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Chapter 1: A Strange Beginning Or Finding The Book

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The paranoia of a group of magic users led them to create a living book containing all their knowledge which grows with time. A neglected Harry Potter stumbles across it and his life changes

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Harry and KiKi: Tales of the Boy Necromancer by Sam Stone

Disclaimer: Don't own HP. JKR does that. KiKi and other OCs are mine though.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related terms and characters are the property of JK Rowling. The use of copyrighted material is for non-profit entertainment purposes only, and in no way constitutes a challenge to the existing copyright.

A/N: This story came to mind in the form of two questions: What would it have been like for Harry to have learned of magic before Hogwarts a different magic? What would it have been like for Harry if he had been in a different house? This story explores an alternate view of Harry’s life and one of three choices.

This is a dark comedy. It will be funny but there will be parts that are rather dark You have been warned.

The story is rated R for violence, language, and eventual sexual situations –my stories are much darker than what Rowling has written. I’ve listed the story as pulling from materials in Books 1-5, but the story is completely AU. Material from Books 6 and 7 will likely not find its way into this story except the most useful of threads; I have my own plot to follow and there will be no miracle cures.

Chapter 1: A Strange Beginning Or Finding The Book

Nothing in this life is free and there is No Justice In This World. So best make your Own and benefit from it as well. This I do every day by blood and ash as my witness. - Master Necromancer Harold Potter.

Harry was hiding in the one place that Dudley would never be caught in... the library. He was barely in kindergarten, but he had already long since needed to read at least enough to follow the cooking instructions. So he found out that he had an escape in books.

This time he had decided to go deeper into the library. He had gone into the basement as it was further away from the only part Dudley would ever willingly go in... where the comics might be. The books here looked old and fragile. There was a sudden sound and Harry spun in shock.

In most instances there would have been a minor moment where something fell to the ground do to being startled. In this moment however Harry fell back and landed hard on the ground. He looked and saw in the dim light a hidden cache similar to the one in his cupboard. He saw in there a very odd looking book. He pulled it out and saw a strange name on it. 'Ye Arts Ancient and Ascendant' was what he saw.

The Book seemed mesmerizing and with a breath holding moment opened it. He would most likely never find out that it was a primer of magic that had been lost across various points in time space and realities. The Book as it was called by those who ran across it was a very obscure artifact that seemed to defy reality. Its appearance and name might change in what form it took, but the basics inside never changed although the book accumulated more information as time went on in its existence. Also the original authors being masters of their magic and having become deified had poured enough security and selectivity into the Book.

This particular incarnation of the Book had solidified itself a few centuries prior during the time of its last owner. Each section of the book contained in essence the sum knowledge of the field involved and contained both long forgotten as well as recently discovered knowledge. The kicker was that as the Book was crafted by a very strange society it lacked any morality in its teachings, but required that the learner either have or chose to follow a sense of ethics appropriate to whichever Art they chose. To those that turned their back on the vows the Book required was the Book forever denied. The knowledge had been sought out and various lesser works contained mere hints of the totality of the information and wisdom written into its pages.

For Harry the Book was written in a tight script flowing yet elegant even if it read a bit antiquated similar to Old English in form. Despite the vast information stored in the book it was at most an inch thick and bound with an old leather exterior with a wrap tie to keep it closed. The title was carved into the thick hide of the exterior and looked as if someone had poured considerable time into the complex engravings decorating it.

The most shocking thing to his mind was that it mentioned the m-word. However that was not mentioned until several paragraphs in as the skills were termed Arts. He shuddered as he recalled what mentioning that word in the Dursley's would do. There were several different topics mentioned in the book but one caught his attention. The Art of Life and Death seemed shocking but his interest was caught the moment he read that there was a way to call forth the spirit of the dead. He would be able to find out about his parents.

Now while most would take what their relatives said about one's family with little to no salt there had been that underlying unease that came with how little they ever wanted to talk about them. It was almost as big a taboo as the m-word. There seemed to be some resentment between his aunt and his mother. He wondered what it could be that would cause such a serious case of sibling antipathy.

