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Man, I wish that I could stay

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We had valet parking, at a bar? This city rocks! I had no idea that it was so luxurious. Well, it's probably only this way for celebrities. Normal people might not get this treatment. And there were paparazzi here too! How exciting! I bet it gets old fast though.

The place a really loud! It was dimly lit with different colored bulbs everywhere. Joe led the way to the VIP area where we would have a table. I glanced around and saw a few other celebrities getting shitty. My friends back in New York would LOVE to be here with me right now! I sat down at our table and a round of shots and drinks were brought to the table within a few minutes. This place was huge, there was one part where all the tables were and the VIP area and the other half had a dance floor and a bar. I noticed a really tall man with dark hair walking up. He looked so familiar.

"Gabe what's up man?" Pete said and they did the man half hug type thing. I never understood why men can't just be normal and stop trying to be all macho when the see a good friend. And it just hit me, that's the lead singer of Cobra Starship! I loved their CDs.

"Is this Trohman's sister?" He said looking at me and Pete nodded. "I am so sorry that you grew up with this loser," he shook my hand. "Let me buy you a drink," he motioned for me to climb out of the booth and I did. No way I was turning down a drink from Gabe Saporta. I noticed both Joe and Pete watching me as I walked to the bar with Gabe.

"What would you like?" He asked me smiling. Man he was good looking. Why did my brother have so many hot friends? This is torture for a man crazy woman.

"A cosmo please," I smiled back and he nodded.

"So you moved here today?" He was making small talk while waiting for the bartender.

"Yea, I drove from New York and all the guys helped me unpack, so I don't have that to worry about."

"That's awesome. Unpacking sucks," he said and turned to the bartender and ordered our drinks. "Well if you ever need anything or anyone to hang out with, you can always call me," he said with a sly smile. Was he flirting with me?

"I think I'll take you up on that sometime," I smiled back and the bartender handed us our drinks and Gabe slipped some cash across the bartop.

"Hey, let me get your number before I forget," he said pulling out his BlackBerry. I gave him my number and he called my phone so that I would have it and we walked back to the table. Pete was eyeing us kind of strangely and I just blew it off and sat next to Marie and sipped my cosmo.

"So I was thinking that tomorrow, if we're not too hung over that is, that we would go shopping. Joe wants to give us his credit card to have fun. We can buy some stuff for Lady and things for the apartment and spruce it up," she said smiling and sipping her own martini.

"That sounds awesome and Joe, bad idea. We will spend all of your money," I laughed at him.

Joe shrugged. "Hey, anything for my girls," he said and the group awwwwed.

"Wow, you're such a woman Joe," Andy said laughing.

"Whatever dude."

Gabe was standing there talking to Patrick and Pete and he kept glancing at me and smiling. Marie nudged me.

"I think Saporta has a thing for you already," she whispered.

"He asked for my number," I said as I watched him without trying to be obvious.

"I know, Pete saw and muttered something to Patrick. I couldn't read his lips though. Joe will flip if someone in this group goes for you," she continued to whisper in order for Joe not to hear. Then again, his hair would block the soundwaves and he was busy talking to Andy anyways.

"Really?" My eyes lit up and Marie smiled.

"Yes, why, do you have a crush on Pete?"

"Maybe a little one, but don't tell anyone!" I made her swear her secrecy and we did a little pinky swear.

"What's the secret ladies?" Patrick joined our side of the table.

"Nothing, just girl talk," Marie responded as if it weren't anything.

"Uh huh, you guys are plotting aren't you."

"No Patrick, I wouldn't do such a thing on my first day here, wait til my second," I said and we all laughed.

"Yea, Joe said you were funny." And I just shrugged. I was pretty funny to be around.

About 5 drinks later I was pretty tipsy and we all decided to head back to my place and continue the fun. Gabe and his crew came along in their ride with alcohol in tow. Lady was so excited to have this many visitors and she ran in circles for like 10 minutes before parking on the couch.

My kitchen counters were covered with bottles of liquor and chasers and the occaisonal beer case. I stood in the kitchen talking to Pete, and I hadn't seen him drink a thing.

"So I should totally bring Hemmy over here so that he and Lady can play," Pete said and I nodded.

"That would be so much fun! Lady never gets to play with other dogs and she loves to! Aw, we're going to have a play date!" I giggled and he gave me that famous grin. God did he make being good so hard right now. I looked over and saw Joe chasing Lady.

"JOE! Quit scaring Lady with your fro!" He didn't listen to me, but at least the crowd laughed.

"This dog will love me by the end of the night!" He screamed like a mad man. Lady ran right up to me and I picked her up. She then proceeded to bark at Joe and bit his hair.

"The dog really is scared of your fro!" Pete laughed until his eyes were watering. I took Lady to my room and put her inside her kennel. She was so tired and I knew that she needed sleep. I turned around and saw Gabe in the doorway.

"Damn that's an awesome view," he said as he walked to my balcony.

"I know, Joe did an awesome job picking this place out," I walked over to the balcony and opened the door so we could go outside. The water looked so peaceful and beautiful with the way the moonlight hit it. Gabe leaned against the railing next to me.

"So, are you seeing anyone?" He said nonchalanty.

I smiled before aswering. "No, not at the moment," and I kept my eyes on the ocean.

"We should go out sometime," he said and turned towards me.

