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Jocks are Mean but When It Comes to Freaks I Fit Right In

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Elizabeth Anne Starts her first day of School at Belleville High School who will she meet.

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Jocks are Mean but When It Comes to Freaks I Fit Right In
______________Elizabeth’s P.O.V______________
A burning light reflected off my eyes when I heard the sound of a alarm in the distance who has a alarm clock in the mountains. I woke in a room not so familiar to my own room back in oh yeah I’m in New Jersey now. The room I was in had blue walls that matched the sky and white tables and chairs for furniture then I finally turned to see that stupid alarm clock which read 6:31. Oh shit I’m starting school here today so what do I wear. I jumped out of bed and heading near my closet to find a navy blue school uniform all ironed and on hanger thanks to Mrs. Toro I guess goodness this things ugly now I’ll look like a slutty blueberry. I decided to jazz it up by putting on my black eyeliner and eye shadow along with my black lipstick that made me look gothic. “Who’s the freak now!” I heard myself say. “What was that?” said a voice which belong to that guy I forget wait Ray. “Oh sorry good morning … Uh Ray right.” “Yeah that’s me well you ready to go mom’s made breakfast for you.” I headed downstairs with a skeptical Ray behind me. Walking into the kitchen Mrs. Toro was busy frying a egg in the skillet while a man I didn’t see before with curly dark hair had his face hiding behind a newspaper while sipping coffee.

“Oh good morning Elizabeth I hope you had a nice rest I made your breakfast for you, too. I hope you like eggs.”Mrs. Toro cheerfully said to me. “Good morning I slept well thank you and thank so much for breakfast I love scrambled eggs.” I watch as her gaze burned anger on my now gothic face. “Ah your welcome I almost forgot to introduce you to my husband this is Mr. Toro.”
“Hello there Mr. Toro nice to meet you.” I said in a polite manner while extending my hand. “Oh nice to meet you, too, Elizabeth.” he said while shaking my hand. “Well I better get going to work and I assume you two need to start heading to school.” I watched as he walked out of kitchen while passing a kiss to Mrs. Toro.

I finished my breakfast and standing up to go get my book bag which I didn’t know where it was. “Um Ray, Mrs. Toro have you seen my book bag.” “Oh sweetie it’s in the hallway all packed and ready can’t believe I forgot to tell you.” “That’s ok well bye Mrs. Toro.” Following a rather quiet Ray into the hallway I found my black with red roses book bag sitting there waiting for me. Finally out the door I walked to the school with Ray.

“So Ray is this how you get to school every just by walking.”

“Yeah it is pretty much unless it’s a thunderstorm my mom makes me walk rain, snow, or shine. The again if it was snowing I would be at home right now.” I watched as he started staring around like he was looking for something or someone maybe he has a girlfriend which I haven’t met or maybe a certain friend walks with him.

“Oh really I used to take a bus or ride my bike but walking I can get used too.” I don’t Ray likes me he hardly talked to me and I don’t know what I did wrong.

“Ray!!!!” I heard a loud male voice with the sound of sneakers hitting pavement. I turned the round to come face to one hot looking boy with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a short height, and a smile that melted me inside.

“Oh Hey Frank there you are I thought you weren’t coming.” Then this guy named Frank grabbed my arm with his hazel gaze on me. “awe Ray I didn’t know you found a Girlfriend man and she’s a hot one too you new where you from girl I’m Frank by the way.”

“whoa dude like chill I’m not his girlfriend I’m his god sister I guess and I just moved from Chicago.” that smile on Franks smile either got wider or its just made me want to faint. “Oh a Chicago girl well do you have a name cause I’m Frank and I’m from Jersey.” “ well Frank from Jersey are you always this hyper but anyways I’m Elizabeth Hurley who is in the ninth grade I’m, starting school today with you and your homies.” I started to rap. “Yo slow down homie E cause I didn’t want a rap off.” Man this was one weird little dude, “well to bad Frank person I can rap all I want.” “my names not Frank person its Frank Iero.” “OMG!! You two are nuts.” I heard Ray say while falling into stitches. “whatever Toro were going to be late now come along miss thinks she’s from the hood.” Great I hope midget not in my classes because I would go mad so mad that I would be put into a mental insitution. “I am to from the hood Frank.”

After it seems like hours with this Frank kid going hype nuts on me and Ray cracking up so hard that I thought he was going to wet his pants. If things could get more annoying the school we arrived at called Belleville High look like the zoo of Jocks, Preps, and Cheerleaders guess who not going to fit in again me.

“Well isn’t freak, super freak, and some girl who I never seen in my life.” said a blonde hair snot nosed jock wearing a freaking football jacket god I just want to smack these Jocks around sometimes.

“Hey I’m talking to you girl who the hell are you.” Said that stupid jock again walking over to me. “ I can tell you one thing I can be your worst nightmare if you don’t shut the fuck up.” “wow feisty huh I like my women feisty.” “yeah well I’m sorry Jockey boy but I don’t date football stars that go around screwing every slut in the school. Last time I checked I’m not a slut.” That boy was scared I knew it watched as the whole hellish Jocks and Cheerleaders back away from Frank, Ray, and me. “Let’s go guys I have a schedule I believe I need to get.”
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