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I was excited about my date. Keyword is was. It is 8:45 PM and that makes Pete approximately 45 minutes late. I am tired of this shit. We aren't even a couple and it's already all fucked up. This shit happens all too often to me. What am I doing wrong? What is wrong with me? I think it's time to move on from Pete Wentz for good. Giving him his third chance and having him blow it has pushed me over the edge. Whenever a guy hurts me like this I end up completely shutting him out and that's exactly what I am going to do, shut Pete Wentz out of my life. He won't answer his phone and he is almost and hour late. I hope he shows up after I have gone out for the evening. He's probably with Ashlee though, that lying bastard.

I changed out of the cute dress I had put on for Pete and called Gabe. I needed someone to go to a club with.

"Hey Kiley," he said into the phone. Man I forgot how sexy his voice was.

"Hey Gabe, are you busy tonight?" Please say no!

"Not at all, what's up?"

"I need to get out, do you want to go somewhere?" I asked Gabe as I found a really cute and sparkly tube top to put on. I hung loosely around my waist and I checked my ass out in the mirror.

"Of course I'd hang out with you. When do you want to go?" He was smiling, I could tell. Damn it, why did I pick Pete over him? Pete was a fuck up.

"Now, wanna meet somewhere or do you want to pick me up?" I began to search for some tall shoes. If I was going out with Gabe then I needed some tall shoes.

"I'll pick you up. Let me get ready and call a couple of people. I know a club that is supposed to be hot tonight." He always knew of a place that was busy.

"Sounds good, call me when you're on you're way," I tried on some strappy silver heels. Nope. not a good match. Shiny pink shirt and shiny shoes were too much.

"Alright, bye babe." I hung up my phone and began to rip through the pile of shoes. A closet this big and you'd think I was organized. Not one bit. I found some amazing pointy-toed black heels with a pattern on the toe and it looked perfect with my outfit. I ran the straightener back through my hair and plopped down in front of my computer. Might as well check myspace before I leave.

Forty-five minutes later I was in Gabe's car. We were on our way to a really exclusive club. I don't remember what he called it, but it sounded fun.

"So who all is coming?" I asked as I checked my phone. Still nothing from Pete, that bastard.

"Travie, Vicky, Alex and a few of their friends are coming. I called Joe and he said he and Marie might come too."

"Awesome, sounds like a party," I smiled at him and he smiled back before looking back at the road.


Seriously, why did I choose Pete over Gabe? Gabe is just too amazing! I don't think I've ever had this much fun on a night out. And I wasn't even thinking about Pete because I left my phone in Gabe's car. I didn't want to keep checking it. Marie and Joe did make an appearance when I was already toasted and I told Marie everything in the bathroom.

"What a fucking prick! You should tell Joe!" Marie said and she took another sip of her long island. I shook my head.

"Why bother? There's no need to start drama in the band. I should have known he was just using me for sex because that's what men on the rebound do. They think that they have feelings for you until you let them have you and that's when they realize their penis had feelings for you," I complained and then downed half my drink. I needed to get back out to Gabe. He was so much fun and he made me happy so far. We fixed our hair and a stall door opened. Ashlee emerged and just stared at us. I elbowed Marie and she looked up. I turned around and smiled at Ashlee and began to walk out with Marie.

"So you're the one that Pete's been running around with," she said smugly. I wanted to slap her for just speaking to me.

"Not anymore hun, you can have him." I said and we made our way back to the guys. We weaved our way through the crowd and Marie stepped dead in her tracks in front of me.

"No fucking way," she said and pointed to Pete, who was talking to Joe and Gabe. What the fuck was he doing here? He was probably with Ashlee. Marie pulled me back as I tried to escape to the exit. Oh well, I guess it was time to show him what he fucked up. Pete turned and looked at me and I looked away and immediately placed my hand on Gabe's arm and pulled him down gently.

"Will you come with me to get a drink," I whispered in his ear and he nodded.

"Sure... hey guys, we'll be back," he took my hand and lead me to the bar. I could feel Pete's eyes burning a hole in my back. I leaned against the bar and Gabe leaned in close to my ear.

"Are you seeing Pete?" He whispered.

"Not anymore," I turned and looked at him. He smiled at me.

"Well then I guess it's okay to do this," he said and he kissed me softly. I kissed back with a little bit of tongue and I could feel Gabe smile before he pulled away. The bartender set our drinks down and we made our way back to the group. Pete just kept staring at Gabe and I the whole night. Around 1 AM Gabe and I decided to head home. Gabe walked me to my door and I leaned against it.

"Do you want to come in?"

Gabe smiled before answering. "Of course."

I opened the door and let Lady out. I walked to the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of water and offered one to Gabe. He opened his and took a big swig. Lady ran back inside and he shut the door behind her.

"Thanks. Hey, I'm going to change, make yourself comfortable." He nodded and I made my way back to my room. I put on a tank top and some PJ pants and walked back into the living room. He was sitting on the couch with Lady in his lap and watching TV. HGTV was on.

"You can change it you know," I said as I leaned up against him. He put his arm around me.

"What do you want to watch? Some more Forensic Files?" I laughed and nodded. He changed it to Court TV, or I guess it is Real TV now. Eventually the alcohol got the best of the both of us and we fell asleep on the couch.
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