Harry had been gone for a while as he had read over the introduction to the book. It was fascinating and wanted to get a better grasp for which topic would suit him. He had long since promised himself that he would never be as simple minded as Dudley was in anything even if he had to play the fool at school. He finally looked over the other choices, but with the simple sentence his life was changed forever.

'Calling Forth of the Spirits Ancestral,' he had read and with it his determination set in. 'Does that mean I could find out about my parents or more importantly hold a conversation with them? I would give almost anything to know about them and why they would have me placed with them if they died...'

Harry flipped to the part of the book that dealt with his chosen Art. That it seemed like something that the Dursleys would despise only prodded him more. As no one living was willing to tell him about his family, he had decided to turn to the dead. There was so little he could get from newspapers and none of it agreed with what his relatives had said about dying in a car crash as his father was an unemployed drunk.

'How could he have a car if he was unemployed,' Harry thought in disbelief. 'That Petunia always calls mom a whore or slut seems off or I would have siblings. Though there was almost a tone that she hated that mom looked better than she did. Ah well that is not relevant now... back to the book!'

"The first step on this path is the declaration," Harry read aloud with a sense of conviction beginning to form. "In a circle draw forth in blood and ash these sigils four. Stand within the circle and speak thy oath. Hmm have blood and there is some ash near the furnace there. Might as well try this."

Harry quickly went and got some of the ash from the furnace and checking that no one was around drew a circle with the ash. With a sigh he steeled himself and used the small knife he found to prick his finger and mix his blood with the ash forming the circle. He took a breath before drawing the pictures in blood on the floor. Four symbols that seemed so beautiful yet terrifying at the same time. Part way through he was kicking himself if it hadn't been for the layers of ash and other things that could cover the circle when he was done he would find himself in trouble. Something this unnatural would get him serious trouble with those people.

'Vernon would flay me alive if he knew about this,' Harry thought morosely. 'Still I have come to far not to try. What is there to lose? If it doesn't work at least I tried and at least there is no one here to see me look the fool.'

Harry walked into the circle and with the book clenched in his hand spoke the oath, "By blood and ash I swear mine life to this path. I accept the gift of mine art and the burden of mine art's duty. I accept the gift to give motion to the motionless and the duty to bring rest to the restless. This I do so swear to do by mine blood and this gift!"

Harry was not entirely prepared for what happened next. The circle shimmered and the sigils he had drawn in his blood ignited in a mix or red and black flames. He felt a throbbing in his head like the worst headache ever while his blood felt like it was burning in his veins. Despite the pain he had learned to tolerate from the Dursleys he fell to his knees as he bit back a scream. He never screamed for them and he would not scream for this. He looked in front of him and saw that his scar which had never done anything before in his life dripped blood and black blood at that.

Six drops struck the shimmering circle looking like black ink before flaring and turning red and six times he felt the pain increase as the blood changed color. He felt like bones he never knew he had snapped before being ground into powder before melting and being reformed causing a change in their structure and length. His muscles twitched and spasmed as they repaired themselves after tearing again and again each time growing denser yet retaining a rapid reaction rate. His eyes were burning as two of the drops had splashed his eyes while one had hit his lips before he had unconsciously licked them. The blood mixed with the blood he drew as he bit back the pain. When the blood trickled down his throat he felt a strange soothing sensation. Then the sigils burned brightly and darkly before going out. The circle was blown away as he exhaled sharply and lay panting on the floor.

"Book never said it would hurt like that," Harry grumbled as he looked at the book. "Might as well see what else it says. What's this small print? Be warned if there is any blood magic used that is harmful in its impact this ritual will expunge it as well. Note this would be quite painful as the body has to force it out in addition to restoring any damage the body had experienced such as injury, malnutrition and birth defects. Wait the books in plain English now! How did that happen? Ah well I need to get going or the Dursleys will have a fit!"

