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As Death Could I Part From My Home

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Could this be the end or a new beginning

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As Death Could I Part From My Home
4 years later

Elizabeth Anne Hurley was 14 years old and she had long brown hair which came from her mother, blue eyes she received from her dad, and a petite figure covered in black skinny jeans and U2 shirt she got at a concert and on her feet she got from her father were black converses but with her looks and figure came the bruises that came from her alcoholic father that beat her ever since her mothers death from breast cancer 4 years ago and now over these 4 years Elizabeth started her first year of high school at Chicago High School where she went with the only person she could trust her best friend Patrick Stump.

Elizabeth now at school getting ready to head to lunch stopped by her locker to put away the books that made her arms want to break but on her way to her locker a stuck-up nosed jock tripped her and caused her books to go flying.

_________________Elizabeth P.O.V______________________

“Hey what hell was that for” I began to cry.

“oh I’m sorry is the baby going to go cry and run home to her mommy oh wait you have none or are you going to go run home to a daddy that wants you dead like everyone else shoot I bet your mom died because of you.” the ass-hole jock said while everyone around laughed at me.

“Hey leave her alone.” called out my best friend Patrick who look like he was going to kill someone.
“Well, Well look who it is carpet-face stump awe is she your girlfriend.” said the jock I so wanted to kick in the crouch.

“Hey Patrick don’t worry about them if they had a brain they would shove pencils up their asses.”

After that the jerk ass jock ran off with his friends. “Thanks Patrick.” I said as he picked up my books. “Oh your welcome I just wish those jackasses would leave you alone.” “Yeah me too Patrick but no matter how much we defend ourselves they will keep smacking us in the faces.”

I finally made it to my locker with Patrick at my side and I quickly crammed in my freaking books and headed of to lunch with Patrick.

The lunch room was crowded as usual with round tables everywhere I mean who ever designed this place should be shot. Now me and trick had our spot bye the window which was for the nobody that don’t fit in at all but usually the lunch room has tables according to how you fit in let me think jocks in cheerleaders near the vending machines, the people from the south near the cafeteria line, the hoodies in the center, the Goths in a corner, and the nerds and nobodies like us in the back next to windows kinda of stupid being split up like this usually I can get a seat with the hoodies but that’s only when my friend Nicole thinks I’m cool enough.

Now at our table holds only four of us Patrick, Me, Patrick’s friend Joe Trohman, and my cousin Andy Hurley mainly these were practically the only people that liked me in this school and I have one other friend who lives outside of Chicago in Wilmette, IL known as Pete Wentz but yeah you get the picture.

I walked over to the table where Joe had his nose in a another Star Wars book and Andy was working on homework for his math class.

“Hey guys what’s up.” I said while Patrick walked over with a tray of food.

“Hmm oh sorry I’m good how are you Lizzie.” Joe said while putting his book down. “I’m fine never thought you ask aww thanks Patrick I really need to pay you back.” I said as my stomach let out a loud growl. “No you don’t have to pay back Liz I just want to make sure you get some food cause It seems like your being starved by your dad.” “But oh great I have to go home again don’t I oh I really don’t have a good feeling about seeing him tonight I just don’t.”

I don’t want to go home last time he almost raped no wait I can’t let Patrick no this or he will be mad again with me for not telling the police.

“Lizzie are you ok cause you hardly touched the food I bought for you.” I heard Patrick say while he placed his arm around me.

“Hmm I fine Patrick thanks for the food.” to not hurt his feelings I quickly ate a chicken finger while sipping some of the Gatorade the got me. Wow bless Patrick if it wasn’t for him I probably starve to death and if it wasn’t for him being in my life I probably left this world 4 years ago.

___________________end of Lizzie’s P.O.V_________________

It was the end of school and Elizabeth made her way home after hugging Patrick goodbye little did she know what waited for her at home.

After putting her bike up against the wall she walked into the house which made her shiver when walking through the door.
She walked into the t.v room to find her dad with a beer and TV on ESPN.
------------------------------------Lizzie’s P.O.V---------------------------

Maybe if I just tiptoe upstairs, go down to my room very quietly and lock the door he won’t notice. Damn he’s been drinking I knew something wrong.

“There you are you damn bitch, where the fuck you been, now put down your damn bag whore and make me my dinner.”oh shit this can’t be good. I threw my bag down and hurried off to the kitchen to make him dinner.

Just as I put the pizza for him in the oven I could feel his beer-smelling breath graze the back of my neck oh God help me.

“I said make my dinner you fucking wench, what the fuck are you wearing for being late and wearing these closes you deserved to be a punished bitch.” and before I could get out of his way I felt his fist collide with my jaw which knocked me down on the floor.
“Stop dad. Stop please I’m sorry.”that’s when he took his foot with his steel-toed boots and kicked me extremely hard in the stomach I “awww stop it.”I screamed but before I had a chance to breathe I felt him left me up my arms and next thing I knew I crashed into the wall causing a warm liquid to come out of my head and then everything around me went blurry and I heard a dinging sound along with the sound of a door opening and the my dad grunt really loudly then as if the whole world went away I slipped into a painful darkness.
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