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Another knife in my hands

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Are lovers find out how much trouble theyre causing

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A month, one whole month. One - whole - month. Thats how long we spent in those woods, it may not seem like that long to most people but when you cant do anything except think about the terrible things that are happening and how much worse it has to get, when your too afraid to talk to long incase someone hears you, well, then it feels like an eternity. The nights we spent their were so cold, even wrapped around eachother and with a fire going, it was always so cold. Especially for Gerard who was used to being in hells fire. It was turning autumn on Earth and the leaves were beginning to go brown, much longer here and the trees would lose their leaves and we would be unable to hide here. But where else could we go? And how could we get there without being seen?
I shivered and turned over, each night I was getting less and less sleep, I couldnt bare it much longer. It was painful to know we were existing like this. Sometimes when Angels would fly over head I would find myself hoping they'd spot us. I think Gerard was secretly feeling the same way. I turned back over and looked at him, he was sleeping but I knew him well enough now to know he hadnt been asleep for long, and would probably wake up soon anyway. It was difficult for him to sleep here too. At first you just get on with it, theres almost an element of excitement for the first week or two. But now the excitement was gone and had been replaced by misery. I chewed subconcoiusly on my bottom lip, not realising until I drew blood. I tutted, I had been drawing blood a lot lately by doing this, and my bottom lip had a short scab on it where my teeth were constantly nawing. Gerard was hardly any better, he had managed to get a split lip when searching for food by getting hit in the face by a branch that admittedly, I had accidently swung in his direction. I hadnt realised he was there until I heard his pained cry and I still felt bad about it now. Even though it had been a week ago. We were both smudged with dirt, even though we would brave the icy water of the stream every few days to wash, but it was difficult to stay clean round here. Dirt was caked under our nails from gathering wood and food in the form of berries and mushrooms, which we would attempt to cook over the fire. I refused to eat meat and though Gerard was a demon he said he didnt feel like killing any of the animals for now, he said it was unfair on me anyway if he ate meat because he'd be less hungry than me. I ran a calloused hand through my scruffy hair and sat up, this was becoming ridiculous. We couldnt keep surviving like this, when the winter came the food we had been living on would go and the cold would kill us if an Angel didnt first.
"Frank?" I turned and saw Gerard sitting up. "Cant you sleep either?" He asked. I shook my head and he pulled me onto his lap, snuggling his face into the crook of my neck. "What are we gonna do Gee? We cant stay here like this." I whispered.
"I know baby, I know we cant. I just... I dont know where we can go." He whispered, he sounded truly defeated and it broke my heart. He couldnt be defeated, he had to stay strong, he was everything now. He was my god, my world, my best friend, my /boyfriend/. "We'll think of something wont we Gee. We'll be okay right?" I whispered. I felt his dry lips kiss my neck.
"We'll be fine. I wont let anything happen to us, I'll get us out of this mess." He promised. "Fuck I'm cold." He mumbled, rubbing his arms roughly. I turned in his lap and saw his teeth chattering. "Me too. This fire will never keep us warm." I sighed. I wrapped my arms around him and rubbed his back, attempting to create some kind of heat, he returned the favour and we sat sharing body heat but shivering non the less. "Gee, I cant spend another night in this place. We have to get somewhere warmer." I shuddered.
"I second that." Gee mumbled.
"I third it."
"And for once I agree with you all - I fourth it and make it final so can we get our asses in gear and MOVE IT!" I turned along with Gerard to see Ray and Mikey stepping into the light of the fire. Mikey was shivering as violently as Gerard and frantically rubbing his arms. Ray grinned at me and I stared at him in shock. "Ray! Oh my god man! How long have you been there!?" I cried, getting to my feet and pulling him into a tight hug. "Only about five minutes, we've been searching for you for days." He laughed. I pulled away from him and saw Gerard getting to his feet. He walked over to Mikey and smiled. "Hey bro'." He said. They embraced hands before looking at eachother for a moment. "Oh, screw it -" Mikey pulled Gerard into a tight embrace and Gerard laughed, hugging his brother back. Ray smiled and we waited until they had pulled apart before speaking. "We've been coming here everyday and night for as long as we can but we just couldnt find you guys, we had to keep going back to the others seperately so they wouldnt get suspicous, we cant let them know weve been working together." Said Ray, glancing at Mikey who was nodding.
"We've only been spending a couple of hours in here at a time. Once we ran into some other Angels and I had to pretend I had bumped into Ray like, a second before and that I was just leaving -" He said.
"Yeah, we only just got away with that one." Said Ray.
"Everyone is really suspicous of everything right now, if an Angel and a Demon are seen like, three foot away from eachother theyre accused of going out. Its insane, we're all getting along less than before which I didnt think was even possible." Cried Mikey. I looked at Gerard with a worried expression, which he returned. "Now you've found us... what are you going to do?" I asked. Ray and Mikey looked at eachother. "We dont know, we kept agreeing that if we saw you we'd just let you know we werent against you guys and we were gonna try and make you stop seeing eachother... But we arent going to anymore!" Ray added quickly as I looked at him in horror and Gerard pulled me protectively into him. We relaxed and Ray continued. "Anyway, then we agreed we'd just sorta... see how you were and arrange to meet you guys whenever we could but now..." He stopped and he and Mikey looked at eachother with a sad expression. We waited for them to continue but they didnt, they looked at the floor with an awkward silence. "But what? Whats happening?" Asked Gerard. It was only then that we noticed the scratches and bandages that covered the flesh we could see. The fire cast their faces in an eery shadow as Ray looked up with a particularly nasty cut right down the left side of his face. "When no one could find you, God and Satan were getting more and more agitated and so were the Angels and Demons, people starting blaming others for not being able to find you, arguments started, then the demons would start a fight and the Angels seemed to just...turn, and next thing we know theyre all fighting and not even God or Satan could break it up..." Mikey looked up too, his lip curled in disgust from what he had to tell us. Three long gashes covered the length of his cheeks. "Within a week everything got worse and worse, and then everyone stopped looking for you and...and instead they've...ugh, they're fighting eachother. Over the entire human Desert is where the battle is, Angels one side, Demons the other, even god and Satan are in it now... its a War guys. Its a fucking war between heaven and hell."
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