With that Harry took the book with him and made his way back to where he lived. Along his way things looked different from they had before. There was a sharpness that had not been present along with a clarity that he had not had before. The place looked somewhat more and less crowded than it had been before. Unknown to Harry his eyes had been lifted and he would never see the world as he had before. Eyes repaired of any imperfections before being augmented to handle seeing beyond.

Harry hid the book when he got home as there was no way he wanted the Dursleys to take his book. When his relatives went to sleep he opened the book and hoped that there would be enough light to read it. As odd as it was he wondered why it was still light outside until he looked at the clock through the slits in the door. It was late and they went to bed with the lights on seemed impossible. He blinked several times as he noticed that his room seemed to be as brightly light as outside. This was impossible as his room was always dark.

Well there was enough light for him to see so he opened the book and started to read. He was so engrossed with the book he hadn't noticed the details that had been fading over the years having gained an almost inhuman clarity. The topics in the Book were many and that was just in his choice of Art and the requirements for some of the skills were complicated. Each ritual required certain things but there was one common theme.

'Blood,' Harry thought in shock. 'They all mention blood. Is it something that is overlooked? Using blood in practically all the examples given either my own or animal. Eww human blood rituals seem a bit sinister. Might as well start small.'

With that Harry continued long into the night reading the book and thinking over what he needed to do the things in the book. He had come to far already to ignore the book and he felt so much better. He drifted off still reading the book far later than normal. The next day began as always with his aunt yelling to get up causing him to snap awake and alert suddenly. He didn't notice until he had finished breakfast and started on his chores that he was not as tired as he should be.

Soon enough a pattern developed where Harry would read the book at night and try to scrounge up both the ingredients he needed and the time to perform his rituals. It had been in the course of finding deserted enough areas that he had learned of his other gift. He could talk to snakes. The first thing he did after bidding the snake a good hunt was to go home and consult the book. It seemed that he had another avenue to explore and there were even rituals that required this gift to use.

Time passed and Harry slowly worked his way through the rituals he had found. He had been squeamish the first time he had to use blood other than his own and had settled for some of the rodents he had found trying to infest his garden. Sure his aunt claimed it as hers, but he did all the work. On the plus side he found uses for most of the 'weeds' that his aunt had him remove. Who would know that what his aunt considered pests would be rare enough ingredients for him.

He had found a snake and a cat that were rather hungry and they gladly ate his rituals left over’s that was when the sacrifice wasn't reduced to ash to fuel the spell. Thankfully most didn't do that and he soon had two friends. A snake he could understand off the bat and a cat who he had named Trouble that he was learning to understand.

He had managed to keep his gift contained and unnoticed until one day when Dudley was playing with a new toy. A slingshot that Dudley was shooting rather haphazardly coming close to striking him several times and if not for a few physical restoring rituals would have been rather scarred up. Dudley hit a bird, a raven to be exact and Harry having nursed several of the neighborhood's animals back to health after one of his cousins rampages picked up the bird to nurse it back. The wing was obviously broken, but he hadn't noticed the broken neck.

It was a simple spell he had used on Trouble whenever she had gotten injured because of Dudley. Sure he had been half tempted to ask Mrs. Figg to look out for Trouble, but it seemed far too troublesome to explain where she came from. He simply let a few drops of blood flow into the birds body and let some of his power resonate with it to speed up healing. He did the same to himself whenever Dudley did manage to catch him with his gang.

The unexpected thing was when the bird started moving and there was no heart beat. He had noticed something odd with the bird as it had fallen. The blurriness around the living was missing leaving only the sharpness of the dead. He looked at the bird and all there was that same image and yet the bird moved. Wait there was something else there...

"Motion to the motionless," Harry had murmured as the bird hopped to his shoulder. "So that is what the book meant. I had best make sure Trouble doesn't try to eat you..."

So Harry had three companions a snake, a cat and a bird. Shadow, Trouble and Night did their best to help him when they could. Yet he still had to leave them outside for the most part. Debating over it he used a small ritual to allow them to become unnoticed and had fed them the three squirrels involved. They were his friends so he had eventually rationalized killing animals for them. Between the four of them they were doing a significant amount of pest control and there were far less calls for that service in Little Winging.

