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Dark Marriage

by Meteoricshipyards 21 Reviews

Harry sees more than he wants and lays plans for the rest of the summer.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Harry,Luna - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2008/04/14 - Updated: 2008/04/14 - 6236 words - Complete


  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) red_jacobson 2008-04-14 05:22:24 PM

    interesting chapter, and I have to agree with Clell and Cateagle, the "My Stallion" is a must! Especially if they do it on the Express GRIN

    Although learning more about the dark mark ceremony was interesting, I really could have done without the mental image you provided!

    Looking forward to more

  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) rdgale2000 2008-04-14 05:28:35 PM

    Good chapter.

    I'm glad Firenze is in the family now.

    I always thought the Dark Mark was on the Left arm. Is Volde trying to trick people up?

    I look forward to your next chapter.

  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) anwillimas 2008-04-14 06:33:03 PM

    I think I detect a bit if jealousy from Luna which will be a problem later. But I agree the "My Stallion" title is just too good. Susan and Luna will just have to use that, and start calling themsevles a part of Harry's herd.
  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) Wonderbee31 2008-04-14 08:43:17 PM

    Wow, this is something to read here, and fun to see Firenze join Harry's herd here. I find myself agreeing, here's hoping the "My Stallion" gets picked up by Luna and Susan. Funny, it seemed like Luna may have had the tiniest bit of jealousy there, which is fascinating because it brings a bit more down to earth imo. I also really liked the part with Myrtle, and it was fun to see her and Harry chat, and for Harry to show the kindness to her that he lost as canon went on. Tom is a pretty sick person huh? and will be wondering if there'll be any rescue of Draco this time, or is he well and truly doomed?
  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) SomeGuyFawkes 2008-04-15 09:42:38 PM

    Fantabulous story, thanks!

    However, this *&%$#! site won't let me add a positive rating! Does that mean the story sucks and I just can't see it?
  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) SomeGuyFawkes 2008-04-15 09:44:01 PM

    Last review didn't stick. Does this site have a caching problem or more serious programming errors?
  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) Inziladun 2008-04-16 12:07:26 PM

    Good story, I like that harry is learning magic. Don't really like Malfoy and snape, so making them cry always makes me happy, although I didn't need the mental image of seeing goyle and Voldemort nude...
  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) LabRat 2008-04-18 03:19:11 AM

    Malfoy and Goyle...gross.
  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) slashslut 2008-04-18 06:16:12 PM

    what a fun and exciting read! plus, im psyched that luna plays such a big role; she's becoming one of my favorite characters:)
  • Summer of Contracts

    (#) mathiasgranger 2008-04-22 02:34:27 PM

    Interesting how you are portraying Voldemort, and yet not at all surprising. He is a control freak, just like Dumbledore and he has perverted this 'sex' to be a matter of control over others.

    The whole centaur thing seems rather bizarre and missplaced, but I'm sure you have a plan for it.

    Looking for to your next update.


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