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Dinner with the Devil

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She's invited to dinner, but will she eat it or become it?

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":As the two of them came walking into the room, the other four looked up from the table. It was long and dark, most likely oak, and placed in the center of the room. It was faced toward the door, and it seemed menacing in a way. Ray and Frank sat on the far edges, and someone she had not seen before sat in one of the closer chairs. Mikey turned, shutting the door, and headed to pull out the close, and empty end chair. She went and sat down, as Mikey helped her pull herself closer to the table. As he moved to claim his own spot, she saw Gerard sitting at the other end facing her, his arms and hands poised upon the table. He looked over them with an evil expression, making her gulp. She waited to see if he would do or say anything, and when he didn’t she assumed it would be alright if she began to eat. Down on her plate sat a large helping of lasagna, it smelled quite delicious, and looked very appetizing, so she picked up her fork prepared for a nice and pleasant dinner.

“Don’t!” Gerard’s voice rang out in the hallowed room. It was so loud that she dropped her fork, making it clatter loudly against the wood. She looked at him in mild fear, but his eyes were closed so she couldn’t read his expression. “Why,” he began after a moment, “did it take you so long to get down here? It shouldn’t have been that hard to get dressed.” She knew that if she didn’t respond immediately he would become impatient. “Well?” He opened his eyes looking straight through her, grasping her soul, and giving her goose bumps.

“You see, I uh…” she rattled off excuses in her mind, trying to find one that would sound convincing. But his eyes bore right into her, he would see anything if she lied, so decided to go half way again. “I couldn’t get the dress on, it was pretty tight against my chest.” She looked down at herself to see if anyone would actually look at her, and she found that when she looked up again, Gerard was in fact staring at her chest. The dress was tight, but it wasn’t the complete truth.

He brought his gaze back up to her face and sighed.

“Well we should eat before the food becomes too cold.” And everyone indeed began to eat their lukewarm lasagna.

“But Rae,” she looked up at him still chewing her food. “you will be eating down her every day and every night from now on, but please in the future, try to be more punctual, alright?” she nodded, swallowing quickly.

“I am sorry for making you all wait so long, I really am sorry.” She looked to all of them, except Gerard. So for the rest of dinner, they all ate in silence, but she would continually glance up at the others to see what they were doing. But she always seemed to find herself looking to Gerard, and him to her, which would force her to gaze back down at her food, which would momentarily become tasteless. When they were all finally finished, the unknown man got up and took everyone’s dishes into the next room, with Rae’s eyes trailing after him while the others removed themselves from their chairs.

“Mikey?” she asked when he had cleared the room. “Who is that guy?” she glanced sideways at him, and he glanced back.

“That was Bob, the fifth and final member of the band. There used to be Matt, but he hated what Gerard did,” he paused looking at her face. “Does, I mean. So he left, and Gerard needed a replacement. Bob doesn’t say much to others, but when you get to know him, he’s really nice and fun.” He trailed off looking like he was about to cry, and she went and put her hand on top of his, making him inhale sharply.

“Are you ok?” She asked him. He nodded removing his hand from under hers and getting up from the table. He came behind her chair and started to move it allowing her to get up too. He was about to take her back up to her room when Gerard spoke up.

“Mikey? Leave her here, I want to talk to her for a moment. You can go back up to your room, I’ll see to it that she makes it back up.” Mikey looked at Rae in horror shaking his head lightly. “Don’t worry bro, I won’t eat her, she’ll be up there alive again in five minutes, tops, ok?” Mikey nodded backing to the door, pain still etched in every part of his face, and he turned around and walked out.

Rae looked around the room, unaware as to when the others had dissipated from it, but she and Gerard were alone now, and that’s all that mattered at the present moment. She looked back to him and he was mere feet from her, smiling in a way that made her stomach churn.

“Do you know why I brought you here?” he asked her, not taking his eyes off of hers while he spoke.