Considering that Dudley had staked out the park, Harry had taken to the less developed areas and spent time in the wild than deal with his family. The book was quite useful in how to survive in the wild and besides his art he had focused on those skills that would allow him to survive. He was not even eight and had already had to perform rituals to minimize the necessarily needed food while maximizing the efficiency of what little he got.

Harry recalled the first time he had filled a glass with fresh warm blood and the ritual that had required him to drink it. His companions made sure none of the body went to waste. Although Night did seem focused on the soft areas. It had been after several of those rituals that Harry had noticed the first perhaps negative effect of his art. He had fangs. Retractable none the less they were still fangs.

He just chalked it up to more weirdness in his life. Like all the specters he had to deal with. The duty that he had finally understood when he put his first restless to rest. Well he had tried. He had ended up with KiKi. A very young child's spirit that had been killed or more accurately murdered. Somehow he had agreed to animate her body in exchange for the man that killed her to pay. He had been too shocked when little KiKi had tracked the man down and what followed. Unsure what she had planned he had trailed after her. It was unpleasant to say the least.

It turned out that little KiKi had been violated before being murdered. Suffice it to say that Harry had been out of it when she had jumped the man and disabled him before starting to eat the man alive. He had just stood there white faced as the infant like skeleton like being had started eating. The odd thing was that instead of the flesh falling out or flesh growing back that the bones had expanded becoming almost a skeleton shaped marionette in form. As it went on the bones went from pale white to black as they became denser and yet she kept chattering the whole time.

Suffice it to say that Harry probably should have gone into therapy at that point. It had been even more disturbing when his companions had joined in on the meal. They did have personalities just lacked certain human social mores. So Harry barely did more than blink and look on as Night started to peck at the struggling man's eyes. It was the first time that Harry had seen someone die. He had been shocked when there had been no restless when the man finally died well before his companions had finished eating.

He had been well prepared to aid KiKi in going back to rest, but as she had been so young when she had died that she had decided to stay. He had managed to keep his other companions hidden but he would not manage with KiKi. He was sure that Vernon would not take to having an animated skeleton in the house.

When he had gotten home he had been proven right. Sadly for Vernon it turned out that not only had Harry's rituals made him hard to hit as well as resistant to damage with a shorter healing time they had made him a bit less emotional. KiKi however had not taken it well and seeing Vernon lifted by the smaller form before being swung into a wall had been shocking. Suffice it to say that things changed at that point.

The Dursley House had not really changed over the years. Harry had moved into the basement with his menagerie and he still picked the weeds that so aided his art. He had changed in that he was dressed in clothes that fit him that were rather dark and somber in appearance. Shadow was with him always and Trouble had grown somewhat.

If anyone was to have known him well they would say it was the eyes that changed. They still sparkled, but there was a hidden depth and darkness there. As if he had seen things that one his age should not, which had lead to an early maturity. He still performed his rituals and with KiKi had delved ever deeper into his passion. He didn't even concern himself about her diet or the others let alone himself.

There was no shortage of components for him even for the more disturbing of the rituals he had learned. His relatives suspected that he was a killer, but if asked he would deny and be telling the truth when asked if he ever murdered someone. Did he allow people to die? Yes he did, but he always made sure that they were better off dead. It had been rather shocking to find the number of abnormalities that dwelt in his area. He had long learned that the adults in the area turned a blind eye to almost anything that they didn't want to believe and yet gossiped about the least of things. So was it any wonder that the suburban paradise he lived in was full of the worst sort of the dregs of society. Child abusers and rapists tended to have a drastically short life span. The wife beaters were almost lucky be comparison. They had only had to deal with being mauled by wild animals. They lived just missing a few parts and KiKi was still chipper.

So for a time his only friends were his animal companions and KiKi. That had sadly made him rather unsocial in addition to Dudley’s effects on any school aged friends he could make. He would finally make a friend one day in the form of Alice. He thought back to how much of a near disaster it had been.

