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Yesterday was hell but today I'm fine without you

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I woke up alone on the couch to the smell of bacon. I smiled and rolled onto my back stretching. I guess Gabe had gotten up and put a pillow under my head and a blanket on me during the night. I sat up and saw Gabe cooking in my kitchen. I smiled and walked into the guest bathroom to make sure I looked okay. My hair had that bedhead look and my eyeliner was slightly smudged but it looked fine. I walked into the kitchen and Gabe smiled at me.

"Good morning babe," he said and kissed me sweetly. "I thought you looked hungry."

"I am hungry. So did I take up the whole couch?" He laughed and nodded.

"I slept on the floor. I am way too big for that couch anyways." He scooped the bacon out of the pan and put it onto a plate with some scrambled eggs. He set the plate on the counter in front of me. "Enjoy," he said and took a bite of his own scrambled eggs. I watched Gabe as he happily ate his breakfast. He was such a better person than Pete was to me. I think that his charm blinded me and that's why I didn't pay any attention to Gabe.

After we ate, Gabe rinsed the plates and put them into my dishwasher. What an amazing guest! He cleaned up after himself. We ended up watching TV for most of the afternoon before Gabe had to go. I hadn't looked at my phone all day, so I picked it up. 3 missed calls and 1 text message. One call from Joe, 2 calls from Pete. The text was from Pete as well.

Why were you out with Gabe

He seriously thinks he has the nerve to ask that when he blew me off? We were supposed to have a date last night and he never showed! I wasn't about to give him the time of day. I put my phone down and the counter and showered. I wanted to go see Joe.


How lucky am I? Seriously? I arrived at Joe's and Pete fucking answered the door.

"What's your deal?" He asked me! What fucking nerve. I pushed past him and into the living room.

"Hey Joe," I said and sat next to him on the couch.

"Hey," Joe said and continued to play video games. Pete walked in and just stared at me.


"Well what Pete?"

"What the hell is your deal?"

"My deal? My fucking deal? Pete you and I had a date last night and you never fucking showed! Then I go out to get my mind off of you and you're there with Ashlee!" Joe paused his game and began watching us fight.

"I wasn't there with Ashlee! She fucking showed up out of nowhere. Joe told me you were there and that's why I showed up." Pete looked furious but I didn't care.

"Well then why didn't you show up? You said 8 and I waited til almost nine before making other plans and you never called me to say anything about being late either!"

"Dude, you stood her up. What the fuck?" Joe stood up.

"Joe, look, don't be mad at him, I can deal with him." I grabbed Pete's hand and took him outside. Joe sat back down and began playing again with an angry look on his face.

"Kiley I meant to be there, really I..."

"Save it Pete. I don't want to hear anymore excuses from you ever again. You have messed up time and time again and I refuse to be treated that way. I pushed my feelings for Gabe aside to give you a chance and you fucked up too many times. I called Gabe last night because I knew he would be willing to actually spend time with me."

"Kiley, I love spending time with you."

"But you're too terrified to let anyone in Pete and that's your problem. We are over Pete, just move on." I said softly. At this point it was obvious that he cared, just not enough to make me care. He nodded. "Look, it's not that I don't want you around, I just don't want to be with you."

"Yea, I understand." He turned and walked inside. He said bye to Joe before leaving. I plopped down on the couch next to Joe.

"Do I need to castrate him?" He asked me with his usual lisp.

"Nope, he's harmless," I said and rested my head on his shoulder. Joe nodded and handed me a second controller. I happily took it and began to play.


Date number four with Gabe. We have been seeing each other over the past couple of weeks and I don't think I've ever been this into someone. He is such a genuinely sweet guy and just such the life of the party. Every time we do anything it is a blast. Our date tonight will consist of miniature golf, then a night out at the club with the whole decaydance group. It's someone's birthday, not really sure who. I know that Pete is going to be there. I haven't seen him since that day at Joe's so I'm sure this will be an interesting evening. Hopefully he's gotten over the situation because I know that I have.
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