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Chapter Seven

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Wesley and Kylie flee to his people and Kylie learns his secret.

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Wesley felt the anger flare up in him quickly, he slammed his fist against the wall of the cave, not noticing when it began to bleed.
“Damn that bastard,” he swore, “damn him to hell. More death, more violence. When will it all end?”
Angel gently put her hand on his shoulder.
“When we kill the master,” she said quietly. “It will end with his death.”
Wesley nodded then looked at Kylie.
“There’s only one place that would be safe for her now,” he said. “I’ll have to take her to Raiden colony.”
“Are you sure?”Angel asked, “after you had that falling out with your father you swore nothing would make you go back.”
“Some things are more important now,” he said, “then a silly feud with an old man. It’s the only place that Tabatha wouldn’t dare to go. She knows what would happen if she showed her face in the colony again.”
Angel nodded then moved away, as Wesley knelt beside Kylie.
“We can’t stay here long,” he said as she looked at him. “It’s not safe, they could find this cave easily. I’m going to have to take you to a safer place.”
“Where will that be?”Kylie asked and Wesley looked away.
“The place where I grew up,” he said, “the ones who are trying to take you. They won’t be able to follow us there, if they do, they’ll be killed.”
“Why killed?”Kylie asked.
“Because they’re considered outsiders,” Wesley said “and outsiders aren’t welcome in the colony.”
She pushed her hair out of her eyes and stared up at him with those big green eyes.
“Won’t I be considered an outsider too?” She asked and he shook his head.
“You’re under my protection,” he said, “no one would dare harm you.”
He stood up and held out a hand for her. When she took it, the contact of their hands sent a lightening bolt of awareness through him. He looked at her as he pulled her up and knew she felt it too. For a moment they stood there, close together, staring into each other’s eyes.
“I hate to break up what seems to be a lovely moment,” Angel’s voice suddenly intruded. “But we need to get going before we get guests we don’t want.”
Wesley dropped Kylie’s hand and turned away, nodding at Angel.
“We’ll have to separate,” he said, “you and I will meet as soon as I get Kylie to safety. We need to figure out where the master is hiding, and end this.”
Angel nodded and they went to the back of the cave, where two motorcycles sat.
“Dave’s Diner,” she said, as she got onto one of the motorcycles. “Five days, be there or I go have all the fun without you.”
She nodded at Kylie, then started the motorcycle and roared away, leaving the two alone in the cave.

Wesley helped Kylie onto the motorcycle and handed her a helmet. Then he got on and started it up, driving it out of the cave and through the woods, following a path on his eyes could see. He sensed that she had a lot of questions, and knew that once they reached the colony she would demand answers. He mentally shook his head, he hoped his people wouldn’t scare her. They could be rather overwhelming at times.
They traveled for hours as Wesley tried to keep one eye on the road and one on the sky. He knew that Tabatha would figure out quickly where he was headed. He just prayed that she wouldn’t reach them before they reached the boundaries of the colony’s land.
Finally he saw the pine trees that marked the beginnings of the land and he stopped the motorcycle.
“We’ll have to walk from here,” he told Kylie as she took off the helmet and got off the motorcycle.
He grabbed the backpack that he had slung over the back and reached for her hand.
“Whatever you see,” he said, “don’t be afraid. No harm will come of you as long as you’re with me.”
Hand in hand they walked toward the pines and Wesley stopped. He summoned his sword as Kylie gasped at the use of magic, then walked forward. He took the sword and struck one of the trees three times, then stepped back as a ripple formed and a door suddenly opened.
“This land is protected,” he said, “as soon as we step through this door no one can get to you.”
Kylie hesitated, and Wesley looked at her, holding out his hand.
“Trust me,” was all he said, and Kylie finally stepped forward and put her hand in his.
Together they walked forward, through the door and Kylie looked back. She could see the motorcycle sitting by the side of the road, but it was as if she was staring through a shimmering curtain. There was no break to indicate where the door had closed.
“You said your people didn’t trust outsiders,” she said, looking at Wesley as they walked. “Who are your people?”
He stopped and looked at her.
“We come from an ancient race, older then any civilization known to man,” he said. “We’re known as Dragynspawn and the reason that we don’t trust outsiders is because we have been hunted for centuries.”
He looked at Kylie and saw the confusion in her eyes.
“Kylie,” he said, “I’m not human. Not in the way that you are. I am a shape shifter, I can turn into the form of a dragon.”
She laughed.
“There are no things as dragons,” she said, and he knew he would have to convince her more.
He looked at her, and she gasped as his eyes changed colors. Quickly he allowed himself to transform, as he magically removed his clothing.
Finally he stood before her, as a black dragon and looked at her, expecting to see fear in her eyes.
Instead he saw wonder and awe. She extended a hand, touching him softly, and he closed his eyes, groaning with the pleasure of her touch.
Suddenly his sensitive ears picked the up the sound of approaching wings and he transformed back into a man, summoning his clothes and his sword.
“What is it?” Kylie asked with alarm, and he pushed her behind him. Holding his sword before him in a defensive stance.
“Probably warriors from the colony,” he said, “but I’m not taking any chances.”
Kylie’s eyes widened as she saw the dragons rushing toward them. There were at least six, all different colors, all huge.
They came swooping out of the sky and she closed her eyes, expecting to be attacked. But instead they landed in front of Wesley and quickly transformed into men.
“Your father said you would return today,” a white haired man said. “Welcome home Qasim.”
“I no longer go by Qasim,” Wesley said quietly. “My name is Wesley now.”
The man stepped back as if he had been slapped.
“You dishonor your blood by taking a human name?” He said, glowering at Wesley.
“No, Yedid,” Wesley said, “I still honor the Dragynspawn. It’s because of my father that I changed my name, I no longer want to be his son.”
Yedid looked at Kylie who was still behind Wesley.
“Now you bring a human female into our midst.” He said, “why do you do this?”
“This is Kylie,” Wesley said, bringing her forward. “She is in trouble, and the colony is the only place where she’ll be safe.”
Yedid looked at Kylie and smiled.
“You don’t have to be afraid of us child,” he said kindly. “We no longer eat maidens, that was done away after the dark ages.”
He chuckled at his own joke, then extended a hand toward Kylie.
“Welcome to Raiden colony,” he said. “You are now under the protection of the Dragynspawn and will remain that way forever.”
Kylie smiled as she took the offered hand and he led her toward the village, with Wesley and the others following behind.
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