As many things in his life it was a sorry thing that started it off. Unlike the adults he had learned to observe people and the sudden tenseness that the girl had around people was disconcerting. The sudden change in clothing as well as the sudden need not to be noticed drew alarm bells to his mind. He found her behavior far to like his had been before. It had taken a rather consorted effort but he found out and he had wished he was an adult and simply ignored it had it not been so revolting.

Little Alice seemed to have become the favorite niece of her Uncle John. He had done some rather unappealing things but he had started off simply enough to methodically condition her behavior so that his current as well as later intentions would be readily acquiesce to. Her clothing had changed for two reasons both deserving of letting KiKi play with the man. Longer clothing to cover the bruises without a good reason such as a spanking and other marks that were he had feared from other tools to condition her to accept his will and discipline as well as to make her look less attractive so that others would not think to look at her for she was his in his mind.

He had only the slightest of pangs of guilt for having used his gifts to coerce the knowledge from her. He had felt a moment of disgust at his action as he could have tried to coerce a spirit to know what had happened, but his sudden concern for anyone in that situation had forced him to act. He had then promised her that the situation would be handled as the adults never paid attention anyways.

'There was nothing anyone would do even without consent,' he had thought in disgust. 'Besides KiKi is getting both restless and hungry again. Better to kill two birds with one stone as it were. Man already had her convinced that lying about it would lead to less punishment than if anyone or at least an adult found out. Still best to be sure not to be played in a game in which there is consent. There is a reason there is a difference between doing what is right and doing what is good.'

Harry had followed Alice to where her uncle had commanded her to meet. He brought KiKi with and the pair waited as loath as he was to do so. He just wanted to make sure he wasn't being used nor that he was betrayed. The book had far too much information of what most would have considered perverse and immoral behaviors, but who was he to judge if he had already tortured and killed people. The book had drilled into his head about consent and desire being keys to magic as well as life. The book had however been rather lacking in any moral guidance and had instead been focused on magic as well as the ethics of magic. If it had really been a desire to be hurt and more such as being humiliated by knowing she was being watched while being punished than that would have been a different matter.

Harry had his ethics shaped by the book and the notion of morals destroyed by the Dursleys. Morals were to him something that societies had invented to validate themselves and their actions. A mere social control that he had no use for.

It turned out that the man had been planning on going further that day in his actions. He had waited for longer than he had wished as he still had a somewhat warped sense of ethics. He couldn't simply let KiKi eat the man because of what he had been doing without proof even with Alice's confession. The adults had so many stupid rules about such things that they had instilled in most people and then there were the social conventions and not just the written laws.

Harry had to be sure that if he was caught that he had a rock solid reason for killing the man as he had heard Vernon complain about lawyers and how they worked the law. He only feared one thing worse than the Dursleys returning to form and that was prison or an orphanage. Self defense should work and if he caught the man red handed as it were then there was no way he would feel sympathy for the man. He lived by some simple rules that had no real exclusions as something was either right or not to his mind therefore as the man had broke them he deserved the appropriate justice.

Harry had waited behind a tree in the deserted area where the man had planned to meet Alice. He was truly offended considering that she was a year younger than him a mere seven years old at the time. The man had gotten so far as to take her clothes off when he had interfered.

"You know that really isn't the smartest of things to do," Harry had said from the cover of the trees. "We don't like people like you. Oh don't be so surprised in thinking that no one would find out. It probably would be simpler if you had chosen to confess to the police. We don't have the same qualms in dealing with your kind. Besides my friend has been quite restless ever since she killed her own murderer. Why he even planned to do what you have been doing with her so I do think it is best to let you reap what you have sown..."

The man was unprepared for KiKi. She had simply jumped down on the man from the trees. Her little fingers had grabbed at his spine on the way down and with a snap the man had fallen to the ground. KiKi had raised her hand and in an action that raised Harry's eyebrows an ax had appeared in it. Alice had looked on in shock as her uncle was systematically chopped up and eaten in front of her.

"He won't bother you or anyone else anymore," Harry had told her as he turned to leave with KiKi following still carrying her bloodied ax. "I don't think you need to worry about any one finding out what happened. You can just pretend none of this happened..."