"Yea, that'd be fun," I looked at him as I responded. "Well, let's get back inside and see what kind of damage Joe is doing now."

Gabe laughed and followed me back to the party. I walked straight over to the couch and sat down next to Andy. He had pulled out the Xbox 360 and was playing Halo against Joe.

"Get him Andy he's right behind you!" I screamed and Joe just then killed Andy.

"Fuck," he muttered under his breath and the round started over. "I will kill you once Trohman if it is the last thing I do."

A few hours later people slowly made their way home. Gabe's crew gave Marie a ride back to her place since she was on the way. The only remaining people were FOB. Joe and Andy were pretty drunk, Patrick was tipsy and Pete was extremely sober. Joe had successfully passed out on my couch.

"We should probably stay here, I don't wanna carry Joe's drunk ass down those stairs," Patrick said and Pete nodded in agreement.

"That and Andy looks like he'll pass out at any minute. What time is it?" Pete said and turned to look at the kitchen stove. 2:34 AM. "Kiley is it cool if we stay here?"

"Of course. One of you can sleep on my blow up mattress and the other well, I guess can sleep in my bed. Joe and Andy are taking up all of the couch space." I said and we all looked at their drunken states sprawled all over the couches.

"I call the air mattress!" Patrick said. I walked to the storage closet and pulled it out and handed it to him.

"Let me grab you some blankets and pillows." I walked into my bedroom and to my closet. I pulled down a sheet, blanket and a pillow and took it back out to Patrick who was in the process of blowing it up already.

"Well Pete you can come to bed anytime, but I'm going now." I said and I went into my closet and changed into some PJs. I put on the Hemmy t-shirt that Pete gave me and some pajama shorts and walked over to my vanity mirror in the bathroom. Pete was standing by my bed and emptying the contents of his pocket onto the nightstand. I watched as he removed his belt, shoes and shirt. Jesus I was turned on by this sight and I know it wasn't the alcohol. Joe is gonna flip in the morning when he finds that Pete slept in my bed, let alone that Gabe asked me out.

I turned my eyes back to the mirror and washed my face to remove my make up and I let my hair down and brushed it. I would have to say that my hair was my favorite asset. It was very long and I had a lot of hair. It never looked flat or limp and never frizzed. I really lucked out and the natural color was a light golden blonde.

I walked over to the bed and Pete was already under the covers. I slid in on the other side of the bed and turned off the lamp on my nightstand.

"Goodnight Pete," I said and closed my eyes.

"Goodnight Kiley," I felt him turn in the bed and I fell into a comfortable sleep.


I woke up the next morning to the VERY VERY bright sunlight pouring through my glass WALL. I need to buy curtains for this wall TODAY! I groaned and sat up and looked to my left. I completely forgot that Pete was sleeping in my bed. I yawned and climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom. The clock on my vanity said that it was 9:06 am. So early! But the thing with me is once I wake up, I'm up. I fixed my hair and brushed my teeth before heading to the kitchen. I began to brew some coffee. I think that everyone would need some since most of us would be hung over. Patrick woke up to the smell of coffee and joined me in the kitchen.

"Morning Kiley," he said and sat at the counter.

"Good morning Patrick," I said and poured him a cup of coffee which he graciously took. "You're up early," I said.

"I always wake up early no matter what time I go to bed. It's a horrible quirk," he took a sip of his coffee.

"Yea, I have a similar problem. Once I wake up, I'm up." I sipped my coffee and he nodded.

"We all need to get going anyways. I have to head to the studio to work on the new Gym Class Heroes CD." He got up and began to wake Joe and Andy.

"Hey guys, get up and have some coffee. We're leaving soon," he shook them and Joe sat up. His hair was more all over the place that I thought imaginable.

"Where's Marie?" He asked and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee.

"Gabe gave her a ride home last night, remember?" I laughed quietly and he shrugged.

"Guess I was pretty drunk. Did they give Pete a ride home?"

"No he's asleep in the bedroom," I knew that would set him off.

"WHAT?" He looked at me and then the bedroom. I laughed at him.

"Nothing happened, he stayed on his side like a gentleman. I only had one blow up mattress and you and Andy hogged the couches."

Andy walked in with Patrick and they both grabbed some coffe. I headed to the bedroom with a cup and shook Pete gently. He opened his eyes slowly and smiled.

"Good morning, I brought you some coffee," I said and he sat up and took the cup from me and took a sip.

"Thanks Kiley. Is everyone else up?" He rubbed his eyes and looked at his phone for the time.

"Yep, they're all in the kitchen drinking coffee. Patrick's gotta be somewhere so you guys need to go."

Pete nodded and downed his coffee before climbing out of bed and began to put his shirt, shoes and belt on. Joe walked in and looked a little irritated at the somewhat intimate moment. It wasn't really intimate, but in Joe's eyes it was too close.

"We're going Pete, come on." Pete nodded and headed for the front door with the others.

"Bye guys, have a good day. Joe, call me later," I leaned against the door as Lady ran down the stairs with the boys to potty.

"Ok, and Marie said she was gonna be here around noon to go shopping."

"Okay, bye." Lady ran back up the stairs and the boys hopped into the Escalade and made their way home.

Moving here is looking up for me. I mean, I have all celebrity friends. Gabe Saporta asks me out and I feel like there is a little something with Pete and I already have a gal pal, Marie. Now I just need to make time to write.
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