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January 2008

Disclaimer: Both the characters in this story and the song, 'Because' belong ONLY to their respective owners.

Because the world is round
it turns me on...
Because the world is round...

Long ebony hair swayed in the wind as the person stood, concentrating on the task at hand. His hand was balled in a fist at his side as he waited.

Cerulean eyes watched curiously as the other person tensed, sensing the second aura.

The boy opened his iridescent eyes cautiously, looking out of the corner of his eyes, still waiting.

Because the wind is high it
blows my mind...
Because the wind is high...

A girl stepped out into the clearing, and the other figure was gone.

She looked around, scared and bewildered, where has he gone? The man appeared behind her, one arm around her waist and the other holding a kunai at her neck.

Freezing, the woman found herself in a rather confusing predicament.

"Who are you," the boy hissed at her angrily, "what business do you have here?"

Love is all, love is new
Love is all, love is you

A tear slipped down her cheek, "I-I don't know..." The kunai was pressed into her neck harder, drawing blood. She whimpered pathetically.

"Please, don't hurt me... I just... want to go home..." The other man released her, watching as she dropped to the ground.

He pitied her and the way she acted; she was lost, that much he was sure of. But from where, was the real question.

Because the sky is blue,
it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue...

"Hyuuga, Neji." He stated, and she looked at him, tears till cascading down her face. The way she looked at him made the ninja want to hide her away forever, away from the watchful eyes of the male populace.

He knew that as soon as he took her back to Konoha, many would be after her hand in marriage; that was just the way it worked.

The woman smiled at him as he held his hand out for her. "Thank you, Hyuuga-san, thank you."


GR: Hello to the people who read this. My name is GeeksRULE, and my computer basically had a meltdown, and until I buy a new one, my friend, MasterBakatare-san, will be doing random things to my site and stuff.

GR: So, I decide to pay her back the favor by posting one of MY stories. I hope that this is okay (although, I think it's crap), and I hope that this isn't too weird.
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