"No!" Alice had shouted in shock. "I don't want to forget or it might happen with someone else someday. Please help me. Show me how not to be afraid again. Teach me to make them pay!"

For a time there was a silence as a struggle passed through his mind. The risks of revealing more to someone versus the advantage of someone aiding him. It was so tempting to have someone besides his companions to talk to. Besides there was the fact that given the circumstances that she would try to solve things on her own.

‘Decisions… decisions,’ Harry thought with a slight twitch. ‘I have to ask myself is it worth it… then again there is the fact that I had before wished for anyone to come and save me… perhaps it would be worth it?’

"Fine," he had said with a sigh. "But you must be sure about this. There is no going back. You will do things that most would revile you as much as they would him for what he did. Do you choose to do this of your own free will?"

"Yes!" Alice had again shouted full of emotion. "I never want to feel this weak again."

Harry had sighed again before he had looked at KiKi and walked to where the man had died. There was still some blood soaked into the ground. He would need to be more careful of that in the future. Normally they lingered long enough to clean the sight, but he had wanted to go away and not have her look at him how he had feared she might. She had wanted to be free of him but doubts of having someone he could call friend perhaps looking at him like a freak like the Dursley’s still did if concealed behind their fear was not something that he had wanted.

With a simple gesture at the ground where he had died a black flame spurted up charring the ground quickly before vanishing without letting more than a whiff of smoke rise as well as removing any evidence even CSI forensics could find. It was interesting that the fire would completely erase all evidence even modern science would find nothing even with all of the advancements they had. He looked her over and tried to see if she had the dedication that it would take. How easy would it be to ever find someone to work with in the future? There were so many rituals and spells that needed more than one caster to make them work. She had accepted this so he might as well tell her.

He had reached into his backpack and pulled out the book along with the dagger he had worked so hard to make. He had calmly explained what to do and he watched on as she took the same oath he had until she had added something unexpected to her words. Words from the ritual right after it. One he had not performed. She had actually pledged herself to him for his actions and in shock he had agreed without thinking.

He had berated himself for that a moment later as he had felt a bond form between them. He realized that he was responsible for her as well as for her training. His carefree life was gone as Alice had family that paid attention to her not like him. Still they had trusted that man so they were obviously not too bright.

‘I wanted a partner,’ Harry thought to himself as he walked her home, ‘and instead I got a minion. Not that having help is a bad thing just that in my shock I permitted myself to allow Alice to tie herself to me. Power is tempting and now someone so abused and betrayed trusts me like this. I have to restrain myself from talking advantage of this in the future… I am just a kid and yet at times I feel as if I have lived lifetimes. It would have been nice to have played as a kid once and yet all that I have done has changed me so, and now I am going to guide Alice down this path. Will I be able to keep her from my mistakes? Would she even want to? And yet I think that things will be so interesting. To think that just wanting to know more about my parents would lead me this far… how much further must I go to find out why I can call some spirits and yet not theirs to me. Alice I promise that I will help you and yet I know that you will help me in my ambition no matter how far I have to go. I will help you to never have to feel as weak as you did before this.’

Time had passed after that and the pair had gotten into mischief and other assorted things. Alice did however show no interest in boys or more accurately other boys. She knew that she could trust Harry and he knew he could trust her. A friend, a human friend, was a new experience for Harry. He had helped Alice slowly work her way through the secrets he had learned and they both delved into some of the new rituals that required assistance. The pair still managed to kill things. Harry taught Alice how to hunt and they hunted wild animals along with their companions.

Alice took to the cynical nature of their art with a reverence. Animal sacrifices were readily used to repair the damage and prevent any possibility of it happening in the future. She would not be weak. It had been interesting when she had first drank her first taste of blood even if it had been animal blood still warm from the kill. She had acted like the world's most sugared up child as she had careened around the clearing. Harry had for the first time in a long time simply laughed. There Alice had been practically bouncing around the trees giggling like mad.

