to be good. She needs her to not drown in herself, her self-imposed punishment.

Are you ready for this?

And Amaya needs Lyanvis too, in the way that she walks and talks, it is obvious, the trust between them. And Amaya needs Lyanvis likes she needs the earth she walks on. It is not possible to truly separate the two, they are like oil and water, yet they cannot be truly apart. They cannot be truly separate. And alone they will never be. Because Lyanvis is as cruel as anything this world has to offer, and Amaya is as sweet as the most flavorful fruits of the earth.

A metropolis full of honest eyes and lying lips

They have their protectors, their loves, their friends, but the bond between them is stronger than the red string of fate that connects them to the one they will love. There is the red string, and then there is their silver chain. The silver chain binds them both together, as twins, as opposite sides of the same coin. And they are opposite sides to that coin, irretrievably so. And Amaya has Itachi, and Lyanvis has Orochimaru to protect her. Only, Amaya would accept, and Lyanvis would reject.

Where opposites are opposite, where there is everywhere to hide...

Amaya would accept a caress, a touch, a taste from her protector and much more that he could give to her. Lyanvis has had enough of men taking advantage of her. Should Orochimaru come to desire her, his life would end. She would say… “It means nothing if his life does not pass by my hands.” She would tear him apart, because she has come to trust him, trust that he did not desire her body. Because something born so evil cannot help but commit evil acts.

Live with us! Live with us!

And Amaya would accept if Itachi wanted to place his hands on her body, wanted to kiss her, touch her, desire her, even if in body alone. Her eyes close, and she imagines with what little information of sex she has gleaned from those around her. But she would not push, would not ask, would not willingly cause that change; she does not know how. And Lyanvis is satisfied with herself when she teaches Amaya finally. Because something born so good cannot help but cause harm to what is less good.

We foot it at the frontier; there is nothing we need to fear.

Amaya feels strange in this, hesitantly afraid of herself. But Lyanvis is a kind teacher, a good teacher, and Amaya becomes bolder. And when they meet face to face, Amaya is ready for the last lesson that she will need on her path onward through life, and Lyanvis is ready for a lesson of her own from Amaya. And they are both ready to find their new path in life. Amaya is just so good, and Lyanvis is just so evil, so Orochimaru’s disciple.

Blood-soaked, bloodstained, we have seen it all.

The lesson is the same on both sides. To be sweet, you must open your heart and allow yourself to lay it on the line. To be sensual, you must know your heart and use it to entice. Use your heart, your body, your mind, your soul… you must sell the image that you want nothing more than that person does. You must take yourself and give yourself over to that person, while remembering whom you are, all the while.

Time does not wait, so we do not stall.

To be sensual, you must open your heart and allow yourself to know what it is like to be hurt. To be sweet, you must know your heart and use it to demonstrate the fact that you are willing to give yourself away to them. Use your heart, your mind, your soul, your body… you must sell the image that you want nothing more than that person’s happiness. You must take yourself, and give yourself wholly to the other person, while remembering whom you are, all the while.

Call us crazy; call us insane, your words mean no pain.

And Lyanvis by looks is the light. She is the sweeter one, the kinder one, the child of light. And by that same coin, by looks, Amaya is the dark side. She is the killer, the huntress, the child of darkness. Yet Innocence belongs to this murderer. Innocence, Kindness, Sweetness… she is all that is good, a pure soul. While Lyanvis is dark. So unbelievably dark, it is incredible. Lyanvis is Sexual, sensual, steeped in sin. And she will be the force to push Amaya into darkness.

We are the preceptors of this pitch-black paradise.

She does not intend to hurt her, but the devil takes many forms. And the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And as Lyanvis teaches Rin smiles. Tsunami smiles to know that soon, soon, she will own Amaya’s soul. The first pure soul to exist on earth since Adam and Eve will belong to her. And No one would take such a treasure from her. She would not allow it.

Are you ready for this?

Selfless sacrifice will not save you from this devil. Sacrificing your own soul for another is a good deed, a pure act, but she will still collect your soul. Any act such as that stems from some kind of pride. The pride of a mother in her son, she wants him to keep living to continue their bloodline. Should she sacrifice herself for another, Rin would still own her soul. Rin smiles to know this. Rin has never been so wrong, has she? or is she wrong now?

Are you ready for this everlasting omission?

I love this chapter too. It was meant to be a later chapter, but I wanted to share it. I'll probabaly move it around later. By the way, be on the lookout for a new prologue. I may change it and set up the story properly, with what is now the prologue in it's proper place. There is a reason why the text is in bold. I'll dedicate a chapter to whomsoever can figure it out with whatever detail you want. The Yayome chapter was a dedication to Melanie, because she gave me the inspiration to continue writing this fic, as much pointless 'plotless drivel' as it is...
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