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FOB Sorority

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Title: FOB Sorority
Chapter Number: Three!!!
Inspiration: Daughter of Delta Nu - Legally Blonde the Musical -
Notes: Muffy Vanderbilt
All members of FOB
All members of the FOB sorority
I own nothing, kthx! Do not take what's not yours, or else I'll tell everyone about how you got caught smoking Mr. Coates' pot, had sex with your bestfriend's boyfriend, and went skinny dipping... Oops. Too late ;]

Unlike most Sororities in California, the FOB Sorority was silent. So silent that it made a graveyard sound like a rock concert, except for all of the FOB's outside Pete's door, whining.

"Sweetheart it's been twelve days
Please let us help you through..." They whined outside Pete's door, scratching and banging on it like deranged animals.

"SHE'S EATING MILKYWAYS!" Patrick shrieked, peering through the keyhole before almost getting stabbed in the eye by Pete.

"What?! No! Omigod!" All the girls shouted at the same time and then shouting more inaudible things.

"Uh uh! Tell me those are fun sized!
I think she should be shot!" Andy wailed with a slightly bitchy tone.

"And let me tell you what," Joe picked up after Andy. "I don't think she's all that hot." He finished, resting his hand on his hip for extra effect.

"I do!" Patrick giggle-snorted-admitted, batting his eyelashes.

"Well, you're a slut!" Joe snapped, glaring at Patrick.

Patrick sniffed and began stumbling over his words, trying not to cry. "Look... Who... Is talking!" He wailed, putting his hands on hips.

"Uh uh!" Andy gasped, raising his hand to bitch slap Patrick. "Three words! Spring break, Cabo!" He smirked, placing his hand on his hip.

"I know! I SAW him!" The FOB sorority agreed with Andy, all reaching for the railing on the stairs to attack Patrick.

And then Pete emerged from his room in a black cloud of emo dust. "People, People, must we descend into madness?" He croaked, examining the scene before him.

"Yess!" Patrick danced, trotting towards Pete with the rest of the sorority.

"Oh hunny, so good to see you! Look we brought you new magazines! We got Town and Country, and you're favorite, the one they named after you, EMO MAGAZINE!" Andy shouted, clapping.

"Yay!" Patrick giggle-snorted.

"Thanks, Andy, but I think it's gonna take more than Town and County and EMO to pull me back from my shame spiral." He whined, pulling EMO from the top of the pile. He began flipping through it while the others babbled.

"Well, sweetie, you are just going to have to wait because the next Vogue doesn't come out till next week." Patrick cooed in a comforting voice and hugged Pete.

Suddenly, Pete shrieked and pointed at the magazine.

"WHAT?!" Everyone jumped and screeched, staring at the magazine.

"Do NOT tell me ponchos are back in!" Joe bitched, pointing at the magazine.

"No, worse, it's Ashlee's sister, Jessica, and her husband, pictures from their wedding." He growled, about to cry.

"Anthony Romo!" Patrick read while examining his finger nails.

"Romo!" All the girls laughed after Patrick, blinking at Pete before he did something extremely odd...
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