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When you call, my heart stops beating

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First in a 3-part series. Next story is "This Was No Accident, This Was a Therapeutic Chain of Events" and the final part is "The Only Hope For Me Is You". Please read and review. Thanks!

I really hated moving, but at least I would be closer to my brother! I really did have the world's greatest brother. We've been so close even though we haven't been able to be physically around each other much over the past four years of our lives. Let me tell you a little bit about our past.

I'm Kiley and I was adopted when I was 5. He and I are the same age and it was nice having a buddy at school all the time. We had some of the same friends, but we did our own things. He was really into music and I loved to write. Those two things still remain the same today. We had a great childhood until highschool.

Our father cheated on our mother and that's basically when shit started to hit the fan. They became so wrapped up in their own drama that they forgot about having children. We had to fend for ourselves and we were just never good enough for them either. They didn't support him playing in a band or me writing. They refused to help either of us go to college or with anything at all. We both got part time jobs in order to have some type of life and we split our earnings down the middle. We needed to stick together if we were going to survive.

When we both turned 18, which was only a few days apart, we packed our things while the parents were both working and moved out. They never tried to contact us after we left. He moved in with someone in his band and I lived with a friend and her family. We graduated high school and I went off to college at NYU. Thank god for my friend's parents co-signing on a loan to help me.

My brother stayed in Chicago for awhile until his band got signed to a label and started making it big. I went to a few of their shows and met the band a time or two in passing. They were always so busy. We talked on the phone all the time and he would send me stuff from all over the world. He would also deposit money into my banking account without telling me. Like I said, the best brother in the world.

When I graduated from NYU, he came to the graduation and gave me the most amazing gift ever. An apartment beachside in the LA area! He had moved their after the band went big and now I could live within 10 miles of my brother!

My brother is in Fall Out Boy and his name is Joseph Trohman, or Frohman as his fans call him. He has the biggest head of hair ever. Even though we aren't blood relatives, we're closer than any other brother sister combo you'll meet. So close that Joe takes care of me since our parents never did. He even paid a moving company to transport my stuff from New York to LA. Bet that was expensive! He was probably just too stoned or lazy to help.

I am about an hour outside LA with my mini pinscher Lady in the passenger seat passed out. This was the longest drive of my life, but at least my job was to sit at home and write. I'd had a few things published. I wrote some articles for various magazines. One was even published in Rolling Stone! They wanted me to do something on Fall Out Boy, but I refused. I know too many dark secrets to do that!

My phone began singing "The Take Over" and I answered it.

"JOE! I am getting really close and I am so excited!" I squealed into the phone.

"Awesome! The moving truck just arrived and they are unloading your stuff. Good thinking writing the room on the boxes! I never would have thought of that." His lisp always made me smile.

"Well that's because I'm the smart one and you're the stoner musician remember?" I laughed and so did he.

"Yea yea, I know, that's why I bought you this place. You can come over and make sure I am doing smart things." I rolled my eyes. Yea right, I wasn't his mom. "Well anyways, call me when you get in town. You still have the directions right?"

I dug my hand into my purse waking Lady, who was practically laying on top of it. "Yea, I have it."

"Good, call me if you get lost and the guys are coming over to help you unpack. I thought that we'd get it all done together and then go out tonight and celebrate."

"YAY! My first LA bar!" I giggled. Yes I had a celebrity brother, but it didn't mean that I couldn't get excited about partying with the stars.

"You're a dork Kiley, anyways see you soon," he said laughing.

"Bye," and with that the conversation was over. The rest of the guys huh? I'd talked to some of them from time to time on the phone and met only a few times in person, but that was years ago. Last time I actually saw Joe in person (besides my graduation) was two and a half years ago.


Oh My God! This place looked amazing. The beach was within walking distance and the view from my balcony was amazing. I hope that balcony comes off my bedroom! I pulled into the parking lot for my apartment building and the moving truck was just unloading the last of the furniture. I walked up to apart 2 and the door was wide open. Lady was trailing at my heels. One amazing thing about her, she never runs off. She will stay by my side no matter what is going on around her. No leash required!

"Hello?" I called into the box-filled living room and Joe came running at me from the hallway.

"KILEY!" He scooped me up into a big hug and I squealed with him. After he set me down he excitedly showed me the rest of the apartment. I had the most amazing bathroom and bedroom ever. The balcony DID connect to my bedroom and that whole wall was a window. My bathroom was the size of most small bedrooms. And my closet, shit that was the biggest walk in ever! There were clothes and shoes in there that I had not purchased.

"What's all of this?" I looked through the items curiously.

"Oh, remember how Pete has his own clothing line? He thought it'd be a nice graduation and moving present to give you one of everything in his line."

"Seriously! I love him already!" I put on a white cap with the Clandestine logo on it. I am going to love living in LA!

Joe led me to my amazing kitchen with a center island and one of those hanging racks for pots and pans above it. The guys were all in there unpacking my dishes. I also saw boxes of dishes that weren't mine.

"Hey guys, look who arrived!" Joe announced and they all turned around and smiled.

"Hey guys! Thanks for helping. I hate unpacking." I smiled at them.

"No problem, it'll get done in a few hours if we help," Patrick said to me and gave me a hug. Andy also hugged me.

"And thanks for the clothes Pete, they're awesome," I said and he hugged me too.

"Joe told me you'd like the style of clothes so I decided to give them to you as a graduation present," he said and smiled when he saw I was already wearing the hat. Lady wandered into the kitchen sniffing everyone.

"Oh hey guys, this is Lady."

They all pet Lady and she gladly accepted the attention. She always acted as if she didn't get enough attention.


After about six hours we managed to unpack everything. Joe had taken it upon himself to purchase some items for my new place. A flatscreen TV, new dish sets and some other random things. He also put a poster of FOB in a frame and put it up in my living room. He thought it was appropriate since they helped me move in.

They all left to get ready for tonight and I hopped into my new shower. My pink fuzzy shower curtain and rugs matched the cream colored walls perfectly. I rinsed all the dirt and grime off of my body and climbed out of the shower. God it felt good to be clean. Lady laid on my bed as I got dressed. I put on the "Make Love Not Wentz" shirt. I thought it was just too funny! I added some of my skinny jeans and star studded pink heeled converse. I pulled my mass of long blonde hair into a messy ponytail with strands hanging out everywhere. I applied some dark eyeliner and lip gloss and headed to the couch to wait for Joe to pick me up. I turned on the TV and began watching HGTV, which was like, my favorite channel! Lady jumped into my lap and began napping. Poor thing was so exhausted with the move.

About halfway through some decorating show on Feng Shui the doorbell rang. Lady rushed to the door barking and I opened it. Pete was standing there and he smiled. God, pictures and TV really didn't do this man justice. Joe would kill me if I ever told him I had a crush on Pete.

"Hey you ready? Everyone's downstairs in the Escalade," he said and bent down to pet Lady.

"Yea, I just need to let Lady potty and turn everything off. Lady, potty!" She ran down the flight of stairs and to the grass to do her business and I turned off the TV and most of the lights. Lady ran upstairs and in the door after I was done. I shut the door and locked it and began to follow Pete down the stairs.

"You look cute," he said to me.

"Thanks," I said as I blushed slightly and climbed into the backseat by Patrick. Andy was driving and Joe was in the back seat with Marie, hish girlfriend. Pete climbed into the front seat and we made our way to the bar.

"Hey Marie!" We leaned over the seats to hug each other. We'd talked on the phone so much that it felt like we'd actually met. She was perfect for my brother. She made him happy.
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