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Awakening into a New Life and Home

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Elizabeth meets Ray Toro who else will she meet in her new home in Jersy

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Awakening into a New Life and Home

3 days after Elizabeth was knocked to darkness by her dad. She came to find herself in place filled with white walls, beeping machines, and a iv in her arm. The only exciting thing was her best friend Patrick fast asleep laying next to her with his arms wrapped around her waist.

___________________ Elizabeth’s point of view______________
Man I have to say Patrick is the greatest friend a girl could ask for, I mean he’s been there for me for a long time.

With all these white walls, my iv, and my heart monitor guess I’m in the hospital.

Then in one of the chairs sat my good friend Pete Wentz who was staring at me for a second then I heard him yell “She’s awake, she is awake.” Upon Pete saying this I felt Patrick steer and mumbled “she's awake thank god I was getting really scared for a bit awe Lizzie.” before I could speak Patrick sat up and pulled me into a kiss wow didn’t see this coming we kissed for like 30 mins it seemed but then I stopped when Pete started laughing like a girl.

“So what kinda of injury did the jerk give me and what the hell happened boys after I blacked out.”I asked and then I saw Patrick get up off my bed and Pete jumping on beside me.

“Oh that well I was coming to see you and I knocked on your door and Patrick was at the door cause he was worried about you cause you were acting weird, then you dad answered and I heard you scream and your dad was drunk I could tell, then I saw your body on the floor.” “Then when Pete pointed to your body your dad sort of notice and started to attack Pete but we were able to knock him out with a lamp.Then we called 911 and the police arrived with a ambulance and they asked if you had any family here and we told I told them about your cousin Andy. Then I went with you to the hospital and you were unconscious for a day and half. Plus your head had to be put through surgery because when you hit the wall apparently your head split open and now your stuck with this bandage.” “Oh and once you wake up your things have been packed and boxed and Patrick try to talk them out of this but a Social Worker has stepped in and now your being sent away from us and Chicago to live in New Jersey with your Godmother some Toro lady and her husband along with supposedly your God brother Ray. Do you even no these people?”

“What no I can’t leave this is my home and I know her she’s my mom best friend.” I can’t believe I can’t leave Patrick I would die and I can’t leave Pete and Joe and Andy.

Patrick was back by my side telling me “Elizabeth I hate it too, I don’t want you to leave either but your have too you experience enough pain here and now your father is being put into prison for child abuse but Chicago has many painful memories for you I know and I want you to be happy so I’m letting you go but we will stay in contact no matter what and you can always come see me during the holidays and summer.”

“oh Patrick I’m going miss you so much I’m so glad you’re my best friend along with Pete too and Joe and my cousin Andy you guys are my happy memories. But I do need to get away from this place I hope this is a good plan because I could be sent to Vegas instead to live with my mom’s sister and my cousin Spencer Smith and those two female cousins I forget the names of.”

“Oh will always be here if you need us Lizzie me, Patrick and your other friends. Not matter what were coming to visit you at spring break even if it means I have to drive there. I’ll miss you buddy and you coming to all my soccer games too.”I heard Pete say with sadness in his voice.

___________________End of Elizabeth’s point of view________

Elizabeth flew out that night with a social worker to go to Belleville, NJ to live with her god mother and her family. The airport she arrived in was not so crowded then while walking out of the gate to go get her luggage. Her social worker pointed out a Hispanic family with a small woman with curley dark hair and boy that look to be a bit older than Elizabeth who had a head of long light brown curly hair.

“Hello there you must be the Toro’s this is Elizabeth she is your goddaughter Mrs. Toro, who will be living with you due to incapability of her father to take care of her.” said her social worker.

“Awe yes hello Elizabeth I’m Angela you can call me Mrs. Angie if you want and this is my son and your god brother Ray.” said Mrs. Toro.

“Hello Elizabeth welcome to New Jeresy.”said Ray

___________Elizabeth's P. O. V.___________________________

“Oh Hello there thanks I glad to be here.” I said in the best voice I could pull. Wow I think I like it here already if their nice I wonder what the people at Ray’s school are like.

We loaded my stuff into their car and drove off into this state supposedly called New Jersey.
I watched as blurry trees flashed by outisde my window and focused on a hawk soaring above a house.

“So Elizabeth what kind of things are you into?” I heard the guy called Ray say.

“oh me I love music, I love to sing, play piano, read and write.”

“Really awesome I hope you like it here and maybe I’ll introduce you to my friends if that’s okay with you.” To tell you the truth Ray which I won’t I really want my friends right now especially Patrick.
“ yeah sure I will be glad to meet them.”

________________________End of P.O.V___________________

Elizabeth arrived with Ray and his mom at their house in a New Jersey neighborhood. Their house was nice I was two stories it was late so Ray helped Elziabeth take her stuff to her room. The room that was her’s was bigger than the one she had with blue walls that she adored. After unpacking she put on her p.js and snuggled up against her pillow for a goodnights sleep.

Author's note: I hope you like It may not be awesome but the best I can do so far oh and I know this is under My Chemical Romance but they are coming in the next chapter don't worry.
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