What neither of them had expected was the effects the first time Alice and Harry had shared blood or to be more accurate shared willingly given blood. It had been a ritual to allow Harry to better know Alice and for Alice to better know Harry or perhaps they would have better been able to understand the other and what made them who they were. That it allowed them to always know exactly where the other was as well as their condition had made them choose this particular rite. They were very close friends at this point in time and had confided much in each other, but had still found it hard to reveal some of their skeletons.

Harry had first sunk his fangs into Alice's willing throat before offering his own blood for her to drink. The similarities to how vampires supposedly sired was humorous to the pair at the time. It was more humorous as they were laughing and cuddling without any social barriers between them. They would if described been acting intoxicated and rather mellow compared to the usual sugar high they had normally experienced.

Afterwards they would try to explain what it was they had felt but it was normally described as you know and the just got it but for the life of them couldn't put it into words. They had found that imbibing blood gave them a rush and they felt the magic in the rituals flow through them. The sharing of blood was different. As Harry had sunk his fangs in there was a rush of euphoria he had expected, but there was more to it than that. It felt like Alice was pouring all of herself into him and in a truly intimate manner allowed Harry to know her. Alice felt something of the same, but also a firm knowledge that Harry was there for her now and always just as she knew she would be there for him in whatever ways he would want or need.

The pair were practically inseparable after that fact and Harry took to spending more and more time with Alice even being invited to visit with her family when they went places. She had one strange cousin who was in no way related to that man. Despite the fact that most people treated her as a bookworm the two never did. They had in fact tried to slowly convince her of their ideals which would be a long time in coming. Thankfully it seemed that there was little risk for what had happened to Alice to happen to her although Harry had felt a slight foreboding with how she respected authority and that someone in charge was always right. He just hoped that Hermione's absolute trust in authority would not be broken as Anne's had by her uncle. She seemed like to nice and innocent to have it ripped away.

So for a time the pair studied and practiced whenever they could. The time had slowly caused Alice to become desensitized to the killings and was working her way from animals small to large. It was odd how many inferior predators they had found even among such a supposedly nice neighborhood. There was however a difference in their animal victims. They were rather solemn when they did so and always thanked the animal for its sacrifice even if they knew it was a part of life and its cold clinical cycle.

The pair eventually expanded into a trio when they met Anne. It seemed that one of the teachers was doing to her what her uncle had done to her. In all this time Alice had never killed a person even though she had watched Harry administer justice to those he had dealt with. She could not say that she had never tasted his kills fear filled blood as they struggled. She had even grown apathetic to the sight of Night pecking their eyes out while they tried to move. There just had been something about them that had compelled her not to kill them as if in part she was not ready for it as well as there was a certain something missing.

Anne was a bit different in her situation. The teacher had gotten farther than Alice's uncle had managing to only technically avoid stealing her virginity by sodomizing her. Anne had managed to kick the man several times as KiKi and the others had gone to work on him. It had been most therapeutic for her. Harry had felt that she was more than ready in her attitude and feeling the same comradeship as he had with Alice when they started had shared a glance with Alice before offering her a place with them.

While he still struggled Alice and Harry inducted Anne into their number. Anne had watched as Alice slit his throat before beckoning her to drink with her. After Anne and Alice had downed several mouthfuls but before he had finally died, Alice had carved out his heart before removing it. She had offered a half to Shadow before giddily giggling offered a half to Trouble. Sharing was important after all.

Alice and Anne had eventually conferred and having borrowed the book looked for a ritual to ensure no one took their virginities. There were ways but the simplest was slightly personal and they were for a time unsure how to ask. The two had while learning some of the art not delved deep enough to reach their goal. The spell had utilized the blood of their menses to safeguard them. While they had shared blood with Harry in the past and even had a few chaste kisses with him this was a rather sensitive matter than Harry would have to drink that from the source while chanting in his head to bind the spell in place.

The effects would be worth it though. Should anyone try to steal their virginities in the future without their permission, though they tried not to think about the fact that Harry could give his permission in their stead, would be struck dead and their body would rise as a skeleton to do their bidding. It was vexing that they didn't have the reserves to do that on their own.

