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Sun King

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January 2008

Disclaimer: Both the characters in this story and the song, 'Sun King' belong ONLY to their respective owners.

"Here comes the sun king"

A melodic voice broke the silence in a small room. The song being sung was rather maestoso manner, the singer getting so carried away, she stood up and danced.

The only other occupant in the room snickered. "Kagome, you look like an idiot..."

"Here comes the sun king"

"Shut up, Kakashi-kun!" Kagome hissed after she finished singing the second line. Sticking out her tongue, she blew him a, rather wet, raspberry. "Not like you could do better, ninja man!"

Turning around, she smiled, beginning to sing once more.

"Everybody's laughing"

"Damn right I'm laughing..." The silver-haired man stated, causing the woman to glare back at him.

"Everybody's happy"

Closing her eyes and swaying her body along to the slow song, she smiled as she felt arms capture her waist.

"I love you, Kagome." He murmured to the woman in his arms. He had pulled off the small cloth on his face, and was leaning down to touch their lips together.

"Here comes the sun king"

Growling, she flicked his forehead, "I love you too, now let me finish!"

"Quando paramucho mi amore de felice carathon
Mundo paparazzi mi amore cicce verdi parasol
Questo abrigado tantamucho que canite carousel..."

"There," her grumbled, "you're done. Now can I kiss you or do I have to wait until you're finished breathing or something?"

She cocked her head to the side cutely, "No, now seems like a good time."

Rolling his eyes, he bent forward and let his lips land on hers.

"I still love you, Kagome"

"I know, moron, I know."


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