“Because you’re a sick demented bastard?” She guessed with all the venom in her voice she could muster. He only laughed, finding it amusing. He grabbed her chin between his fingers like he had the first time she laid eyes on him, but he was careful not to hurt her, she was too delicate, and frail, and beautiful to hurt.

“No, I brought you here…because I want something,” at these words, her blood ran cold, her breath caught in her throat making is seize up. No, she though to herself, it can’t be that he wants that, right? He grinned, knowing what she thought by the look in her dark, and murky blue eyes. “Yes, I want to see,” he began running his eyes down her front, “what lies underneath,” he placed his other free hand on her shoulder making her shrink away for the second time, “this pretty, little, black dress.” And with every single word he lowered his hand until it was resting on her hip. He looked back up in her eyes, and she began to shake, but that only seemed to make him smile more. Then without warning he moved his hand down in a swift movement to lift up the bottom of her dress.

“NO!!” she screamed, pushing both of his hands away, and running to the other side of the room. She turned in terror prepared to fight, but he hadn’t moved an inch. “Stay the fuck away from me you sick son of a bitch!” she yelled to him. He looked taken aback from her use of swear words, but he smiled again. God how much she would love to punch that grin right off his face.

“Oh c’mon, you know you want it,” he began to slowly inch toward her, step by step. “It’s not like you’re some kind of virgin.” Bingo, genius. She had never once in her life allowed a man to get that far with her. Even when a man touched her breasts it made her feel disgusting inside. She didn’t like it one bit, she had only wanted to do “it” with someone she could trust, not like the scum bags at her school. They only went out with someone if they could get in their pants, and that was it. Coming out of her flashback she noticed he was closer now, and she began to mimic his movements in reverse. He paused for a moment, that same disgusting smile returning to his lips, when he rang out in a loud laugh clapping his hands together.

“Oh God, you are a virgin aren’t you? Oh this will be such a pleasure…popping your sweet innocent untouched cherry.” He moved quicker to her now, and she couldn’t react fast enough, he grabbed her wrist twisting it and making her cry out in pain. “Darling Rae, I WILL get what I want, one way or another…” And he bent down to her, almost reaching her lips with his. She tried to pull away but it only hurt her wrist even more, so she could only shut her eyes and pray for the end to come.

“GERARD!” An angry voice rang out. She didn’t dare open her eyes in fear of what she might see, Gerard so close to her…it scared her to the point of fainting, but she didn’t want to do this and give him a chance to take advantage of her unconscious body.

“Mikey, I told you to go back up to your own room, and that I’d make sure she gets back up there alive. Didn’t I tell you that?” So it was Mikey that had come to her rescue, God bless that heavenly man.

“Yes, but I was on my way up the stairs when I heard her yell out the word ‘no’. I decided to come back down to check things out, when Ray stopped me,” Rae heard footsteps coming closer, then another hand on her already throbbing wrist, making Gerard’s let go. “He told me that I shouldn’t interfere, and that if anything were wrong he would know. I told him that I knew something was wrong, so he let me go.” Rae still didn’t open her eyes, but then she felt a gentle tugging on her arm leading her, she hoped, to the door. She suddenly heard Gerard growl, making her yelp quietly.

“This is between me and her. There’s nothing to do with you, now go and let us finish.” She whimpered, loudly this time, letting both of them know just how bad the idea of being alone with an angered Gerard made her feel.

“No, I knew what was going on, so I’m saving her, for the moment, from you and your relentless and merciless hands. Good night Gerard, I hope you sleep well knowing you may have just harmed an innocent girl, and lost a brother.” And with that Mikey pulled her out into the hallway. She knew they were going up the stairs, and down the upper hall from the noises under foot, but her eyes wouldn’t open, they were clamped shut. They finally reached her room, she assumed, when she heard a door open. But it smelled different. It smelled like…

“It’s ok, you can open your eyes now.” Mikey said in a soothing voice. She slowly opened her eyes, and she was right, it wasn’t her room. It was Mikey’s.
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