Harry had reluctantly gone on with the ritual and despite the three being killers had tried to comfort each other that it would not be that bad. It did however lead to the knowledge that not all touching there was bad just the intent could be. That was something that they had not really dealt with despite sometimes crashing into a pile after some of the more draining nights after other rituals or simply falling asleep talking. It was an odd moment as they realized they were still innocent and ignorant in some ways. Sex was despite the things that had happened to them still one of those areas. Something that would be more confusing when they grew up.

So the trio went about their activities as they put such thoughts out of their minds. The group had formed a shared trust among them and they were slowly becoming close friends. The girls helped Harry with his gardening which allowed them to get several useful plants for free while he helped them with their studies both in normal academics and more in their art.

The relationship between them seemed to work out and both of the girls had managed to gain a familiar of a sort. Though KiKi and the other companions were annoyed that they were banned from eating the same species as any of the new companions were. It just wouldn't do to eat something that they conversed with even if they had done things to their victims after talking to them. A companion was different than any other animal in their opinion and they were able to converse with and understand theirs, but not to the same level as Harry had done. The girls would likely chalk it up to practice though they all had come to understand KiKi and her ways.

So Alice had managed to reanimate a stray dog most likely having some Doberman blood and some other useful characteristics as it was a black short haired dog barely older than a puppy she had found which she promptly named Mischief due to the mischief he got into. KiKi had been most upset as the stray dogs she had found had been some of the most tender of things she had eaten and it was so unfair to remove a whole species off the list. Seriously she had chattered about it was bad enough not to eat cats, snakes or birds and now no more dog. Still after several times of being yelled at for being bad she finally stopped eating any dog she ran across. In retaliation KiKi had gone after the small rodents that seemed to dwell about in earnest. The squirrels in particular tended to not notice anything until she had scooped them up and closed her mouth around them.

While that was happening, Anne had managed to raise a tom she named Trick. That Trouble seemed to be taken with the tom seemed humorous for them. Despite what they had all done they were still kids. Thankfully Trick had eventually managed to not look like KiKi had originally as a skeletal cat would have stood out. Now if only Anne would stop trying to add things to give Trick more tricks. Like the time she had added bird wings that she still wouldn't remove. Thankfully they were able to blend in well with Trick's fur and thus the ignorant masses remained unaware of the necromantic animate kitty hawk she had. That it had avoided other less desirable interest being raised was a very good thing.

All of that changed near his eleventh birthday. KiKi had long since grown accustomed to getting the mail and removing any he got. There were a few and the occasional owl had dropped some off as well. Owls were rather intelligent enough to know better than to tempt KiKi after the first few had gotten snatched and promptly were snacked. Harry had hated to admit it but as he felt stealing was wrong he never took any money that his victims didn't bring with them and they were besides scum also cheap when it came to the pocket change they had on them. He had contemplated raising a few and emptying their account, but that might lead to getting caught. He did have more than himself to be concerned with nowadays.

So the three had taken to supplementing their money from yard work with some of the potions and rituals as well as components they had gathered. Harry had managed to learn enough to call spirits forth and had found out about the so called Wizarding World that his book barely mentioned at all. It seemed they were rather small and unimportant at the time. Still what the spirits had informed him of had been interesting and while some ancestors could be called his parents still were elusive to his call. A shame that none of his deceased relatives that he could call could come up with a reason for that though he suspected that they had an idea yet were unsure on how to tell him.

So he had gone to the Alley the spirits had recommended for one of his persuasion. They had informed him that he most likely had an account at Gringott’s in Diagon Alley, but he knew that a real bank would lead to a paper trail eventually. Now while he and KiKi had managed to cower them into line he was unsure if that would derail Vernon long if he spotted money. He was a greedy bastard and Harry felt better safe than sorry. It had taken threats of physical violence to keep just change from yard work after all.

So despite the well held belief that Harry Potter was secluded away and Dumbledore's firm knowledge of him being as well informed as a muggle born, Harry had made many sojourns to his Alley. Besides it was not like he had been troubled after the first time...
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