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Chapter 11.

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“I lost mine at a children’s park,” Escher broke in suddenly, knowing she was treading into dangerous waters, “on the slide”

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Escher was sitting with Kingston in the tech suite below her office, supervising while he showed her the make-over he was planning for the bands My Space site. On the second of September – just a couple of weeks away – they would release “Welcome to the Black Parade” on the site and on radio a week later. At the knock on the door Escher looked up and saw Gerard peering in.

“Hey E, how does it look?”

“Fine, Kingston’s doing a great job” Escher said, smiling warmly at her colleague who shrugged.

“Awesome. Listen we’re gonna go out and grab something to eat if you wanna come? You’re welcome too Kingston”

“Nah man, gotta get back to the wife, she’s eight months pregnant and all she can do is point and yell” He said dryly.

Gerard laughed.

“What about you E?”

“Sounds good, let me run up and grab my bag”

They settled on a Mexican restaurant not far from Reprise and Escher indulgently ordered a disgustingly huge meal of nachos, enchiladas and chimichanga. There were about ten of them in all, the guys, a few people from the office and Escher of course. Escher was the only female in the group, although she was used to that with the bar and quite enjoyed the company of men. She was halfway through her second margherita when the conversation, predictably, began to degenerate into stories about how everybody lost their virginity.

“I don’t remember how I lost mine,” Jake, one of the guys from the office, said, “But I
remember walking in on my little sister losing hers”

“Oh god,” Frank mumbled, “That’d be awful”

“Mikey lost his in my bed when we threw a party. That was pleasant to come back to” Gerard said wryly, causing Mikey to blush.

“I lost mine at a children’s park,” Escher broke in suddenly, knowing she was treading into dangerous waters, “on the slide”

Frank’s head snapped towards her, his eyes wide, but she ignored him, going back to her margherita.

It was a few hours before Escher made it home. She had left the guys at the restaurant because she had an old friend to meet up with before heading home. Jonathon “JB” Bradley, was a writer she had known through Johnny. JB wrote very cerebral and oblique novels on dark matters that Escher barely understood. But apparently they were very good. He had spent the past couple of years in Los Angeles having his second novel turned into an equally strange film but was now back in New York to write again. After a couple of catch-up glasses of wine with him though, she decided she’d best go home so she’d be fresh for work the next morning.

Escher was mildly surprised to see Sarah sitting nervously by the elevator door when it opened into the apartment.

“Hey Sarah…”

“E! Oh thank God! Frank’s here!”

“What?” Escher asked incredulously as she shrugged off her heavy jacket and scarf.

“Frank, he came a while ago and refused to leave until you came back”

“Right, where is he?”

Sarah’s hands were almost shaking as she lit a cigarette, she was back in the kimono she basically lived in.

“He’s in the living room, just sitting there. He won’t leave”

Escher stared hard at Sarah.

“Well did you consider asking him to fuck off? It’s your fucking house Sarah,”

“I’m sorry, I tried to get rid of him”

“Jesus Christ, I can’t cope with this”

“I’m sorry Escher, really”

Escher held up her hand to silence the other girl.

“Whatever, just leave it, I’ll deal with him” She snapped.

Sarah nodded sadly and disappeared into the kitchen.

The only thing dividing the living room from the dining area and foyer, was a wall of boxed shelves decorated with vases and books. Escher leaned up against this and peered around to where she could see Frank slumped on the couch in that stupid hat with the ear flaps. She had laughed at him when he wore something similar in high school. She understood that he got sick really easily, but there was no escaping how stupid the hat looked.

“That hat looks so stupid” She said quietly. His eyes flicked up to settle on her.

“Jesus Christ, finally, where were you?” He asked, standing up.

“Out,” Replied Escher, more coldly now, “And I trust that this is something super important
that you’ve come to my home. I make myself available to you almost 24/7 Frank, at both my office and my bar, but I expect to be able to come home and not have to deal with you”

“Is it true?” He asked, getting right to the point.

Escher knew what he was talking about but she couldn’t cope with it just then – she had
regretted saying anything at all as soon as she left the restaurant. She turned towards the spiral staircase that led up to her bedroom on the mezzanine floor.

“Escher!” he called, following her up the stairs.

“What?” She hissed, turning on him on the staircase.

“Answer my question, is it true? Were you a virgin the night we slept together?”
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