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Worlds collide

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A/N: Okay people, before I get to the chapter can I just say - Thankyou sooo much for all the amazing reviews you've been giving me, I dont think I've ever updated a story as frequently as this and its because of all the reviews you've been giving me :] It really makes me smile when I see what your all putting and it makes me update faster ^ ^ So thank you ALL!!
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"FRANK! DONT DO THIS!" Yelled Ray as he and Mikey ran after me and Gee as we tore through the trees. I ignored him and he and Mikey soon fell back, unable to keep up with us. I panted as I ran with my hand in Gerards, branches scratched at my arms and face but I barely noticed it. A war? I could barely believe it, a war had been started over this? There hadnt been a war between heaven and hell for thousands of years and now, just because I had fallen in love, they start one? It was stupid, crazy, the most insane thing I had ever imagined.
It took us only ten minutes of solid running before we burst out of the trees and into an empty field. We looked around, but there was nothing. The Angels had gone, no demons were in sight, and the truth really sunk in. "Gee, what are we gonna do?" I asked, my breathing heavy and a stitch searing in my side. "I dont know... we cant let a war happen because of us. We have to get there." Gerard looked around himself, as if a magical portal would appear. I nodded my agreement. "But, how do we get there? I cant fly remember." Gerard picked me up and kissed my forehead.
"I know, but I can use some of my energy to transport us there."
"You can transport?" I cried. He nodded.
"Its the only bit of magic I can use, its difficult for demons to use magic, same with Angels. Only god and satan can really use it." I nodded and felt my heart beating madly inside me, as if it knew the danger I was about to throw myself into, it was like it was trying to keep me alive before the damage had begun. I hooked my legs around Gerards waist and my arms round his neck. He looked at me with sad eyes. "You realise that this is going to be really dangerous?" He asked. I nodded and rested my forehead against his.
"We cant not go there Gee, this is our fault and we have to stop it." He nodded and pulled me closer to him, resting his lips against mine. We softly worked our lips together, and he ran his tongue along my bottom lip I granted him access and truly tasted him for the first time. I pushed my body against him harder and ran my tongue along his. The kiss was soft and I felt the love in it, but I couldnt help but wonder... would this be the last time? What were we getting ourselves into? I pushed it aside and groaned softly into Gerards mouth. He was so warm, so soft, so... everything. When we pulled away it was too soon and I kept my eyes closed as I rested my head on his shoulder. I felt the ground shift below us and dissapear, but I didnt pay attention. I didnt open my eyes, I just kept savouring his taste that lingered on my lips.

When I looked up we stood in the desert. Gerard put me to my feet and I looked around, there was huge sand dunes infront of use and behind us only sand that seemed to stretch on forever. But the sounds of the battle reached my ears instantly, it was coming from behind the dunes and I could hear an endless chorus of screams and shouts mingled with the explosions and restless noise. I shuddered and stood closer to Gerard. "We have to face it Frankie." He whispered and I laced my fingers with his as we began to walk forward. We struggled up the sand dune, the golden sand shifting beneath our feet, with each step foreward we were sent two steps back. We eventually reached the top and what I saw made my blood curdle. Below us we could see the demons, about a mile infront of them were the Angels. Every being from Heaven and Hell were there, and between them in the 'no mans land' Angels and Demons alike were scattered, some of them half buried in the sand, each body was stained in blood and looked nothing less than broken. Limbs were twisted in wrong directions, wings were torn and half pulled off, some of them completely gone, and thats Angel wings and Demon wings which resemble the wings of a bat. The golden sand was speckled with crimson and the battle was raging on. Satan and God were infront of their sides, firing spells at the demons and Angels, but not at eachother. Satan yelled a command and the front line of Demons gave battle cries as they ran forward, the front line of Angels doing the same. I watched in horror as they collided, weapons clashed and I could barely make out what was going on as bodies fell and more of each side ran foreward to join the battle. "Its horrible..." I whispered, my voice choked.
"FRANK!" I turned to see Ray and Mikey running towards us. Ray siezed me by the arm, Gerard being grabbed by making and they pulled us down the dune, sliding on the sand. We landed in a heap at the bottom, the sound of the war all around us. Mikey sat on top of Gerard and Ray sat on top of me. "Are you two crazy!? Stood up there for them to see! Fuck, you cant join that war. If you do its only going to get worse. They all hate you remember, you go out there and every one of them will seize you, you'll be dead in seconds!" Cried Mikey.
"I dont care! We cant let it just continue Mikey! People are dieing out there and its our fault!" Gerard shoved Mikey with all his might and he fell into the sand. I did the same to Ray and ran after Gerard. "STOP YOU TWO! YOUR CRAZY!" Ray shouted, getting to his feet and running after us along with Mikey. I got to the top of the dune after Gerard and saw him already half running half sliding to the bottom of the other side. I jumped and slid on my back towards him, reaching the bottom the same time as him, together we ran into the side of the Demons, most of them were too focused on the battle to notice us and the ones who did merely stared in disbelief and shock, parting as we ran through them. Gerards hand was sweaty and I clung to his hand like my life depended on it. I focused on the land between the two sides and soon enough we had got through the demons and we ran faster than human speed before skidding to halt in the middle of the land between them all. "STOOOP!!" Without planning to me and Gerard screamed the word at the same time, our voices mixing into one and echoing around the battle field. I yelled so loud my lungs stung but it worked, the battle seemed to just halt all of a sudden and jaws dropped as they all turned and stared at us. Gods fists clenched, his face a mask of disbelief. Satan was the first to get over his shock and he glared at us as his fists clenched and he took a threatening step foreward.
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